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The Taylor Swift Thread

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^Yep, and this video continues with that. Taylor STAYS making fun, memorable videos.


And the guest appearance at the very end made me GASP! (And I loved all the other ones too)



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Another fun, bright and colourful video.  Taylor co-directed again.   I hope this trend continues.  I think she could be a great director one day. 


Aw, Katy and Taylor again.  Hope there's a collaboration coming.  I suspect there's going to be quite a few hamburger and fries costumes at her concerts - just hope I won't be beside on one of them because I'm going to need space to move/dance.  LOL


I admit, I don't know who half those people are in the video.  LOL  


One of the favourite parts of the video were the drag queens dressed up as (from left to right): Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Adele, Cardi B, Taylor, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj).    "And we see you over there on the internet / Comparing all the girls who are killing it / But we figured you out / We all know now we all got crowns /You need to calm down." 


I also liked the part at the end where the two homophobes ditch their signs and walk away from the other protesters - people can realize their mistakes, learn, and change.  




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Most artists don't own their masters. This is not unique to you, Taylor. Just another case to play the victim yet again? 


I do think Scooter Braun is a pig, but the music industry is a business. No record company is going to sign a new or young artist and give them 100% ownership of their catalog. 


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