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The Taylor Swift Thread

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I don't mind if she "dances" on a few songs.  It's not like it's hardcore dances moves - it's just a few moves.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  I know she's not going to be doing that in her 40's. 


Speaking of singer-songwriter mode, she did a Live Lounge for the BBC Radio.  I really love the Can't Stop Loving You cover, and the re-imagined Holy Ground (maybe that's a preview of what's to come when she re-records her old albums, they'll be new versions?).   Songs in spoiler tags.....also Billboard numbers are in there (stupid editing):











Numbers for Lover's first week came in and as predicted it didn't hit 1 million.  That's pretty amazing for the streaming era, but I still would've loved to see what the numbers would be without her streaming the album for at least a week.   Oh well, it's a new era now. 


Of the set’s 867,000 equivalent album units earned, 679,000 were in album sales. Album marks superstar’s sixth No. 1.



All 18 songs charted the Hot 100:

No. 4, "You Need to Calm Down" (up from No. 14; peaked at No. 2, June 29)
No. 10, "Lover" (up from No. 19, new peak)
No. 11, "ME!," feat. Brendon Urie (up from No. 58; peaked at No. 2, May 11)
No. 23, "The Man"
No. 28, "I Forgot That You Existed"
No. 29, "Cruel Summer"
No. 38, "The Archer" (re-entry; new peak)
No. 45, "Paper Rings"
No. 49, "Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince"
No. 51, "I Think He Knows"
No. 57, "Cornelia Street"
No. 62, "London Boy"
No. 63, "Soon You'll Get Better," feat. Dixie Chicks
No. 67, "Death by a Thousand Cuts"
No. 75, "Afterglow"
No. 77, "False God"
No. 89, "Daylight"
No. 92, "It's Nice to Have a Friend"





Taylor Swift & Dixie Chicks Debut in Hot Country Songs Top 10 With 'Soon You'll Get Better': The song is Swift's first top 10 as a lead artist since 2013 and Dixie Chicks' first at all since 2002.



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On 8/22/2019 at 9:58 PM, YRBB said:

Super cute!





Cool theory about the video: https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/taylor-swift-lover-music-video-theory


Also when they're dancing in the "red room," Taylor's in a gold/yellow dress and the guy is wearing gold/yellow pants which represents: "I once believed love would be burning red but its golden” (from Daylight).  LOVED that throwback reference!

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Another acoustic set: The Man (on guitar), Lover (on piano; at 6:15), Death By A Thousand Cuts (on guitar; at 13:09); All Too Well (on piano; at 20:00)


Loved the guitar performances, especially DBATC.  I just love the way she plays guitar so I'm glad that she's doing more of that in this era. 





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Taylor came with the VOCALS for this one! Wonderful and cool that she wrote this with Andrew Lloyd Webber.






I really wanted this to be good but it's a no for me. The new lyrics are cringeworthy (highlights what a great storyteller Taylor is, so I hope she didn't have a part in these) and Shawn Mendes manages to sound both underwhelming and like he's trying too hard at the same time. The "look in my eyes, they will tell you the truth" part is the absolute WORST. How dare he come in during the best part of the song with that? Ew.

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Yeah, Shawn's part in the song is so bad.  LOL. I've only listen to the song once and that is enough for me - Lover is my favourite song on the album. It's a song she wrote by herself.....it's her memories, it's her story.  It's such a personal song that didn't need to be "remixed" with someone else singing on it.


Ever since Taylor was cast in Cats, I've wondered what she would sound like singing those "musical" type songs.   I really like the lyrics for Beautiful Ghosts and she sounds good, and I do like the song.....I just don't love it.  I'm not really a fan of these type of musical-songs.   I prefer pop-song-musicals like Grease, Moulin Rouge,  Mamma Mia. 

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