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It looks pretty good, though I agree it belongs on Lifetime. It does worry me it could be another Smash. I don't know if Wednesday's @ 10 is the best slot for it. I would have tried to hold off until mid-season (if 666 bombs) or launch it after DWTS on Monday's, giving Castle a rest and allowing for each show to be free of reruns.

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Wow. WOW. I loved loved loved loved loooooooved it! Utter perfection.

Connie Britton is, of course, always great but Hayden was such a pleasant surprise. She's great at playing this incredibly bitchy but wounded person (I liked the way the story with her mom humanizes her).

I also enjoyed the subplot about the mayoral race and how CB's husband got involved in it. Her relationships with her father and sister are already so rich.

That ending song was chilling... Absolutely great. Like, find it and buy it great. When the radio DJ looked at the audience moving their heads to the song, I was doing the exact same thing!

So many possibilities and stories set up, this will be amazing. And the surprise ending was GREAT.

Hahaha I was just thinking that!

Say what?!! :lol: Are you sure you weren't tuned into CHICAGO FIRE? lol

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YES! Thank you. I love love love love love love love love Revenge, and it will always have my heart. Emily is my BFF, Daniel is my boo, Victoria is who I strive to become. But Nashville, if it lasts (and GOD I hope it does!), will hold me in a different way. From the looks of it, there will be NO mystery, NO ramped up suspense, NO needless action scenes, and it isn't so dark. Not that there's anything wrong with these things AT ALL, but those were always the things that kept REV just a few paces from being the show for me. NV is so much of what I'm looking for in a soap, though. Family drama, young love, show business, politics, etc. I'm in love.

And CONSTANCE!!! Constance did NOT disappoint one bit. She was fiesty, strong, assertive...just a flawless lead. Rayna and Juliette's snipes at each other were so well-played, especially that initial encounter. Powers Boothe was great as Rayna's dad, very Jim Davis. The drug-addicted mom is a good angle that I hope they explore more deeply as the season goes on, and I'm liking the set-up of the triangle between Jonathan Jackson, the guitarist's niece, and the extremely hot songwriter guy. I'm also really digging the new country vs. old country theme.

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