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  1. Major Y&R actress out!

    Probably I fail to see why this is being made into such a big deal when she left up to a couple of years ago.
  2. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Most Universities do graduations in May and December. Considering May already passed it would've made sense to hold off her graduation until December. Her speech was nice though. And it is rare for soaps lately to celebrate women achieving anything.
  3. Kelly Clarkson Talk Show picked up by NBC

    Did a few affiliates drop DAYS awhile ago? I know sometime within the past two years they moved DAYS to an early time of day where it's in direct competition with the last half of Y&R and entire episode of B&B.
  4. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don't mind that Sharon graduated. At least she actually went to school and got a degree unlike most of soaps. But why is her graduation in September and not December?
  5. General Hospital September Discussion

    I recall her from Y&R where she played a model and a TV movie where her character worked for an ad agency.
  6. Y&R Casting New Role

    Hell no to non acting Lindsay Hartley
  7. Maurice Benard as John Gotti. Lifetime just never wants to make a good biopic.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      They have to go with whoever they can afford and this guy was undoubtedly afford. I've never watched GH, but I've see enough promos to know that he a 99 Cent Only level actor.

    3. Khan


      Well, it could be worse.


      I'm kidding, it couldn't be any worse.

    4. Soaplovers


      He did play Desi Arnaz in biopic back in the early 90s.. when he still had potential to be a good performer.

  8. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Summer and Kyle was always damn near incestual. Phyllis was his stepmother more than once.
  9. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Mariah is only his friend though even though they have chemistry together unlike Kyle and Summer. I don't understand why he came back to town and decided to become her bestie but their friendship consists of him pushing her to be with Tessa who he knows even less about than Mariah.
  10. Vet let go at Y&R

    All 3 are crazy and the epitome of white privilege.
  11. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I dont like Lily but Devon wasnt painting Hilary at a level of sainthood she didnt deserve and conveniently forgot why Lily didnt like her. I understood him being upset but I never bought him completely turning on his sister for a woman he only knew a few of years.
  12. Vet let go at Y&R

    I'm laughing at the racists losing their ish over the so called latino takeover.
  13. Vet let go at Y&R

    Make room for me. Also when did none of ya'll inform me of this? I must've been on a break from all soaps https://twitter.com/nelliebranco/status/1040050467034689536
  14. Vet let go at Y&R

    Oh I know and he didnt even get fired. He's been recurring since January from what I've heard.
  15. Twists You Hated

    Sharon switching the tests that said Summer is an Abbott was the final nail in the coffin for me for Sharon after a string of bad plots.Turning Summer into an Abbott was writing a wrong and gave HK some of her best work. Vincent is Valerie and also the incestual blackmailing rapist. That story never had any semblance of good but overall it was just going too far.