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  1. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    They did it to Vivian a few years back and had a monitor in it giving her live feed of everyone outside. And it had a speaker so she could hear them.
  2. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    Rape and/or abuse as character development/a way to instantly warm viewers up to unlikable characters. When they try to pretend the rich kids are like normal suburban kids and have them working low paying jobs you know damn well they'd never work like a coffee shop or a diner.
  3. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Those gifs just reminded me of how much further GH went downhill under Frank and Ron.
  4. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    That was one of the worst moments on B&B. They really expected me to believe Oliver couldn't recognize the difference between Brooke's old worn ass and Hope.
  5. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Deacon having Bridget's family listen to him take her virginity on B&B was so ridiculous. They sat there yelling and crying instead of hanging up the phone.
  6. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    What were some of the most ridiculous eye roll worthy moments you've ever seen on a soap?
  7. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Do we know if they even extended an invite?
  8. Y&R: Daniel Goddard TV Guide Interview

    He praises the worst stuff and the worst actors. I cannot stnd how firmly attached his lips are to these people's asses!
  9.  I know its a satire but American Vandal still looks like  waste of money and a try hard show.


    1. DramatistDreamer


      A massive waste of money is an understatement. I couldn't imagine spending time watching an entire film on this- the trailer was quite enough. SMH.  There are so many talented  filmmakers who'd like the opportunity to present work on Nexflix.

  10. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Michael Damien has written/directed/and produced another movie in Romania currently alongside his wife. Its called High Strung:Free Dance. Its a dance film and the sequel to his movie High Strung.
  11. Y&R Actor Possible Return

    I feel like this happened a few years back. Why someone feels the need to hold onto him I'm not sure
  12. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Every time I see her name on here I think of how the NAACP Awards dropped the soap opera category once she was no longer getting nominated for 1 episode a year
  13. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Yes he had filed a lawsuit against her and she played it on his father who she stated was a crackhead who threatened to kill her, stole from her, and used their son's indetity. It was a big mess.
  14. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Leven Rambin (AMC) is trying to be a singer https://youtu.be/yiEF6CyRq-I