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1 hour ago, Khan said:

So, we're back to being called "Negroes"?


"It was in the '60's."


Well, then, let's keep it there, shall we?

It would not shock me if Lady G wrote that for them. Disgusting.

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This is about to become a complete circus, but I don't think this trial continuing with witnesses is going to play well for the GOP to anyone besides their base. Which is shrinking all the time. The more we hang them with this the better it is for us. The reporting and evidence has all been damning for them and Trump. I don't believe they'll ever convict, but the longer this goes on the more they bleed. It becomes their Benghazi.

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Just now, Roman said:

McConnell has now said he plans to vote to acquit Trump.


He also thought this was ending today, so he's welcome to justify that vote after all the witnesses. I welcome him continuing to desperately try to burnish his image.

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Democrats cave. Imagine how you feel if you are that GOP congresswomen.  Unless they got some concessions like Manchin and Sinema willing to get rid of the filibuster, this is BS. BS. They learned nothing from the Mueller report. 

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