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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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I'm interested in seeing what Collinson means by Corrie having a more "cinematic look." The upcoming stunt should be fun to examine aesthetically.

And who will be this "dead body" found this summer?

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One of the tabloids claimed that

the real Colin Fishwick is accidentally killed during an argument with John Stape, and John buries his body in Underworld. I'm not sure who else it could be.

Collinson was on This Morning a few days ago but I haven't seen that clip anywhere.

I'm glad someone posts those little Corrie website things on Youtube, it annoys me that we can't see anything on the main site if we're not in the UK.

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It was nice to see Sally back on the Street. She's such a great character and when the other stories seem so thin (I can't believe a week of episodes have involved John lying about selling furniture -- and since when would Anna behave that way, flopping all over store couches, when she has always been ashamed of Eddie for such a display), what she's gone through is a dose of reality. I like the Webster family dynamics, they're always believable as a boisterous yet loving family.

While I'm glad that Carla got her own back against Nick's petty attempt to steal her business, I wouldn't have minded if Nick had punched Sean. So smug and so fake and as always he seems to be some kind of creation of someone who has only ever seen parodies of Men on Film. They apparently decided he was so annoying they could use him to make people feel sorry for Graeme...didn't work for me though. Speaking of Graeme, yet again this story seems to be told almost entirely from Graeme's point of view. He and Tina have barely been together a few weeks yet he's already going on about how he loves her and what if she doesn't love him. He is way too obsessed with her and it's creepy, IMO.

Speaking of creepy...Nick with those damn tears in his eyes when Carla takes his business. Surely we're not supposed to see Nick as the heir to Falling Down, are we? That endless, weird intensity makes him seem like both a joke and a nightmare. And why is he suddenly obsessed with Leanne, declaring his love for her after about a week, when a) he barely noticed her for over six months after returning to Weatherfield and b ) he never really liked her all that much, even when they were married, during the last time the character was on the show? He has more chemistry with Carla, not that I want them together either, she's had enough trauma.

Jane Danson did a fabulous job with the scenes where Natasha told Nick that Leanne was an ex-prostitute. The scenes where she wept and Peter had to comfort her were brilliantly done. Some of the best stuff on the show in ages.

I wish they would stop having Simon make cutesy and smart aleck, precocious comments all the time.

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Let's just say that I am hoping that is one of these fake spoilers the show is supposedly planting. I like Gail a lot more than many fans seem to like her, but it's just becoming a joke.

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I like Sophie and Sian and hope Collinson develops them better.

There seems to be a genuine affection between these two and the actresses work so well off one another.

That is all.

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Perhaps someone should steal Jonathan Harvey. For example, Kirkwood.

He's been with The Street for too long.

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Kirkwood can take Simon Crowther...he already wrote for Hollyoaks (although I think that was pre-Kirkwood). He just should avoid hiring Kim Crowther. :lol:

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Sometimes I think some writers are best at a certain soap. Harvey seems more suited to Corrie. I guess Daran Little managed to do well at Hollyoaks (and is now at Eastenders) but Little also may always have his heart at Corrie.

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Well, we're really enjoying Corrie, aren't we.

I'm about two weeks behind.

Anyway, some interesting stories, I guess.



There are also several papers claiming that popular characters Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts will appear in a DVD or a one-time TV episode. They wouldn't be on the Street, I guess. Reg and Curly worked together at Bettabuys, Reg was the greedy, lecherous boss. They both moved on to other plots after a year or two but they were a very popular double act.

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