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  1. I’m currently watching 1990. Either the episode on YouTube for Tuesday February 20th is labeled wrong or the show was pre-empted on Monday February 19th. The Tuesday February 20th episode picks up immediately from where Friday February 16th ended. I know you’ve been trying to figure out where some pre-emptions occurred. That may be one of your missing spots. Or, as I said, ATWST might just has the wrong date on that episode. Either way, I hope the information is helpful. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in to this project!
  2. Ok - thanks for letting me know! At least I know it’s not my inability to find them. I did see those random episodes and made a list. So I’ll watch those and then just be happy to be able to see most of ‘91 and ‘92 it its entirety.
  3. First, thanks to the person who posted all the above articles - those were a fascinating read. Second, I need some help and don’t know where else to go to ask. Is there any book and/or online site that can help fill in the gaps between what is posted of Ryan’s Hope 1983 to the end? I’ve been watching 1983 this year and there are now some significant gaps in the story. (I found further back in this thread the Soap Opera Digest recaps of 1982 and early 1983 which were a HUGE help to get me up to speed with the beginning of ‘83.). I got to July and it’s missing. As is Sept - Nov, I think?) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I need some help and don’t know where else to turn to ask. I’ve been watching the SoapNet run of AW. It appears that most of May 1990-December 1990 is missing. I’m super disappointed in that because I never got to see the fall of 1990 as I went to college and didn’t have a VCR that first semester. Since SoapNet re-aired it, I find it hard to believe that someone out there didn’t keep every episode. Am I looking for it wrong? I used to be able to just put in “Another World June 1989” (or similar) and a ton of videos would pop up. Any help would be appreciated. I never found out who tried to kill Jake and would love to finally watch that storyline play out!
  5. Forgive me if I’m incorrect about this but I feel it was on this message board where someone asked about the actress playing Bianca Marcquez- that they hadn’t seen her listed on any of the closing credits. I just finished watching Oct 27, 1989 and it was the first time I saw her name. The actress is Karina Arroyave.
  6. Has anyone seen this? It’s an LGBTQ serial I’ve stumbled upon - seems to have a new chapter released every day. It’s reminding me of how much I loved ATWT. It and ATWT on YouTube are the only things keeping me sane these days... https://www.thehomosofharmonyhaven.com
  7. You might have him confused with me. I found this message board to be an incredibly negative space where people just seem to enjoy picking things apart and arguing. i.e. rather than discuss what they love about a series, they wait for someone to post what they love and then rip it apart. If they have something nice to say about one of the soaps, it won't be on that soap's thread, it will be on another soap's thread used as an example to pick apart and say something negative about that soap. That's perfect fine; I don't think those conversations shouldn't exist. I just don't have an interest in joining that type of conversation which is why I haven't posted since then. This message board has about 5 or 6 users who have a very specific narrative and they in no way like it being challenged. When someone does challenge them, they just start name calling and saying "go away". I went away - life is way too short I still check this place out though because it is a treasure trove of information. Thanks to this board, I was able to read what happens in Ryan's Hope in 1982 now that I've finished the SoapNet run. Also, although you all may not enjoy what @JarrodMFiresofLove is saying and disagree with it doesn't make him wrong. Those of us that are a part of a minority have two ways of identifying with it - with the negative aspects of it and bringing it into every topic of conversation and "oh woe is me" about it, pointing out each and every wrong OR we can recognize that, yes, injustices happen but they don't just happen to our minority. Will & Grace just did a fantastic takedown of those types with a "Which minority has it worst?" storyline. Usually, the people who don't carry it around on their backs are the ones who are actively participating in making things better. And now, I'm going to go enjoy a classic episode of ATWT from 1988 followed by one from AW from 1989 and revel in the fact that so much of this content exists for me to watch. They bring me an incredible amount of joy and fun and bring a smile to my face before I head out to face the many ways in which I might be discriminated against today.
  8. First of all, thanks for responding! I'm not sure why you think I would expect to find people talking about ATWT on a Y&R thread. It would never occur to me to go there - I don't watch Y&R. So, that's great, that people champion ATWT in a non-ATWT thread! However, as I only look at the ATWT thread, you can understand that I wouldn't come across that. And you're putting words in my mouth. I'm not a pollyanna who doesn't like critical debate. What I've been trying to say is that on this particular ATWT thread, things have been pretty negative lately. And when I try to throw some positivity in, I get attacked. It's very telling of the type of people on this board and you're correct, it's probably not the place for me. Message understood.
  9. No offense, but I'm a human being. How new or old I am has nothing to do with it. I don't take offense to anything you said. I like a good constructive debate about a show. But really, when did someone come on here and talk about what they LOVE about ATWT rather than that what they don't love. I'm simply trying to bring about some positivity today. What do you LOVE about ATWT? I really really want to know. And everyone else. What does everyone LOVE about ATWT? I get that many people don't like the last decade - that doesn't bother me. I love to get into a debate. It just so happens that if I talk about what I love it will be about the last decade because that's what I watched. Of course, I'm watching the 80's currently but I feel as if I am only just now after 2 years of watching the videos getting to place where I can really comment on the period. If I were to say something I LOVE about this period - one character in particular - it's Meg Snyder. Her journey over the past 2 years is really starting to emotionally affect me. Jennifer Ashe is really pulling me onto her side. I don't believe for a second that she loved Tonio at the start - she was simply going into a business arrangement where he gets a green card and she gets lots of wealth and material possessions. But, oh my Lord, I've watched her grow to truly love Tonio over the past year or so. Seeing her heartbroken over Tonio's affair with Emily is really getting to me. I'm not sure that I think Josh is necessarily a great love for her either (it's early days yet so I may change my mind) but I'm hoping to see her get into a great relationship one of these days. Being loved in return for her just might help her to be less manipulative and selfish. (At least, that's what I would do if I were writing the character. Learning how to truly love and be loved has changed many a person.) I can't wait to "tune in" these days to see where Meg's story will go! Again, as someone else pointed out to me, I'm still fairly new to the board. And what I'm saying is: from a new person's perspective...y'all seem to really focus on the negative around here instead of the positive. For one day, could we champion the show we love rather than pick it apart? Is that too much to ask?
  10. Ok - here's what I wanted to say: sometimes you guys make it sound as if you all hate As The World Turns. All I ever see are posts about what you don't like. So I'm posing a challenge today: POST WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT AS THE WORLD TURNS!! What was your favorite storyline? Who was your favorite character? What was your favorite year of the show? We will all feel differently about this because the show ran for 54 years and we're all of varying ages. The challenge is this: DON'T RESPOND TO SOMEONE'S POST ABOUT HOW YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE. ONLY POST WHAT YOU LIKE. I'll start My favorite storyline was Barbara being set on fire and the dark turn that she took for many years. The follow up with Stenbeck returning and him kidnapping the 3 pregnant actresses was brilliance on Sheffer's part. It was so suspenseful at first as the ladies disappeared and then such a blast to tune in every day and watch Martha and Kelley sitting around in bathrobes being massaged by hot guys, laughing (or pretending to) on their drugs, and trying to escape. The moment when Craig sees Carly with her aged face and runs the other way while Jack sees Carly and still sees her as the woman he loves and has always loved was the absolute highlight of the series for me. A beautiful story acted brilliantly that moved me to tears. My favorite character: Katie Peretti (this will infuriate many of you. That's ok. We all love different things. I can't wait to read your favorite!) Katie was a vixen when I started watching and Sheffer quickly had her love for Simon turn her around. The complete 180 was played to perfection by Terri Conn. (I remember reading an interview where TC said Kathy Hays told her how to play the scene so the audience would go with her and I sure did!) Simon and Katie were one of my all time favorite pairings. Until Mike and Katie. And then Brad and Katie. Basically, anyone other than Jack and Katie worked for me! Sheffer made her the comedy character along with Henry. I loved watching their hijinx. One of the first storylines of ATWT when I started was Simon and Lily on the island all summer. It wasn't a favorite of mine - also wasn't written by Sheffer. One of the first things he did when he took over as head writer was get them off of the island. However, when he then took Katie and Henry and stranded them on the same island and did a comedy story - utter brilliance. He took something that didn't work and made it work. It's one of the reasons that so many actors from the show will tell you how much they loved acting during Sheffer's tenure. My favorite year of the show was probably 2002. All of Sheffer's work was gelling. The actors obviously loved having such great material because they all stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. I LOVE ATWT!!!!!!
  11. I've got a master's degree in acting and could go full-on with you in this conversation. I think we'd both get along and enjoy a good debate. It's something that would best be done in person over coffee/wine/dinner, whatever - not in a "date" way - but I think you probably know what I mean - a message board discussion that detailed I think would make me bonkers as opposed to just a good hour long convo. However, a message board is where we are. You've already got me thinking but I must go start my Friday night. I may PM you though at a later date as our debate over things could bore everyone else. I actually agree with you about so much of what you've said; however, because I did enjoy those last 18 months of the show (after kinda despising/not watching it for a few years like every one else, albeit for different reasons) I would like to take the other side and see how well I can defend it! Hey - thanks for posting these! I've actually been watching everything on YouTube for the past year and a half. 1986 and 1987 both had roughly one half of the episodes on there so I watched both of those years last year. (One episode a day M-F just as if it were still on the air - I'm a bit of a loon but a harmless one.) So I've seen those - the Hello Barbara reveal was brilliant even though I, of course, had that spoiled - how could I not? It's such an iconic moment. Loved the Ruxton Hills as well! Right now, I'm in the bowels of the 1988 writers strike. Half of this year exists as well but I've slowed down and watch just half an episode day - so it should take me all year to get through it.
  12. Yes, I'm quoting my own post here because I really don't mean that to come across b!tchy but I think there's no other way it can. I've felt that way a long time, however, and not just about soap opera fans. I feel the same way about Doctor Who fans, Star Trek fans, Star Wars fans. Those are shows I personally watched and loved for decades and now that they're being redone/rebooted/sequeled the eff up, I see so many fans who hold onto the past stuff at the detriment of their being able to enjoy the present stuff. And, where I absolutely can see that everything-is-not-for-everybody, I sometimes wonder why fans keep watching something that they no longer enjoy and then badmouth it all over the place - I think "Just quit watching it" - haha - that's what I did whenever I didn't like something - ATWT included. I missed a lot of '05 and then '07 and half of '08 because I just wasn't enjoying it. Then I came back and it wasn't the same, but I had missed the show so much that I just went with it. <cough> JanetLiberty <cough>
  13. I'm not trying to be super b!tchy or anything - however, I believe that there are some audience members who get so stuck on the past that they can't go with a good story because of their pre-conceived notions. That was the BIGGEST smh moment of the entire series. There were many of them but I think that's right at the top of mine. I'm in the camp of "Gunnar who?" That was just soooooooo looooooooooooong away from the ending of the series. Almost 20 years! I don't understand this obsession that people have over Gunnar. I've seem some clips of that time period and he's just so bland. He does absolutely nothing for me. For my money, Hal was Barbara's soul mate. However, he was dead by then. (As was Gunnar.) I thought the writers did the best they could given the characters they had. But there was more than an assumption. They got word that he had died. I remember watching the characters go through that just last year. (For me, at least. Last year would've been '86-'87 for me.) Not enough to buy an entire DVD of him. Having only watched the aughts, I only had one really good storyline of his (with which no-one on this board will agree with me) which was the kidnapping the 3 ladies so the pregnant women could have their maternity leave. I found Stenbeck to be everything the soap opera magazines were saying about him at the time - frightening, manipulative, yet sexy as hell. Pretty much every other time after that just got worse and worse - ending with that awful James-in-a-young-man's-body storyline. That was as bad as Marlena as the Devil for me. Now that I've seen those episodes on YouTube from the DVD's, as well as what else exists of his first (which, now that I think of it, might only be the DVD episodes) and second tenures on the show, I'm more of a fan. Once again, I would just hand P&G my wallet if I could see the entirety of James' first stint and his battle with John Dixon. Since Gunnar is in there as well, maybe it would help to give me an appreciation of him as well.
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