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  1. There's a new LGBT soap-like podcast, The Homos of Harmony Haven. A new 6 min episode is released each Monday through Friday. It would be awesome if Netflix or Hulu would take this and make it into maybe just a 15 min daily serial. Less money needed that way? https://thehomosofharmonyhaven.buzzsprout.com
  2. Helen is doing quite well and still teaching in NYC. From my talks with her, I don't know that she'd be up for a reunion like this. Ryan's Hope was a job that is well behind her and she's more focused on her teaching these days. She's still exactly what you'd expect of her. Professional, has no patience for BS or laziness, and expects hard work from those whom she coaches.
  3. At least it makes a change from hearing you and everyone else on this board rant about how much they despise a show that's been off the air for 10 years. You people are an absolute trip. Normally, I'm with Victoria Foxton - just scrolling through reading member's incessant complaining about how horrible As The World Turns was - except in the 60s and 70s where are there are no episodes to tear apart bit by bit. Sometimes, I just need to bitch slap the board. You all really are a bunch of pathetic wannabe soap opera writers/producers with no concept of what goes into creating it and would fail m
  4. Not trying to avenge any zoom host. Just calling out a nobody whining about they're not getting to hear the interviews they want. Wah Wah Wah - you poor little thing. Who are you to say what Locher's place is? Just who do you think you are? The be all end all most knowledgable person of all time who gets to dictate to other people live their lives, interview actors, and create YouTube series? Stop watching these reunions if you don't like them. And let go whatever this vendetta you have against someone you don't even know. Is your life that empty?
  5. You're welcome. But you know...continue to bitch and whine and moan over something you have no control. Enjoy it or not. Or do something about it. It's SOOOOOOO much easier to just complain on a message board though, isn't it?
  6. I don't know. It's his show. He's the host. I think he's perfectly within his right to squelch any talk he seems inappropriate. Maybe you should contact these actors and interview them yourself? You might get more of what you're looking for?
  7. Work with anyone. A lot of users here are nobodies hiding behind a fake persona on a message board so it's easy to [!@#$%^&*] on the past. But, as you said, you don't [!@#$%^&*] where you eat and the entire entertainment industry talks. If an actor wants to go on camera and be caught on cam for all eternity talking smack about your fellow employers, they'd find it hard to work with anyone. No one wants to hire an actor for a project who might go trash-talking it several years down the line. Actors from soaps are going to be working in theater,
  8. Being in the industry, if you want to continue to work, you don't trash work you've done before. It's seen as "negative" in the industry and few want to work with "negative" people. Plus, unlike most of this board, some people prefer to carry with them the positive memories of their lives and let the not-so-positive go. It's much healthier that way. Y'all might try it.
  9. Oh, please let me be the one to send the board into a tizzy....Lisa was played by Anne Sayre (the brilliant NY stage performer who portrayed Mitzi for years on ATWT. And she did a good Lisa impression - her odd cadences, delivery and missed words/flubbed lines included!) According to the credits, Gregg Marx was supposed to play Tom but there were technical issues so Trent read his part (and Casey's - again due to tech issues.) It was an absolute joy to watch those actors together again being silly and having fun "being together" again. Seeing the original Roseanna and Tom Wiggins
  10. What a truly lovely idea. And for a great cause. It's a benefit for Trent's theater company right here in the Hudson Valley. The final episode is the perfect episode for him to choose because it features all his friends and the people he knew and loved (and we all did - those of us who are actually fans of As The World Turns and didn't just hate-watch it after 1975.) I've made my donation and, along with many others, will be watching with glee and fond memories of the show, actors, and characters that I loved for so many years.
  11. I have season 5 & 6 on DVD although in terrible quality from someone's VHS recordings from SoapNet but I've been wanting to watch Seasons 7-9 for years!
  12. Please do! It's all FREE this year during the pandemic. I had originally planned on a releasing the first few months for free and then charging but with so many people out of work AND needing entertainment, I just decided to give it away freely until things get better. So far, the residents of Harmony Haven had dealt with plenty of romance, blackmail, secrets, lies, and now murder! It's quite fun for me to write and just hope that it's as fun for people to read.
  13. I currently write an LGBTQ soap. It began Mon, January 6th of this year. I release a new 800 word chapter (5 min read) every Mon-Fri at 7am EST. If you're interested you can sign up to have it delivered to your inbox here: https://www.thehomosofharmonyhaven.com It's begun to get quite the following and, since June, I've begun getting "fan mail" from readers who are as obsessed over the characters as I am about my soaps. I know I'm tooting my own horn a bit but I've watched soaps for 40 years and have a masters degree in acting which taught me how to craft a story (as did Agnes Nixo
  14. It’s like y’all just watched a completely different show. I just can’t relate. I wish I could find a place where people loved As The World Turns. People here hate the Snyder family, they hate Martha Byrne’s Lily, Katie, Carly, Jack, the men under Marland’s tenure, NO head writer it seems, or any period of the show except the 60s and 70s (which are unavailable for viewing so they’re only memories so old that the memories of what the show was back then aren’t real) or it seems any storyline that didn’t involve Kim, Bob, John or Lucinda. So weird. Sometimes, I wonder: what do you people LIKE abou
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