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  1. Yeah - being a new viewer to 80s and 90s ATWT, Martha Byrne is Lily. I can’t believe there’s any question about that. Heather Rattay is not a bad actress but she’s not Lily. She got SORAS’ed and became interested in business - something Lily would NEVER do after her feeling neglected by Lucinda’s business dealings and being so upset when Holden decided to get into corporate life. I’m in September ‘92 and I can’t WAIT to get to back to the real Lily. Heather didn’t have much charisma or spark with anyone on set whereas Martha had chemistry with everyone with whom she worked. It probably came from growing up acting opposite Liz - she learned from that how to really connect to a scene partner.
  2. Ok - I’ve got it figured out a bit time wise. With the videos on YouTube, “Lisa’s Forgotten Son” Parts 1, 2, and 3 take place chronologically. Then the video listed as “5 7 92” picks up immediately from there. “Lisa’s Forgotten Son Pt. 4” picks up from where “5 7 92” left off and the story continues through “Lisa’s Forgotten Son” parts 5 & 6. So you should be able to mark down Tuesday 5/5/92 through Friday 5/8/92 as having aired. There are 4 opening credits that take place during the “Lisa’s Forgotten Son” videos. I hope this helps you to continue your work on developing a full list!
  3. Yes - definitely the writers strike
  4. @Brolden As I continue my watch of the show on YouTube, I’ve come to “Lisa’s Forgotten Son” which you have listed as Tues 5/5/92. The videos listed as that total 70 min so it’s definitely at least 2 episodes. Today, I watched the first 2 parts (25 minutes) and it had 2 opening credits so I’m clearly into Wed 5/6/92. Next week, as I continue my way through the videos, I’ll find out if anything overlaps with the episode listed as Thurs 5/7/92. It’s been an interesting watch with the gaps in ‘91 and ‘92. There are so many new characters involved in the Carolyn Crawford mystery in which I have no interest because I have very little idea of what’s going on!
  5. I've been around Tamara socially twice over the past 5 years and had in-depth conversations with her. She doesn't seem to recall her time at ATWT very fondly. It wasn't necessarily her decision to leave the show. I've gotten the impression she wants to put that show behind her. So she may not be amenable to doing one of these reunions.
  6. Prime time shows take between 7-10 days to shoot a 1 hour (42 min no commercials) show. Daytime is positively rushed in comparison.
  7. The episode on YouTube listed ad “2 26 92” is incorrect. I don’t know what day it is but it in no way picks up from the 2 25 92 episode. Andy is being attack by some kids who he calls racist. Gavin is in jail and on trial? Or someone is on trial and he was a witness? I don’t know - I turned it off because it was clearly a jump forward in time. Gonna try to watch 2 27 92 and see if it makes anymore sense as to what I’ve been watching all week.
  8. Damn! But it’s nice to see Hunt Block get some love on this board finally. When I used to visit this site regularly a few years ago, it seemed as if every one just piled on him for being terrible when he was a fantastic actor who did a fantastic job in the role. He was definitely a fan favorite for many people; as much as he was hated by other fans. He was my first Craig and, now that I’ve seen Scott Bryce, I love his portrayal as well. Hunt’s was just different and many years later - anything could’ve happen to Craig in the missing years to cause him to change. Now that I’ve finally seen enough of Heather Rattay’s Lily, I can say that I like her as an actress but not for Lily. The writers completely changed the character - and whereas Craig had been off-screen for years, Lily had only been gone 6 months. Lily also seemed to be SORAS’d with HR. MB was still in her early years of college when she left and 6 months later suddenly Lily is 25 and a business woman! Watching ‘91 and ‘92 has been an odd experience - such a changeover in the cast. A ton of new characters were introduced (Conner, Marcy, Trish, Tess, Evan, Gavin, Larry, The Crawfords, Arthur whatever his last name is, Linc, Hutch, their dad...) It’s like an entirely new show. It took me a month or so to figure out who everyone was and their relationships to each other. (This was hampered due to the back half of ‘91 being mostly missing.) Now that I have them all straight, I’m back to enjoying the show. I’ve only got another month or so left though before heading into another mostly-missing-episodes period. Still, I wouldn’t stop watching for anything. So grateful to have so much new ATWT to watch! And knowing that I’m heading into the Scheffer period to re-watch makes me more and more excited to get through the 90s. So looking forward to the introductions of Jack and Carly, Roseanne and Mike, Ben, Katie, Molly.
  9. There is a thread on here that has a full listing of every ATWT episode and which account has them. I’ve been using them to watch the entire show from 1979. Am now in 1992. There is A LOT of consecutive material throughout the 80s and Soap Opera Digest recaps on Tumblr to fill in the gaps.
  10. I watched 2 5 92 yesterday. Today I’m watching 2 7 92 and it’s picking up exactly where the 2 5 92 episode left off in every storyline/scene. So there’s either a pre-emption on 2 6 92 or one episode is mis-labeled on YouTube.
  11. And I’ve reported your post. When I see homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia or racism, I won’t stand for it. And I won’t back down. People like you need to be called out for the frightened little bullies you are.
  12. I don’t “need” to do anything. You didn’t explain anything. All you said was “It wasn’t meant to be offensive.” I just pointed out that it was. An adult would take responsibility for the homophobic comment. But you might not be an adult - you could be a teenager, I don’t know. Just know that whether you meant it a certain way or not, it was incredibly offensive. Own it.
  13. It doesn’t matter whether it was meant to be offensive. It was. Homophobia is offensive. It’s 2020 - grow the fu€k up. “I’m not a racist but...”
  14. So...there’s one thing about hating a particular period of the show and being bitchy about it. I get that; however, when it crosses the line to being offensive, I’ve got to say something. What, in your opinion, is wrong with “playing gay character after gay character?” As a gay human being, what is you said is one of the most offensive things you could possible say. You’re intimating that there is something wrong with only playing gay characters. Why? Because straight characters are....what exactly? Would you say to the straight actors on the show who have continued to work - Michael Park, for instance: “Hey Michael, what’s up with you only playing straight character after straight character since you left ATWT. I mean, that’s pretty limiting, don’t you think? It also really goes to show you aren’t much of an actor.” There should be some sort of moderators picking up this offensive crap.
  15. Put me on the side of “Damn, that was so wonderful!!!” It was great to see Trent and Terri back together. Two of my all-time faves from the series. Colleen wouldn’t have been on any series for over 30 years if she was THAT difficult to work with. I’m an actor - we can always be replaced. It was wonderful to see Ellen but so with Holmes could’ve joined- now that I’ve seen all the Margos, she really is the best Margo of the bunch. (Although, I’ll admit, there’s not really enough of MC to say that. I enjoyed her take from what little I’ve seen but more as a “young Margo” type. I’ve always considered HBS to be a so-so actor - my least favorite Margo for sure. Still was able to enjoy a lot of her run though.) Just like the first “reunion” it’s so wonderful to see some of the actors back together again. Seeing how much they love each other and loved working together is pretty much the main reason I enjoy watching the show so much. I hope they do many, many more and I don’t care who they get to do them. For this fan, they are a true treat.
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