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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think you may be right. One of my best friends, who is obsessed with Emmerdale, (we're both American) texted me this once: "It's so refreshing to see the UK soaps be about real people. None of these crazy rich types globe-trotting." And I replied to him: "I was just thinking today while watching Another World: I'm so glad they made Felicia a rich romance novelist. How else would she always be wearing such fabulous hats, scarves and gloves?!"
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Gosh - whenever I see clips from this early in the show, Barbara always blows me away - she's just so young and my word, she looks like every model in the magazines at the time. Simply Stunning! I did not recognize many of these characters although I knew their names. It's fun to see Dee, Barbara, John, Craig so early. Those 70s/early 80s sets that look so dull and lifeless. I'm never able to get used to Deas' Tom - a little too shouty most of the time for my liking. Still....I'd pay good money to watch all of these episodes in full!
  3. Another World

    Have been enjoying re-watching the SoapNet run. When you have one of those not-so-great days, it's nice to come home at the end of it and forget about everything by watching Sharlene tell Russ that Josie is his daughter. Aunt Liz comes in and just rips Sharlene a new one! Plus Donna and Vicky are scheming to keep her and Jamie together now that the paternity test revealed him to be Steven's dad. I'm hoping I can continue to find the SoapNet run and many thanks to all of the collectors and owners of these classic soaps who share them.
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I wish I could've really seen that part of the story. Most of it isn't on YouTube that I could find. There was a little bit of stuff late '86 around the holidays when they're tracking down some info and visiting with Penny. But then it skips to the reveal and then I think again it skips a bit. Even from there on out, most of the episodes I'm watching didn't have much of the Sabrina storyline. Until lately....which is why she's been bugging me so much.
  5. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    @DramatistDreamer When I watch the two weeks of Bob & Kim's wedding, JM just seems so PERKY to me. (Editing this to say that perky is the wrong word....MANIC. That's the right word. Which at times, comes across as SUPER SUPER PERKY!!!) Her dourness in the scenes you mention come across as being forcefully pushed. Same in some of the early '86 stuff I've seen. She's overdoing it, imo. The overdoing it continues through the Douglas Cummings storyline and kidnapping to me. She screeches her way through the weeks in the cabin being OTT hysterical to the point where I seriously thought Kim was going to slap her. HAHA I never knew JM had a soap role before this! I think I've just always heard announcers or interviewers say (obviously incorrectly) her first acting role was ATWT.
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Hey now! You lay off my Other Husband, Seth!! He's a tall drink of water who is sensitive and sweet and brooding and I would claw out that Sabrina's eyes to get at him!!! That's good to hear! I adore JM as an actress but this first acting job for her has been difficult for me to get through. Frannie was just SO PERKY the first year. The one thing I'm grateful for in regards to them bringing on Sabrina is that it taught JM had to ground herself as an actress. The transformation in her acting was quite interesting to watch. I found Frannie to be much easier to watch once Sabrina was a part of the Oakdale canvas. It's interesting, the little I've seen of Meg Ryan as Betsy, I've not really enjoyed her interpretation of the role whereas I find Lindsay Frost to be an absolute joy!
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    @DRW50 Thanks for the info! I didn't realize she would be leaving so soon. She must go during the writer's strike. Am at 4/4/88 right now. Frannie just returned home to let Kim and Bob know that Kathy told her Andy had a drinking problem. It was good to see her!
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    OMG - I hate Sabrina Hughes with the burning passion of 1,000 suns!!! I want to smack her face every time she opens her mouth. They sent Frannie away to Boston just so Sabrina could get more screen time? Was the character of Sabrina popular at the time? Or were TPTB just trying to force the audience into accepting her?
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    TPTB are just shooting themselves in the foot by forgoing the socially relevant storylines, imo. Soaps dealt with divorce when nighttime didn't. Soaps dealt with abortion when nighttime didn't. Soaps brought on HIV and gay storylines when nighttime didn't (or at least, didn't do it well - Jodie from Soap, Steven from Dynasty - although I always thought of him as bisexual, not gay, but I digress.) Losing that over the past few decades is exactly why they're fading away. So frustrating.....
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    @DramatistDreamer Great points. Soaps absolutely used to deal with so many topical issues. I'm writing a soap opera right now and am thinking of all of these things. I've already had a bit of social commentary in there and am about to start a major story that will touch on BLM. Am nervous about being able to do the story justice....we'll see. I must admit that I don't watch any current soaps (B&B, occasionally, but from '14 via the CBS app) but I still follow the news and I don't hear of any socially relevant issues being made into storylines. A) It's different times, I suppose and B - there very well could be and I haven't heard of them. If I did hear of one, it might actually cause me to check the soap out. I hear that the foreign soaps still do a fair amount of this though?
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Great to hear!!! I'm pretty sure I've seen that episode, probably from when it was posted here. Agree with you - although I'd go further and say that a thoughtful examination of any topic wouldn't be done on soaps today.
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    @DramatistDreamer Good point! They couldn't even last 2 seasons!! To get the topic back on track to ATWT....I thought I'd ask people's opinions of Susan Stewart. I only watched in the aughts so she was certainly a shadow of her former self, but I always enjoyed both the character and the actress. Even though she got saddled with some silly storylines, I was always happy to see her front and center. I know I missed her heyday in the 70's and have read the Soaps & Serials books which have given me some insight into her. She's just recently returned to the Oakdale canvas in my watch of the 80s and I'm hoping there's still some juicy stuff to come from her. Right now, she's really only there as a sounding board for Emily.
  13. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Me too! So sad that we lost her so young.
  14. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    It's a good one to have as your #1, that's for sure!
  15. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Oh no! Really?? Well, then I'm probably going to end up agreeing with the masses. I've FLOVED the machinations and scheming up to this point. And Rae most definitely did catch them on Monday. Fired Michael. On Friday, we were left with Senaca returning home from his business trip to find Rae and Kim screaming at each other. Was hoping that, since it's sweeps month, this storyline would end. Guess not! I'll continue to share my thoughts as I make my way through 1981. Edited to add: Thanks for the warning!