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  1. Love of Life Discussion Thread

    Thanks for mentioning that. I had no idea she also popped up on RH. I hope to see those episodes at some point. Am currently around 1350, I believe. In fact, I should get off this and go watch "today's" episode. :-)
  2. Love of Life Discussion Thread

    Yes, that it is Elizabeth. She was one of my professors at The Actors Studio Drama School. In case the articles don't mention, she had a quick battle with cancer. I so wish more of her time on Love of Life was available online. I had seen that video before, and in fact, sent it to her while still at school. She had very fond memories of working on the show, and with Chris.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    WTF?! The audience just saw some older greek woman caring for a passed out Craig!! I don't necessarily want any spoilers or anything, but I had to come on here to mention it. My jaw actually dropped open. No wonder it didn't feel final to you - the writers let you know that he was still alive! I can already tell this storyline is going to frustrate me. (In a good way) Other things currently happening: Margo is avoiding Tom while sleeping with Hal in Greece. Casey's ex girlfriend is around stirring up trouble. Lily is on the run and Dusty and Holden are on a race to see which one can get to her first. The one disappointing thing to me in watching 1987 is that there are barely any episodes that explain what the heck is going on with Ducan/the castle/dead people/James? I can't follow it. I've grown to love Shannon over this past year that I started watching older ATWT and I loved Duncan immediately. (he's just too gorgeous and full of himself to not love him.) July and August (I'm just starting July now) seem to have very scattered episodes available so I don't have much hope of discovering anything. Once I've gone through there, I'll look through the 40th anniversary book and piece it together. It's tough for me to read it because it's not written chronologically through the year. Spoilers abound! Still, I'm incredibly grateful to everyone on YouTube who have posted so much stuff. I have several old VHS tapes that are labeled ATWT. I've probably got 20 episodes scattered through 2000-2006. My husband recently got me a digital converter and I plan on going through there to discover if I happen to have any episodes that don't exist on YouTube. If so, I'll happily post on there in order to add them to the bunch. I know each era of ATWT has its fans and I'd love to help others explore or revisit the show as I've gotten to do!
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I would've been the same way right now if I hadn't read that Bryce had left the show. Already, I was thinking to myself "Maybe Bryce needed a vacation - he's been gone for a week now." For some reason, I had it in my head that he was on the show until '89. But I know that he's on The Facts of Life in the '88-'89 season so he clearly had to have left ATWT earlier. I do like how the show keeps characters around for months without the actor present. Steve has been gone for over 6 months now but he's constantly mentioned or Betsy will be speaking to him on the phone, etc. Soaps quit doing this sometime in the mid aughts, I think? It really helps Oakdale feel like a town. A town that I desperately want to live in.
  5. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    Season 4 may be one of the worst. Peter de Vilbis AND Krystle's assistant at Denver Carrington were two of the worst characters in the series' run. The writers no longer knew what to do with poor Mark. Also, Kirby always got on my nerves. I can tolerate her in Season 3 but in Season 4, I just want to smack her in the face every time she speaks.
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    "Let go of her! Let go of her - she's your BABY!!!!!" Holy Hells - but that just came out of the blue and shocked the hell out of everyone, didn't it? It was well worth the 8 month wait that it took me to get through the existing YouTube episodes of the story. I need to process. And I'm so upset that Craig is gone. I had no idea. I try to keep myself as spoiler free as possible so I didn't know he was leaving this year (1987 is where I am) but someone made a comment on one of the YT videos that said he would be presumed dead for awhile. And just when he and Sierra were finally together, too. (Not that I have a big investment in Craig and Sierra but I'm sure the fans at the time were upset. Or maybe they were just happy to see the two get together since they were probably aware that he was leaving?) I think MB, EH, and LB all did fantastic work the day after. No wonder it was chosen as one of the 20 episodes on the ATWT disc set. Stellar soap opera work. Loved it!!!
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Oh, it most definitely was all the rage back then. I remember it well! My father fully embraced the look throughout the 1980's. I wish I could see more of The Dobson's time so that I could understand it better. From what little I've seen of Brad, I do find him to be oddly creepy in every scene he's in. I would expect that we find out from him that he's a psycho killer at some point. However, it sounds as if he was more the leading man type. Wasn't he originally a seeming love interest for Lisa? Or was he just working her over to get info on the silver mines. (It *was* silver, wasn't it? My mind may be playing tricks on me.)
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Carol and Jay, for me, fall under the category of characters that I've heard so much about (and read about in the Soaps & Serials books) but I've barely seen them or really understand their place in the Oakdale canvas. All I've seen is the '79-'80 We Love Soaps videos. It's interesting to read everyone's take on the character of Carol. She did seem a little bland to me but, as others have said, you need some bland/regular characters on soaps.
  9. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I prefer it to the last one - just Maeve and John with little Johnnie Ryan (who is much older than that at this point) in Sheep's Meadow. But I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I like the updated theme tune, not necessarily all of the shots of perceived NYC life.
  10. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I just watched Episode 1328. WOW! Those scenes between Jill and Faith could be used in acting classes. Faith really let. her. HAVE IT!!! I'm gonna have to watch that again. Jill certainly gives it back to Faith regarding her alcoholism. After Faith defiantly pours herself a glass of scotch and guzzles it, Jill crosses the room and pours her another, BIGGER, glass. Amazing. Everything is on all cylinders - the writing, the direction, the acting. Bravo, Ryan's Hope, Bravo. And now Delia suspects about Barry and Lily. Thank God! I was worried they were going to end up getting married. I doubt Barry will get out of it - Delia is too clever these days. She's starting to put it together. I like where this all is going! Now onto Another World 1989 while I exercise.
  11. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Ah, Tom. What a useless character. His death is still one of the more shocking moments that has stuck with me to this day. (Granted, I first saw it 2 years ago.) Does Roger ever see any consequence of killing him? Rae got her comeuppance but I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop for Roger. Does the series just ignore it from here on out?
  12. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    That is one of my favorite scenes from Dynasty! Season 9 was just getting underway. The new writing was clear, funny - the show was coming back from some pretty awful years. You can tell how much fun the cast is having in the first few episodes of the season. I just finished a rewatch of the entire series and Season 9 holds up as one of the series' best, imo. The production value had clearly dropped (Carringtons in JEANS????!!!!!! - that horrible excuse for a police office set) but the writing took a step up in the show's final season.
  13. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Thanks @DramatistDreamer for the detailed information! It makes a lot of sense why they felt that way but still so frustrating.
  14. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I'm with you on all of that. I didn't watch AW at the end, but I heard about it. I would love to know why P&G hated their soap operas so much. Was it just one person who was in a position of authority? Frustrating. I'm glad that there's a lot of the hey day to watch on YouTube.
  15. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I completely agree about Maroney - I do not enjoy her as an actress at all. I felt the same way about Ilene, too. I couldn't stand her acting as Delia, but I loved the character. I feel the same way about Kimberly. I freaking LOVE that character. Well, I love to HATE that character is how I should put it. Part of my continued tuning in is "Ooooooo, what kind of trouble is Kimberly going to get into/stir up today??!!!" Especially because, at least as of August 1980, she mostly causes trouble for Rae and Senaca, two people who DESPERATELY needed to be taken down a notch or 750, imo. Thanks for the info. Now, I'm curious about it. HAHA! Maybe, by the time I get through the SoapNet run, other episodes will have found their way to YouTube!
  16. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    P&G clearly didn't care about their soap operas anymore. In fact, they actively wanted to be out of the soap opera business. I often wonder if CG wasn't under instructions to dismantle the show so that it could be canceled.
  17. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I remember being so torn towards the end. When GL was canceled, I knew the writing was on the wall for ATWT. Even though I didn't enjoy a lot of what was happening, I was so grateful that ATWT was still on the air that I just went with a lot of stuff. Dusty/Janet being one of them. Although, as Nothin' But Attitude said, I was also just so thankful that Janet was away from Jack. Carly and Jack's ending was pretty near perfect for me, so I was thankful for that. Without Martha Byrne, I didn't mind Lily and Holden being apart at the end of the series. Katie/Chris was just stupid (as was the whole switching houses with Margo storyline) but Katie was such a popular character (including by me - one of my absolute favorite characters/actors on the show) that she had to have an HEA (happily ever after). I like the idea of Katie being single and learning to be happy without a man but I suppose, after the tragic loss of Brad, that just wasn't possible. I was completely over Luke and Noah at that point and I LOVED Reid. I enjoyed the tragic ending for him and that he was insistent that Chris get his heart. Luke and Noah separating made perfect sense - especially at that age. They were never going to last. And then there was Barbara and Henry. If ever there was a reason I was devastated by the cancellation, it was that those two would've made for great TV for years to come! Barbara could've really mellowed due to Henry's love for her and her love for him. It's so odd for me to think about all this right now. My current 1987 episode of ATWT is on as I'm typing this. I'm so into that era (which is new for me) that it feels as if that's what it "currently" happening in Oakdale. HA!
  18. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I really enjoyed both the Jaws and King Kong riffs. The Kong one went on just a wee bit long, perhaps, but the novelty of a guy in a gorilla suit got me through it. HA! Even my husband, who pops in from time to time during my viewing, would sit down and watch the episodes with the gorilla. Go figure! (Of course, he also seems to enjoy the character of Delia.) I will be sad when the focus goes off of The Ryans I suppose. However, I enjoy some glam and glitz in my soaps so maybe I'll go along with it. I was one of the AMC watchers at the time. My 7-10 yr old boy self loved Greg/Jenny, Jesse/Angie, Tad/Liza, etc. But now, my 45 yr old self enjoys watching the older characters more. There's an Egyptian storyline coming, eh? Is that available through the SoapNet run? I know there are more RH episodes after that but they appeared to be pretty scattered - no more year long runs of episodes. Still...I have another year and a half of the SoapNet run - it won't be until December 2018 when I finish it.
  19. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I didn't watch all the time here but I also always preferred Maddie and Casey. I never really liked Hunter - no problem with the actor, just the character.
  20. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the info! That was nice of Marland to do. Personally, I loved Brian - I've always enjoyed MP from AW. Actually, I loved all the McColls (bar Whit) - little that I've seen of them. I'm glad Brian got a good exit and that we get to see a couple's happy ending. I'm also happy to hear that they will pop back from time to time for awhile. I do love how the old soaps would do this. It was great seeing Penny in London for the time that the Hughes family was there with Frannie!
  21. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I keep changing my mind about Doug Marland. I can't decide if I like his ATWT or not. I have a feeling he is such a detailed writer that, unless you see every episode, the story just doesn't flow well. I'm re-watching AW (am at 1989) and ATWT for a first time (am at 1987). Neither of these shows have all of the episodes. When I miss some eps of AW, I don't feel like I've missed much. When I miss some eps of ATWT, I have no idea what the eff is going on! Haha!! Anyway, I was just leaning towards thinking I don't like his writing, when he totally subverted my expectations. I just made it through Brian & Beatrice's wedding. I was dreading the whole secret of her parentage coming out because I didn't want to sit through weeks of her being upset and feeling betrayed and crying and blah blah blah. Instead, she thinks it's the most delightful thing in the world and is running around town telling everyone all about it. The entire town of Oakdale is shocked while she just goes about telling more people and laughing about it. I thought it was a hoot and laughed myself silly, as Beatrice was doing. How fun! PS Are they gone now? They've moved back to Edinburgh - are the leaving the series?
  22. Another World

    It was interesting to watch that clip - I didn't know any characters except for Mac! (Well, and little Amanda) It's like Another World was a completely different show back then! Someday I may go back and watch older episodes - it's seems as if many from 79/80/81 exist on YouTube, yes?
  23. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Good for her! That woman won't need to work again for the rest of our life (although Stephen Collins' past antics did get 7th Heaven pulled from every\ airing again, didn't it? That will make her royalty checks drop severely, I guess.) so it's good to know she's putting her time to something about which she is passionate!
  24. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Thanks for all the info. I remember I had read something about this earlier but, in my mind, things didn't go sour until much later in the show's run. Although, I also remember reading that the first 5 years of RH are considered some of the best in soap operas and I *am* five years into the show now. Is it just all downhill from here? Thanks for the spoiler tags! I don't expect to be able to watch these old soaps completely spoiler free but every little bit helps! With Delia, she's just running from one toxic man to another. I suppose she hasn't really earned a decent love story yet. Delia has just changed so much, especially with this actress whom I much prefer, that I'm ready for her to meet a decent human being and have an adult relationship. And Barry is still a Ryan so Delia is still caught up with the family. Jill....well, I'm finally coming around to realize that she is a deeply troubled woman who seems to self sabotage at every opportunity. Again, I thought she had grown after the mistake of marrying Senaca, and the death of her baby. I was ready to have her grow up and move on to other stories but I guess the writers aren't yet through with that. And, as DeliaIrisFan mentioned earlier, Labine was burnt out at this point. It's starting to show! Kimbo...hehe...well, I do love her and enjoy watching her antics. She just married Senaca yesterday - can't wait to watch that train wreck of a marriage play out!!
  25. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Interesting. So Jill's a little tramp, is she? Well, I never! ;-) I'm glad I know that going forward. I'll distance myself from Frank/Jill. I still get really caught up/involved with these shows. LOL