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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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By the way, AMS, you've probably already seen this, but while they haven't gotten to Nick yet, Corripedia has a full list of appearances for a lot of the characters.


No, I never saw it. When I saw this last night, I spent hours on that site reading the episode guide. What a fantastic resource. Thanks for mentioning it.

So Jean Alexander isn't returning. I didn't think she would. I hope they won't decide there's no point in bringing anyone back. I think there are still some slightly lesser known but still interesting characters who could return.

:( I was hoping that she would, but I didn't think so either. Does she still do new episodes of Summer Wine? I imagine the main reason why she declined the invite is because of the current "style" of the show. She's definitely got a point, that's for sure. Would have been nice, though, to see "Hilder, Elizabeth, and Bet" together. Goodyear's pretty much a shoe-in to return, right?

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I think Summer Wine has been canceled.

She and the woman who played Mavis both speak badly about the show, which kind of makes me sad, as I really wanted to see them one last time, especially Mavis.

The guy who played Eddie Yeats also won't come back, although he didn't say that was because of the quality of the show, he said he doesn't like to leave his home too often.

Julie Goodyear couldn't handle the workload the last time she returned in 2002 so I'm not sure what she'd do now but I'd love to see Bet one more time.

I also think they should bring back Jed Stone, and Emily's nephew Spider, and Toyah, and Todd Grimshaw, and I wouldn't mind seeing Cilla one more time either.

And since he's still alive and seems well I wish they could bring back Dennis Tanner, I <3 Dennis and I think that they screwed him over badly after he left. He was a happy-go-lucky, fun character, and then a few years after his exit they had Dennis stealing from old people and being put in prison.

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The speed dating stuff was OK, mostly the scenes of drunk Janice laughing at people. Was she wearing the same top as Jason?

I assume they put Jason in a tight see through top and tight jeans to help make up for the woefulness of his scenes.

I actually don't mind Michelle when she's in the breezy barmaid looking for love mode. She and Ciaran work well in that type of area (I do think he'd look better without the tats).

As much as I might go on about appearances, I would not mind Graeme and Tina if he did not act like such a damn fool so much of the time. It's not endearing, in my opinion, it's weird and childish and offputting. To see Tina apparently be drawn to this just makes me question her mental health, again, and the way she so quickly raged at him for letting her down makes me think that she's going to move on sooner rather than later.

The squawking also reminds me of Charlie-in-the-Box

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A show source revealed: "Despite only sharing their mother's blood, Kylie's every bit as full-on as Becky ever knew how to be. Kylie has all the characteristics of the Becky we've seen glimpses of over the years - it's like holding up an age-defying mirror."

Why do they need a Becky clone? Being a blood relative doesn't make you a duplicate.

Poor Katherine, they make her sound like an old crone. :lol: The girl in that photo doesn't look that much younger.

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WTF? Where's the interview with Gavin Blythe?

I think Kris Tweeted that there were delays with that interview, but it's done now, and should be ready soon. Maybe next week.

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To be honest and frank, he sounds full of [[email protected]#$%^&*]. Almost all the things he said, I wanted to hear the opposite.

And watch Lil Becky try to seduce Steve. And watch her be successful.

Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be watching Corrie. It just doesn't seem worth it.

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Everything seemed very pat and safe. It just seemed kind of like he was getting his answers out of a machine. After the Crowther interview controversies I was hoping for a little more.

I actually groaned out loud when he said Eileen would have a big story coming up. Kim Crowther said that for years! It hasn't been months that Eileen hasn't had a story, it's been over TWO YEARS! The stuff with her father was barely about her. The fact that he didn't say what her story was while he went into details about others suggests she isn't getting a story.

No returns? What a sad anniversary. No one is going to buy that about how we're not focusing on the past because everyone already knows that Jean Alexander turned the show down. At least it sounds like Emily will have something to do...I hope?

Sometimes, there's a temptation to keep coming up with big stories that are over within two weeks

So is this some kind of a jab at Siege Week? :lol:

The descriptions of the new characters sound poor. Izzy's father is too dull to have a dark side, and the others are just boilerplate. The new Charlie Stubbs. A new vixen. Why not try something different?

My jaw dropped when I read that about Michelle working at the factory. I guess that makes sense, given that her brothers ran it, but that's hard to picture, especially since Michelle has no experience in this area. She had her moments at the pub, especially with Ciaran and Liz. Perhaps she will take after her brothers by dying within the year?

Poor Allison King. The highlight of her year will be working with Michelle. :o

I notice he didn't say anything about the John Stape story, which is supposedly going to be big. I wonder if he doesn't want to give details. The tabloids have already given them so that might be moot.

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It really doesn't sound like much will be changing, or changing in a more positive direction. I didn't like much of what he teased, and nothing grabbed me to the point where I would start watching more regularly again.

It kind of feels like the show will continue on with the standard Crowther set, even if Collinson wants to think otherwise.

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Yes, I wanted to hear about change. I mean, tell me that Tyrone will be wearing a polar bear suit and dancing the Macarena, just tell me something different.

I guess any changes will have to be slow but honestly after some of the casting decisions I am starting to think that nothing big will change, and I'm also starting to wonder if Granada or ITV are somehow pleased with the way the show is and don't want big changes. Perhaps Kim Crowther actually did want to leave, or they just thought she was bad at PR, and they didn't have any objections to her work.

I know that he can't blast her stuff but to have to hear praise for the Molvin story -- which featured such deathless lines as "I want to jump your bones" -- is sad.

I liked his work on Doctor Who so I am going to hope for the best but when your big highlight is Michelle working at Underworld...

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