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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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The court stuff still isn't working for me, aside from Norris and Mary.

I like seeing James Fleet and the scenes where he took Carla and Hayley hostage were tense, I loved when Tony swanned into the room and ripped the tape off Carla's mouth ("that's three layers of fake tan gone"), but why exactly would Roy or Carla automatically do anything that this strange man wants, a man who happens to come to Weatherfield just as Tony escapes from prison, and who is talking to both of them? I guess they just don't know each other well enough to compare notes.

Kim Crowther interview.


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Seige Week is doing ok so far.

Gail stuff is pretty good and Norris/Mary are starting to work well off each other.

Seige story itself is doing pretty good and with a strong lead in like Britains Got Talent, i suspect the ratings will remain high.

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This "Siege Week" sounds interesting! What episode should I start downloading from? Monday?

Too bad about the the tragedy. :(

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Monday was when the siege week started, but last Friday was when they started showing Tony in prison and when they introduced his cellmate, Robbie, who came to Weatherfield to pave the way for Tony's return.

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Upcoming Stape spoiler, possibly.


All this death and darkness on Corrie...and Stape doing this stuff, it just never ends. I guess this must be his exit, if it happens, but I wish the show would just have Stape and Fiz leave town, as I liked them together. I can't see how Fiz could stay on the Street after this comes out.

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ITV postpones Corrie for second day

Coronation Street will once again be pulled from this evening's schedules in the wake of Cumbria's shooting tragedy.

Late yesterday evening, the commercial broadcaster decided not to broadcast the Manchester soap's fourth episode of Siege Week out of respect for those who were killed during yesterday's incident.

The 9pm slot - sandwiched between the Britain's Got Talent performance and results shows - will again be filled by Harry Hill's The Best of TV.

An ITV spokesperson this afternoon confirmed: "Following the tragic events in Cumbria yesterday, both Wednesday's and Thursday's planned Coronation Street episodes have been postponed.”

It has not yet been confirmed when the outstanding episodes of Coronation Street will be broadcast.

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I had an idea they'd pre-empt all of the week (can't imagine they'll air Friday's).

I don't know why they just don't air them next week, instead, but edited. Otherwise, if they continue as normal, there will be no point in airing these at a later date, as we would've known the outcome.

There are times (last 2 years) that it really feels as if Corrie are cursed.

I remember when Days cut out that plane crash from 2001, which was near to 09/11, and all we saw was Victor and Nicole on a plane, and then on the island, with Victor's arm in a sling. They should do something like that, and cut out the shootings, and limit the gun scenes; the context is way different to the real life tragedy, so what they have left, should be OK. Or, merge episodes together...

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Tbh I'd rather they just delayed the episodes and then used the erratic scheduling of the next month to try to "catch up" to correct airdates.

I absolutely hate it when episodes are cut about and storylines edited. I'd rather watch nothing than a barely decipherable version of what was originally intended. Perhaps it's the frustrated Neighbours viewer in me!

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I think they should just air the episodes. I know its sad that the cumbria shootings happen but no one is going to be affected by it. Its fiction for crying out load. Friday air double episodes and air another on Saturday. i was so looking forward to Siege Week and ITV have screwed it all up. THANKS A BUNCH.

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Its not like people fresh off making funeral arrangements or caring for loved ones in the hospital are going to sit down to Corrie, or any soaps, anyway.

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