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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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Is the show setting some sort of record for how many soap characters are in prison at one time? I thought Eastenders did that when they had Den and Nick Cotton in jail together but this seems to be three or four characters.

I'm happy Tony is back, I just wish they hadn't painted him into such a corner.

I'm at the point where there are only about two or three people in Underworld I wouldn't mind seeing get bumped off.

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I like the Underworld crew for the most part. Carla's grown on me, I don't hate Nick as much as I did about a month ago (he can still go, though, please). I like the machinists for the most part, though I'm not a fan of Izzy's yet, and Sean and Fiz can be harpy, but I can tolerate them most of the time. I flove Janice.

So have you all heard about Jack P Shepherd (David) cheating on the mother of his child? This is a pretty crappy article, but it basically lays out the details, though the pregnancy thing is still sketchy. He's publicly apologized for his adultery, though the pregnancy wasn't mentioned.

I'm sure Helen Worth's gonna give him a few unkind words. Her husband screwed around on her twice, so she must have a low tolerance for cheaters.

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I can't take Sean. Fiz is OK but she gets shrill. I like Julie but they seem to have given up on her. I like Izzy and I like Janice and I like Carla, but otherwise it's hard to care. And Nick makes my skin crawl.

I've heard about that. Apparently he was at the party with Ryan Thomas and Adam Thomas, but she chose him? Odd...

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I know I am being mean but for someone who was cast as a "hunk," I am not sure I can remember more guys being less attractive than Ben Price. I just cannot stand looking at his face.

I guess he was cast as the "hunk," simply b/c he got naked a lot on Footballer's Wives - that, and Kim Crowther seems to love him. Interestingly, if they hadn't of recast Nick with Adam Rickett all those years ago, the character may not be seen as a hunk to begin with. Anywho, Ben Price is totally wrong for the part, and I wish they would recast again.

I've heard about that. Apparently he was at the party with Ryan Thomas and Adam Thomas, but she chose him? Odd...

She was at the party with Adam Thomas, who she met through a mutual friend, called Scott, who apparently hangs out with all the actors. :rolleyes: From the article, it seems he chose her, as she apparently didn't want anything to do with him, as he was with his girlfriend. They're both as bad as each other, really - he cheated; both had unprotected sex; she sold her story. Real classy.

I didn't find the Siege Week promo on YouTube, but it is up at Soap Scoops, on DS, near the end.

I did stumble across this pretty cool promo from 2003, about Richard Hillman, and his next victim.

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HD ... meh. The improvement is nothing to write home about if you'e been playing the SD eps on something that upconverts. The show already looked stunningly realistic to begin with.

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I don't see the point of starting HD when most of your scenes are set in jail or in a brown courtroom.

I liked the way Gail was with her cellmate, stroking her hair. I still wish they could bring her onto the Street.

All the stuff with Tony's escape was somewhat campy and the court stuff was not too good until Tina testified. I have gone off Tina with the Graeme stuff but damn was Michelle Keegan good in those court scenes.

Did it seem like almost everyone was overacting because they were in a big episode?

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Why does Tina want to see Gail go down so bad ? Gail wasn`t responsible for Joe`s death and yet she is being a utter bitch because of it.

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Getting ready to watch yesterday's episodes later on, but I did skim through. Tony and his BFF on the bike looks like it will be unintentionally hilarious, as well as the fact that he's in sweatpants.

And they changed the End of Part One music! No! That was the perfect music for that part of each episode!

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