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Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

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I thought the funeral episodes on Monday were very good. English funerals always depress me, though, with these big, gigantic churches in the middle of nowhere, black hearses and other vehicles, people walking slowly...very creepy.

Anne Kirkbride finally got some stuff to work with, and she did awesome. The whole thing made me very sad, especially Peter, who I've come to really adore as a character. I did like the fact that they kept things going on the street with Sophie manning the shop, and the brief scenes with her and Si were good.

I've seen not much of Tracy but after her behavior Monday, I'm definitely not a fan. Way to be a cow, cow.

My favorite part of the whole hour, though, was seeing all of those older characters sitting together at the Rovers, chatting and what-not. Idk, I really enjoyed those for some reason, especially how everyone was able to call Norris on his crap in regards to poor Mary.

Now what's this whole deal with Betty Driver? She thought they were planning to ax her, so she hoped they kept her around until at least the 50th, then she would have no problems putting up her feet and relaxing. But turns out, they never planned to ax her at all, so if she still wants to stay, she's more than welcome to. And she does, so she will. Right? Please tell me I'm right.

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I think he looks OK, I think he looks better than Ben Price does, it's more I just don't see him with Tina, based on their personalities. I think at some point Tina would seriously question why she has been passing herself around to every man in the Platt family history, aside from the gay ones. It's a good thing Martin, with his fondness for young girls, is long gone.

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Can we start putting spoilers in, well, spoilers? Por favor? :D


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Sorry. I didn't know if that was a spoiler since the story's already started on the episodes. I'll spoiler it from now on.

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Oh, it's not about what you said CarlD, I was referring generally to how there are never spoiler tags. The half-sister thing was just the incentive lol

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I had forgotten about her tragic loss, last year. Was her summer hiatus the reason for this? I seem to remember her barely being used before the summer, as I'm sure she had time off during the spring. Either way, I don't think you can say she's been used heavily at all - she had that fling with the handyman guy (or whatever it was he did); disappeared; popped back up for Tony being revealed as Liam's killer; had a few scenes with Ryan; became the crush of Ryan's best mate Ben, and has since disappeared again.

oh wrong tense there, I meant to say begin to use her heavily again not began to use her heavily again.

I guess Her summer hiatus would have been around the time that she was supposed to take maternity leave and she may have decided to take it anyway.

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Thursday's episode was pretty boring, if I should say so myself. I really, really don't care for Tracy at all, and I know it's bad when I sympathize with Gail for having to bunk with her now.

The Graeme/Tina stuff is starting to reek of grossness. I appreciate him showing an interest in her well-being (and it sounds like I've said the exact same thing already in this thread haha), but I'm really starting to question why he's so concerned. And why doesn't he tell Jason or David or anyone else? Knowing where this is going, I think it's all a bit selfish and creepy. But ah, such is the way with Graeme.

Looks like they'll be doing a new titles sequence for the HD switch in two weeks. What else can really be done with the formula of dreary still shots of the Street and surrounding areas? And the shots aren't even that dreary anymore.

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I don't like the way Graeme speaks to Jason. I get the idea that we're supposed to think it's funny that Graeme is keeping Jason from getting money by renting the house, and running rings around Jason, but Jason went into debt for that house, and then Tina casually dumps him and refuses to let him near the place. I almost wish he'd call the police and have them bodily throw her out.

I would be less annoyed about this if Jason actually had a story of his own. Ryan Thomas is gorgeous and he's a good actor...give him a story!

I don't care about Steve/Becky and their baby so I skipped most of that, but I did laugh when she saw that he'd been with "Ronnie," and was surprised that he'd been with a man. Then he had to say Ronnie was a woman. Which of course led to bringing up his night with the transsexual, which always cracks me up.

I liked Gail's cellmate. She reminded me of Jacqui McQueen, and early, non-morose Tina.

Tracy is just kind of whiny and dull when she's not doing the bitch stuff. Kate Ford's not a very strong actress. I also hate her constant harping at Deirdre, especially since Deirdre always goes along.

Poor Teresa. She's such a great character and a great actress, and yet she's just there to be shrugged off by Lloyd.

She's leaving in tonight's episodes, so Lloyd can get with the stripper who would probably not notice him in real life unless he had big money. Poor Teresa


Speaking of that,

Wil Thorp was a fairly famous name at one time (he was also on Strictly Come Dancing for a while), so I'm surprised he's just playing this small role of a heavy. I'm also surprised they're going to flesh out the stripper (no pun intended) that much. I guess they're really going to be giving Lloyd more to do.

I wonder how much they will update the credits or if it's just an HD version. I hope they still have the shot of the cat.

You can imagine how terrified this cast might be of HD. They aren't known for their looks.

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Friday's episodes. I skipped a lot of the Gail/Tracy stuff. There's something unpleasant about the shape of Tracy's face. I did like seeing those two detectives again, the hot one with the beard and the one who is Maxine's and Bruce's father on Shameless. Why weren't they cast in bigger roles?

Couldn't watch anything with Graeme/Tina either. At least not until this agoraphobia: a love story bit ends.

Hayley and Roy are too depressing in serious stories. I do like Anna's involvement.

Blanche's will reading was funny. You could "hear" her. I especially loved her comments to Norris. The last little scene in her room with Ken and Deirdre was touching -- I loved the lighting which represented the sun going down.

Teresa's goodbye was very sad. At least she kept her dignity, but I hated seeing her have to slink out of town, nowhere to go. I know she was often a horrible woman but it's the mark of a good character that you still empathize and want to see what will happen to them even if they behave badly. There was still somewhere they could have taken Teresa if they tried. This whole story with Lloyd and the stripper doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Craig Charles is cute and all but this woman wouldn't give him the time of day.

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