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  1. All Alexises, in one way or another… SFT—Estelle Kendall GL—Alexandra Spaulding ATWT—Lucinda Walsh DAYS—Angelica Deveraux, Vivian Alamain SB—Augusta Lockridge Y&R—Dina Mergeron, as mentioned; later, Jill Abbott OLTL—Dorian Lord CAP—Myrna Clegg
  2. No. She’s been acting since the early 70’s. I still remember her in sexy stills from VALENTINO (1977), but she’d been on screen since 1971.
  3. I was wrong. It was Aileen. I was thinking of Joanna/Reva when I first typed my post.
  4. TR used to sing a lullaby in French to Elan. This was a song she remembered her mother (Estelle) singing to her as a baby/young child. Some things stayed with her, some things did not. I wouldn’t recognize a 16 year old that I hadn’t seen since they were a baby. But not recognizing people on soaps is not uncommon, especially if it serves the plot.
  5. I think Rebecca was named Theresa Regina by the people who kidnapped her. I assumed Estelle called her Theresa to honor that, since TR never really responded to Rebecca. It was awkward. There may be an episode that clears this all up, but I’ve yet to rediscover it.
  6. And wasn’t Martin revealed to have been the father of Steve, thus making only Michael, Alec, Chase and Rebecca full siblings? Even TR’s name—The Runaway, morphed into Theresa Regina, yet born Rebecca Kendall. Estelle is calling her Theresa, not Rebecca, at the end of the series.
  7. Well, the story, or backstory, of Lloyd and Estelle was rewritten constantly. Estelle was initially named Aileen, when she was an offscreen character whom the newly introduced Lloyd was in the process of divorcing. Far from “dead.”
  8. OUR memory for details is incredible! LOL Marcia referenced Hogan and Patti’s wedding “in Ireland” and I winced. But, man, she remembered Lee Godart’s character’s name (Bela Garody) and was immediately redeemed. Marcia was still unhappy about being killed off OLTL. She laughed about Eterna. Michael reminded us that there was a time lapse between David Kimball on Y&R going into the dumpster and getting trash compacted, and the dead victim was probably a homeless man, so David’s alive and Michael’s ready to return! He also said he was up for a role on GH recently, the one that went to Gregory Harrison (Alan assumed). Marcia regretted Sunny losing Hogan to Liza, but admitted that Liza was the leading lady, so... When Hogan and Liza didn’t work out (Luann Gideon was not mentioned or blamed, but Hogan and Liza worked with Sherry Mathis in the role), Hogan then went to Patti. Marcia explained that Patti was Jo’s daughter and seemed to accept that she was a major legacy character who needed a leading man. I still wanted Hogan with Sunny.
  9. Alan ain’t handing HIS show over to anyone. THE LOCHER ROOM daytime talk show goes into National syndication in Fall 2021. Co-hosts will include an inebriated Liz Hubbard and Charity Rahmer in her triumphant return to daytime.
  10. Whoops. I went immediately to the character of Lee, not Joanna Lee. Gawd, Alan. Marcia mentioned Dennis Parlato from OLTL and Alan said he temporarily replaced Chris Bernau on GL. Michael Zaslow, you idiot. And not temporarily. Then he asked Marcia if she enjoyed working with Larry Lau on ATWT and she was like, I didn’t. LOL. Her few scenes on one episode were with Van Hansis.
  11. Hogan was on the show when Sunny was raped by Jack. Lee was years earlier. They joked about ANOTHER LIFE. “A Christian soap opera filmed locally in West Virginia!” They couldn’t remember the name. SEARCH FOR JESUS?, suggested Michael. Marcia said Mary Stuart couldn’t swim and was actually in danger of drowning while in a water tank filming the flood.
  12. Marcia and Michael had lovely things to say about Maree, Mary and Larry. Susan Scannell couldn’t participate today but wants to do a future show. Michael’s favorite Suzi was Elizabeth Swackhamer, oddly enough. They’re still close friends but I don’t think she lasted more than 13 weeks. Marcia mourned for Marcus Smythe and Doug Stevenson. Their favorite producer was Joanna Lee.
  13. Maree couldn’t get her video working. Alan started the show like an hour late. Maree had an audition to get to. She said Lisa Peluso had a death in the family but wanted to participate. Maree suggested a future mother/daughter show.
  14. Maree was on for a hot minute and told her story about being cold in NYC and wearing fuzzy slippers in the studio. Mary Stuart took one look at her and said, “This is our new sex symbol?” Mary told the same story in her book BOTH OF ME. Marcia was an extra on the show one week then auditioned for Laine the next. Obviously she didn’t get that, but Mary-Ellis Bunim asked her if she’d auditioned for Sunny. Michael looks good but needs to go gray. The darker-than-natural hair color is distracting.
  15. Now that would be DISH! Can we have Louise Shaffer on too? LOL (She was on SFT twice!)
  16. Maree will dodge the subject of Mary. I’ve asked Maree online about Mary. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Mary told a wonderfully heartwarming story about Maree in her book tho. Hope this is the first of many SFT shows. Terri Eoff, Matt Ashford, Jeff Meek, Maeve McGuire, Cynthia Gibb, Lisa Peluso, Susan Scannell... Jane Krakowski would be a huge “get.”
  17. I’m almost positive it’s a scene where Shayne and Marina lose their virginities to each other. And I believe Shayne was still semi-paralyzed at the time. I seem to recall Aubrey Dollar pullin’ his britches down and there it was!
  18. I’m not sure why Frank Telfer was included for a second time. Really, no one new was available? Meanwhile, I was terrified that Martha Byrne would pop up and suggest that she play Penny to Liz’s Althea in some sort of reboot. I think Liz likes being the center of attention. However, I could listen to Jada’s stories for a full hour, just her. SECRET STORM. ATWT. I’ve always wanted to know more about her career.
  19. I thought Alan was going to wear this for the reunion. You know he still has the shirt!
  20. Seriously? Those two gay ATWT characters were TWO DECADES apart. Missing his Oakdale family? Damn. HE DOESN’T KNOW THEM, Mariah Carey-style.
  21. RIP Marcus Smythe (Dane) (https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/latimes/obituary.aspx?n=marcus-smythe&pid=196700604&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=obitshareamp&utm_content=p196700604
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