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  1. Kale himself said he’s still close with both actors who played his brothers on AW and OLTL. That includes Mark Derwin.
  2. Lauren Mayhew is missing as Marah too.
  3. Judge Henderson ultimately was revealed as the owner of Liberty House. Maybe he was hot for Jo? He decorated her apartment for her as a surprise...at least, the original mystery owner did. I’m sure the original plan was changed to make it Jeremiah.
  4. As Rattray has no IMDB credits past 2001, I wonder if she was still acting at the time Noelle replaced Martha. I think Noelle was a quick hire and a very safe and competent choice. Anyway, Carly, Katie, Meg and Janet were dominating the show, so it’s a moot point.
  5. Damion Scheller replaced the superior Joshua Freund as Josh Moreno (Olympia Dukakis’ character’s son) on SFT the year before. Then he got slotted into GL after the Morenos vanished after Xmas 1983. I never liked him on ANY soap, sorry. I do recall reading an interview with him years ago where he stated that he wanted out of acting due to his mother embezzling his earnings. DS: At the time I was cast on ATWT, I was deep in the midst of my own real life soap opera. It was around this time that I discovered that my mother had been embezzling my earnings as a child actor to help her play out her own extravagant lifestyle. With no available recourse against what she was doing, I simply stopped acting as a protest. I believe my stint on ATWT lasted one or two days. I felt extremely betrayed by my mother's actions and as a result became quite surly and confused. I clearly remember coming on to the set and delivering one of the most uninspired performances I've ever delivered just hoping that they would tell me that I didn't need to come back.
  6. ^^^THIS. Noelle wasn’t really given the chance to play Lily as a romantic lead, and since she played LOVING’s “Lily,” Trisha, we knew she could.
  7. THE LOVING MURDERS have unfortunately vanished from YouTube.
  8. Well...Alan Locher embarrassed himself during his GL Writers show by saying that Jack’s amnesia story introduced Annie Parisse’s Julia. Wrong Julia. Why does he know so little about these shows he “loves?”
  9. Dan Levin was the Director. Apparently he was a nightmare for years.
  10. Joey returned for one episode in 2006 to admit to Tammy that he was blackmailed by Phillip into leaving town. Basically, just a tie-up of loose ends. Didn’t Lainie Kazan play his mom, Shirley?
  11. As someone who was watching live when Anna Stuart temped for Maeve Kinkead, let me just say she was FABULOUS from Day One and I didn’t miss Maeve for a second. And I LOVE Maeve. I’m sure it’s because Vanessa was still a “newish” character and not, y’know, established for twenty years. But Anna Stuart could’ve stayed FOREVER and I would’ve never looked back.
  12. I personally played Patti for 2 weeks in 1973. Len wouldn’t touch me.
  13. Paul Raven is the expert on this, and this is written by him. Melissa Murphy replaced Patricia Harty in Dec 65. She was the daughter of actor Don Porter,who played Gidget's dad in the 60's Tv series.She had begun in Feb 65. So the timeline for Patti looks like this Lynn Loring 1951 - 61 Nancy Pinkerton 1961(probably a recast that didn't work.Lynn would have been a hard act to follow) Abigail Kellogg 1961 - 64 (Had been playing Robin on GL,Did CBS/P&G bring her over because they felt she could be a success in the role and Patti was more important than Robin? Nancy Malone took over as Robin.She had been Babby on The Brighter day) Patricia Harty Feb 64 - Dec 65 (I'm guessing she got the pilot for Occasional Wife and was allowed to leave) Gretchen Walther 65 (Variety says that Murphy took over from Harty,so I'm guessing Walther was only intended as a fill in) Melissa Murphy Dec 65 - 66 Trish van Devere April - May 67 Melinda Plank May 67 - 69 Leigh Lassen 69 - 75 (She was written off in 74 i believe and then brought back) Tina Sloan 76 Jacquie Shultz 85 - 86
  14. Blind item in SOD at the time was that Patti was fired for weight gain. Selena had gone from sexy wrap dresses to completely covered up. Apparently, you can only get fat if you’re Kim Zimmer, Jordan Clarke, Michael O’Leary or Justin Deas. I really enjoyed Patti and Selena. I do feel that Drew could’ve been recast, which would’ve also allowed Max to return. And we could’ve met Miguel Jr if Gus was rewritten to not be her son. She basically could’ve had her own family. Merged with the Coopers, that would’ve been interesting. Rebecca Hollen played the thankless role of Peggy Lazarus on AW, when all its new characters had bizarre names. She was Peter Love’s lawyer/lover. After that, maybe she found another vocation. She certainly could’ve livened up GL and been an age-appropriate love interest for any number of men like Ed, Ross (again), Roger or Fletcher.
  15. Sometimes ya gotta toot your own horn! Didn’t he write the Nursery Rhyme Stalker too? Lawd. I just wanna give Maureen Garrett a hug every time I think about that.
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