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  1. Is this Pam vs Jenna or Katherine vs Jenna? Love the way Sue Ellen casually says, “We were friends. Why?” when Jenna asks if she and Pam we’re close. You kind of get the feeling, “Not really!” Watch Afton’s face throughout the clip. People said Audrey Landers couldn’t act but she’s stealing the scene here with her reactions.
  2. THE BARBARAS BEFORE: Judi Rollin 1970 (Judi was also on SECRET STORM in 1970, probably after ATWT) Barbara Stanger 1970 (Barbara was on LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED-THING in 1972) Donna Wandrey 1971-72 (Donna had just departed DS) Which Barbara was allegedly anorexic? Which Barbara pursued stepfather Bob inappropriately? Colleen Zenk said that upon Barbara’s return to Oakdale in 1978, she had to apologize to every member of the Hughes family for weeks on end.
  3. He would definitely be the one to arrange one, given his ongoing relationships with Marcia, Jane, and more. He was also very close with Louan Gideon before she died.
  4. It got better! Caitlin is hoping to become a nurse. She has a baby. She had the lapband removed, she said. Bonnie has twins. She and Caitlin are still best friends but didn’t like each other at first. Apparently Bonnie came in with a little bit of an attitude and Caitlin was like “I’ve got all the friends on the show!” Helen the makeup artist told them, look, you two need to be friends. Orlagh looks great and seems to be doing great, careerwise. Jessica added nothing to this. Murray reminisced about Marj. Thought she’d be old-fashioned and not kiss for real. He was wrong!
  5. And you knew that Maureen had found it and thrown that ratty old thing out.
  6. This is my favorite Kim/Susan confrontation, years and years after Dan Stewart and Susan’s affair with Bob. Susan: “Say hi to Bob!” Kim: “Oh, go to hell!” https://youtu.be/XhNkIRXTd08
  7. I guess we’re no longer commenting on The Locher Room’s aired episodes. LOL. Did anyone watch the Doris/Ashlee/Daisy/Cyrus/Natalia show? I’m struggling through the bad audio (as always) again. I’m asking myself why Leccia is on again. Where’s Grady?
  8. Let’s get Ann Flood, Maeve McGuire, Anita Gillette, and Patrick Tovatt in there! SFT had a great cast at the end.
  9. Honey, you’re FB friends with her. Ask her. LOL “Another of the show’s longtime stars, who played the ongoing nemesis of Mary‘s (Stuart, Jo) character, was unexpectedly and unceremoniously fired after more than a decade on the show. Someone had overheard her in the make-up room the day before, reading about some natural disaster that had made headlines in the paper. She dryly quipped, ‘Over a hundred people killed. Tsk tsk. And not one of them was a writer.’ The walls certainly had ears and someone rattled to The Powers That Be. Viewers wound up seeing her start a scene with her TV daughter on a Tuesday and an entirely new actress picking up mid-conversation on a Wednesday. (This is not a business known for its job security.)“ —Nelson Aspen, HOLLYWOOD INSIDER EXPOSED! Nelson worked on SFT in-front of and behind the camera.
  10. Yeah, it needs to be Jean Carol. Or at least Aubrey Dollar.
  11. They could’ve kept her longer. But they fired her.
  12. Yup. Like LOVING and THE CITY weren’t on ABC? LOL
  13. “Listen, Cookie! That Chrissy-Boy Goutman won’t let ol’ Hoagie-Boy Sheffer write for me! It’s all about That Carly!”
  14. The scene where Lisa escorts Ellen to the clearance rack and shows her “some lovely things that are ON SALE” always cracks me up. I gotta find it. I think it’s on the DVDs. Eileen knew how to deliver a line. And an ad-lib.
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