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  1. No posts and it’s August 5th? Guess that header with Chelsea killed any and all enthusiasm for this show. LOL
  2. Aunt Jack would approve. Then he could act on his long/simmering desire for Victor.
  3. Not the title holder, but Reva Shayne popped out Dylan, Marah, Shayne, Jonathan and Colin by series’ end! Alan sired Amanda (I will never believe otherwise), Alan-Michael, Gus, and Peyton and adopted Phillip. Buzz ties him with Frank, Harley, Lucy and Coop, with Rocky adopted. Sadly, he really raised none of these children except Lucy. CC Capwell on SB fathered Mason, Eden, Kelly, Ted, Elena, and Greg, and raised Channing and Brandon as his own.
  4. Peter Vack is currently quite good as Patrick on Freeform’s soapy THE BOLD TYPE.
  5. Karina Arroyave (Bianca) is recurring on the final season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK as Karla, a Salvadoran detainee.
  6. GL wins this every time. Rick Bauer and Blake Thorpe. Raised as siblings. She thought one of her twins was his. Alan-Michael Spaulding and Marina Cooper. He once thought she was his daughter. He was married to her mother and aunt. AC Mallet and Marina Cooper. He was married to her aunt. Harley Cooper and Phillip and Alan-Michael Spaulding and Gus Aitoro. Three brothers of varying relation, all husbands. Beth Raines marrying her ex-husband’s father, Alan. And having his baby. It was beyond the yuck. Ross Marler romancing Holly Lindsey, then her daughter Blake. And flirting with Holly during a break from Blake. No. Just no. Blake also made the rounds of Spaulding men: Phillip, A-M and Alan. Rick and Harley’s one-night stand that produced Jude? No. No no no. Bill Lewis loved a mother/daughter scenario: Beth and Lizzie. Olivia and Ava. James Spaulding and former stepsister Susan “Daisy” LeMay. He was born when she was a teen. She considered him her brother. A decade later, they’re both 18 at the same time and dating ANY relationship where one character was born onscreen and the other was already an adult!
  7. Wasn’t Cal Randolph the biological father of Iva Snyder? YEAH! that storyline would’ve been hella interesting. The Snyders loved some (almost) incest.
  8. TV GUIDE says Ashley, Sofia, and Leslie are returning in addition to Malcolm. No word on Moses. Olivia’s absence looms largest, but Karen, Tyra and Harmony wouldn’t be out of order either.
  9. Wendy Drew was the original Ellen. Pat replaced her.
  10. Alyssa did MELROSE PLACE. Justine did DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Not daytime but...
  11. Pat says that when Dan was first aged she was replaced with an older actress. However she was brought back to the role and then later let go in 1975 again. Of course we know she returned until about 1995 . Who was this older actress who briefly replaced her?
  12. Well, Yolanda would have two children on the canvas, one ex, and Devon’s father could always return at some point. I think if “Harmony” is now living a successful life, that would be a good thing to see. Sheryl can sing and there might be a connection with Ana if Yolanda has (re)discovered music.
  13. Judith McConnell was Valerie Conway on ATWT.
  14. Sheryl Lee Ralph played Henderson Herald reporter Mac on SFT. Wouldn’t she make a fabulous Yolanda on Y&R?
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