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  1. The Abby Collection, exclusively from Ashley Home Furniture. That could actually happen! Whatever happened to Jabot with cactus pectin? LOL
  2. Whoops. I was one year off. LOL
  3. Sorry, Khan, but I cast Judi, and she’s playing Regina! Cathy is Judi’s SECOND role on Y&R, though—Paul’s white-trash cousin who’s hot for Jack. Lisa Hartman IS Dannii Romalotti, Gina’s OTHER long-lost daughter! But I think we all know that Kim Zimmer IS Dr. Casey Reed!
  4. The Beth who died was a wax dummy. Oh, wait...that was Taylor. Oh, wait...that’s STILL Taylor. Freddie Smith IS CJ Garrison!
  5. So, NOBODY currently on DAYS is a front-runner for Victoria Newman? Or are we just waiting a year for Gina Tognoni to be forgotten (NEVER!) as Phyllis so she can FINALLY get this role? But, I digress... Judi Evans IS Regina Romalotti, Gina’s long-lost daughter!
  6. “Hey! I’m gonna be out of work too!”—Stacy Haiduk
  7. GUIDING LIGHT time jumped a year into the future in its last episode first! Plus Reva travelled BACK in time when she stepped into the painting! It’s GL for the win! (Wait. What was that, DARK SHADOWS...1795 what?)
  8. So, assuming DAYS bites the dust...or if the Contract-free cast members are free agents for awhile...LET’S POACH THE CAST! Deidre Hall IS Dr. Casey Reed!
  9. Charity Rahmer just faxed her resume to Ken Corday because 1) she’s available in 8 months to assume ANY role, and 2) her Consumer Cellular flip phone doesn’t have e-mail.
  10. Loved the way Nick ran right past Abby to comfort Chelsea! I mean, at least drag your SISTER into a group hug after a hostage situation!
  11. Kelli Barrett (Maddie #2) is on this week’s DYNASTY as Nadia.
  12. Linda Cook played three roles on ATWT: Lucy Hunter, 1981 Cynthia Linders, 1993 Ann Reynolds, 2007
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