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The one in SOD talks more about Lauren wanting to set up this romantic dinner for Michael because even with all the drama and wedding stress going on, she remembers that it's their one year anniversary since their first official date and how Sheila finds out about Lauren's romantic rooftop plans so she convinces Scotty to throw Michael's bachelor party that night so that he won't be home to rescue Lauren....

From the October 18th issue of Soap Opera Weekly (p.10):

Y&R: Lauren And Sheila Come Face To Face

...For real!

"Lauren starts feeling terrible and thinks she's coming down with the flu," sets up portrayer Tracey E. Bregman, of the long-awaited Y&R showdown. "She starts getting dizzy and nauseous. There's even a brief 'Am I pregnant?' kind of thing, but it starts getting worse, where she is feverish and sweating. Eventually, she goes up on the roof to do a romantic dinner for Michael, but she starts hallucinating, and that's where they come face to face."

Sheila appears dressed like the Grim Reaper, "so Lauren thinks she's still hallucinating," adds Bregman. "But it's real."

What happens next? "All I can tell you is it's unbelievable," teases the actress. "The audience will be on the edge of their seats. It's three full days. I was scared to death on so many levels, and you'll know why when you watch those three days. They had to call and make sure I was okay doing some of it. You should talk to me after that stuff airs, because there are some hilarious stories. Grossness and craziness...."

"Let's just say October is going to be wild," winks Bregman.

UPDATE Here's the whole article, posted by the lovely Maria_Larue on SoapCity

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The gay guy on GH I believe his name is Lucas, and isn't Drake's son taking over that role now.

Oh and all this goes down THIS WEEK! Not sure on specific day but probably a Thursday or most likely Friday.

I Hope this episode does NOT include and Mac/JT, and it's an all around good episode, with strong writing so it can be a good emy submission.

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I Hope this episode does NOT include and Mac/JT, and it's an all around good episode, with strong writing so it can be a good emy submission.

I think Y&R will go with Cassie's death episode for Emmy submission, which IMO is a great choice! That was some good drama, good acting and good everything! :D But this could be good too and also Emmy worthy!!

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    • Does Jill still own 25% of Jabot? I haven't kept up in a while and I just saw a tweet that Jill offered a position to Billy at Chancellor which made me question what gave Jill the authority to offer a position within that company?  Did she gain Chancellor stock when she thought she was Kay's daughter and just never gave it back, or is she the proxy for her son Phillip's stock?  I would hope that they didn't write in that she owns part of Fenmore's because Neil died before Jill found out they were related and Lauren was his sole heir (which doesn't suddenly change when a bastard child is found).
    • @soapfan770 Agree, Lillie Belle Barber was the last of the messy matriarchs. One of the most powerful scenes on 1990s Y&R was the Dru/Lillie Belle confrontation where Dru learned she was the result of marital rape.
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