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  1. Ugh hate will and sonny ever since sonny forced him out of the closet
  2. I’d prefer Vivian to have stayed!
  3. Same old dried up characters to try and retell same old crappy stories...
  4. Let’s get rid of Louise sorel and bring back this terrible character and actress...Ron isn’t a fan of the show like we thought he is making bad bad choices
  5. thank god! the only return ive ever wanted!!!
  6. Days does a horrible job at returning characters...Kristins return was botched...apparently everyone knew she was alive after the body in the pool...that sucked took away everything they had done....and now Orpheus in jail after he was shot and killed...days sucks at story has for the last 10 years...THE NEW SEASON should be called its LAST SEASON
  7. why is nobody talking about how Daniel is now going by the name Dario...greasy tan guy...same wardrobe.
  8. It was nice seeing the NBC studio tour locations again during this John storyline...I do not care for the Hernedez family at all...when did Daniel turn Hispanic and goes by Dario now!?!? Waiting to see which long time characters are returning to determine if I will watch again in August...sad about belle
  9. Feel bad for Martha! Glad Carrie and Austin didn't return yet because it would have been them fired! I pray the hernedez family will be next I haven't watched in weeks because I didn't like where they were going with Summer Horton Daniel 2.0
  10. I dont even watch for the reason that St.Daniel's new egg sister...come on we complained for years about that story...where are Maggie's real daughters? characters with ties to the Hortons and the past not made up ones...This summer character will be dead by next writers change if she's paired with Brady... ive been waiting for Laura and bill to return since Alice's funeral...another thing that doesn't make any sense...
  11. I love how writers of this show listen to fAns...we all loved the egg baby so much they finally killed him off after years of ruining this show only to give us the female version...I turned the show off for good when she said she was Maggie's child....sorry she has two other daughters the show ignores bye Salem
  12. It's nice to see it actually rain don't think I've seen water since Marlena stopped being possessed or aremid
  13. So I see this girl being killed off Maggie's new Daniel 2.0 and Dario who magically aged 20 years in 6 months when the new writers take over again lol this show is doomed I feel like I can finally walk away from Salem...
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