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  1. Ugh hate will and sonny ever since sonny forced him out of the closet
  2. I’d prefer Vivian to have stayed!
  3. Same old dried up characters to try and retell same old crappy stories...
  4. Let’s get rid of Louise sorel and bring back this terrible character and actress...Ron isn’t a fan of the show like we thought he is making bad bad choices
  5. thank god! the only return ive ever wanted!!!
  6. Days does a horrible job at returning characters...Kristins return was botched...apparently everyone knew she was alive after the body in the pool...that sucked took away everything they had done....and now Orpheus in jail after he was shot and killed...days sucks at story has for the last 10 years...THE NEW SEASON should be called its LAST SEASON
  7. They need deidre hall next season the three would be awesome toss some melody scott Thomas from yr and you have the drama
  8. Brandi turned it all about her...I got glass in my hair
  9. I'd like to know what austin peck and Deborah Adair are up to
  10. oooooo like what??? the well episode was the worst episode ive seen why have a zombie show with only one zombie...where were all the zombies in town? come on i want zombies
  11. this show is awsome...tonights episode was kinda slow but then they returned to the city...yikes...where did that guy go? where did all those zombies go? we will find out soon..... when is season 2? i hope not next october!!!
  12. dont forget about Salem High which just proves that whoevers in charge over there at Days does in fact get high at these meetings lol
  13. why did claire leave the show? she was really good with steve!
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