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  1. Yeah, although I was watching daily at the time I can’t really care to remember the details between her and Sonny. I do recall she had some scenes with JJ’s Lucky — in the park, which was some good chem testing.
  2. That’s Dahlia Salem. She played Sofia Carlino on Another World in the ‘90s. Her last soap stint was as Claire on GH. The D.A. (I think) who flirted with Sonny before Brenda’s 2010 visit.
  3. Not sure how long this will stay up (due to copyright with the music), but here's the FINAL scene.
  4. Exit interview with Anick. She talks about being blindsided by her eviction, the Mean Girls clique and her Love Revolution: http://thetvwatercooler.com/2014/03/anick-big-brother-canada/
  5. Glad you guys enjoyed the interview!
  6. Merry Christmas, Another World fans! Here's a new interview with Stephen Schnetzer: http://thetvwatercooler.com/2013/12/stephen-schnetzer-another-world-cass-winthrop-interview-2013/ Discusses the cancellation (NBC/P&G's issues), Cass' friendship with Felicia, romance with Frankie.
  7. Cause I'm Mr. Brightside...

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