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the person lurking around is heather

Tony taped this past week some scenes with jerry jax I think and he taped some with Helena and tracy

I think her is hallucinating Helena taunting him after he collapses sick somewhere close to the trail of Jerry

I think Tracy is a hallucination or dream too but not sure

Finally Jane taped twice this week on M and F

Monday with the group for lulu's christening

yesterday with Julian and also luke

Really hope her taping picks up.

I don't think she is on again until Sept 27th

Genie, Kin, Lynn, Jon lindstrom have not taped since July.

Thanks, finally some good news. Let#s hope this is the start of a new Tracy story.

Did Denise Alexander tape the christening too?

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Eeeee Jane gets to tape with the Julian actor, finally? smile.png

Me likey.

How much do I love that Luke might be dreaming of Tracy? smile.png Assuming she isn't there in the flesh.

Me likey that, too.

I guess I get Heather lurking around the Q's, but she's never shown much interest in Liz or Carly before, so why spy on them? Why not spy on Franco when he was alone? And why spy at all? What's up with that?

The only one of those on recurring who haven't taped since July that I care about is really just Kin. He deserves better than the silly scraps they are giving him. But TBH I never expected any of the 80's actors who have come back in the last six months/year to get much of anything in terms of a SL. They are there as window dressing, to make the show feel more like oldschool GH. Sometimes, like with Mac/Flea getting married, they get a minute with something to do, but they'll never be a major part of goings on ever again.

Heck, Mac ain't even commish anymore and hasn't been for a while. But Anna is, and barely gets much to do herself.

So I guess I should stop complaining so much about Tracy-she's still the vet with the best airtime and focus, as paltry as it sometimes is.

Better what she's got, than to be given what some other vets get.

Edited by ILoveTracyQ
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Real life rant:

Why is it that there are couples struggling to have children-single people who would love to be parents-then you have these women just leaving their babies behind with boyfriends (well, ex boyfriends I guess, now)??

I mean, she left a note. Adorable little girl. And I just don't get it. I don't. I mean, I'm not a parent, and I know it can be overwhelming and all.....but still.

IF, truly IF, you have first sought out help and can't get it (okay, so the family, mom and two sisters, are either alcoholics or crack heads or both), then you should give the baby up properly.

Don't just leave it with a stranger for him to grow attached to the baby, then come back when you're done doing your thing, just to break the man's heart (because he refuses to call CPS, although technically, we really should report it, we can get in trouble if we don't, but I won't, so.....) and more importantly mess with the kid's mind.

She's just a baby and doesn't know what's going on, but it just blows my mind. How people can do that. Precious baby girl, if I could get away with it I would have taken her home with me.

People suck sometimes and their children bear the worst of it.

Anyhoo...carry on.

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I wish I could say this doesn't happen often, but we both know that's not true.

I understand the frustration, and you both need to call CPS. Children come with legalities and guardianships. If he or you petition to be the caregiver, I'm sure they would be open to talking about it, and that would give you some legal standing if the mother decides to blow back in. Right now, he's open to kidnapping charges, and the mother could really screw him. The child must come first.

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Thanks Halee for letting me know. too bad. lesley should be there especially with Laura and Luke missing. but at least tracy will be there. just watched the monica/tracy scenes from last week. they were great. i love the two together. hope we will see them together again soon.

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Remos, I can't actually petition to be the guardian. If I could, I think I would. I live in a border city, and technically, the baby and the boyfriend live in one state and I live in another. CPS tends to want to keep it in the family, so if and when they find out, they'll search high and low for an acceptable family member first before they put the child in care. I don't think there is such a person, but who knows?

From what was said yesterday, I do think the mom will come back soon. I hope so. I do think it won't be long though, before CPS has to step in because the boyfriend has no legal or biological rights. I am going to talk to my co worker about it today if we have time. I might like to contact him to see if he needs help in the meantime.

The baby does not appear to be neglected or abused in any way, so that's good.

It's just frustrating. :(

But, back to GH: I did catch the end yesterday, looks like Julian is really a bad guy, since he shot one of his men and Ava kicked the poor guy's body off the docks into the water.

Crazy Heather is CRAZY. I don't understand what the point is of bringing her back now.

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Ok there might not have been Tracy Julian I don't know

But JE/TG taping together a bunch tomorrow too and Jerry is with them for some so I really don't think that it is a dream for all this stuff

I think actually Tracy may be with Luke on the search now. I don't 'know hard to tell

But Genie is nowhere to be found taping. She is still not back since July. And I would have thought by now kind of mid-October she would be back from Paris and in the story with luke. Maybe she starts back next week or something. But for now Tracy seems to be with Luke They actually overlapped Robin the other day too but who knows if they were together or not or luke was passed out. I guess we will just have to see

Lynn herring posted on FB she has two shows next week with Robin Mattson and Kin but that the deception storyline of spa was kind of kaboshed cause of budget. She didn't know when Jon L would be back.

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There's no reason to assume Laura is in a story with Luke. It was pretty final on the screen, as it has been for the better part of the last decade. RC is going Tracy/Luke as promised.

TPTB probably knows what most of us know - Laura is a boring, limited character with no actual story potential. Even Scotty can't save her. Scott is good with Tracy, Luke and Lucy.

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Exactly. I normally love Kin and his scenes with Genie were so boring, and he was fine with others so I have to assume it's her. I will say, their final scenes were some of the best acting either of them have done since coming back. Hmm. Interesting if Tracy is with Luke on the search. Can't really see her up and leaving town right now with Monica being fired and AJ in jail, though. Is Sebastian back as Jerry? Or another actor? As far as TPTB, I think they brought back most of these vets with no idea what to do with them. Poor Ian Buchanan has been completely wasted. Gosh how I wanted a Duke/Tracy hook up. They would have been far more entertaining than Duke and dry old Anna Banana.

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I've been singing that tune for years - everyone keeps crying 'vets, vets, vets', but if a character does not make sense in the story, then why bother?

It's like a family reunion. Everyone is happy to see people for the first little bit, and then it becomes quite apparent that you don't know each other, you aren't in each other's lives, and if you weren't related, you probably would never bother with each other. That's what Returning Vets are on daytime. Thanks for the few minutes of memories, but you aren't part of the current. Forcing the issue just makes it worse.

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