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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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I didn't see any pics of Tracy when I clicked on that link. I am okay with being totally spoiled though, as far as any scenes or whatnot.

Has anyone here ever hosted a bake sale, and do you have any helpful hints if so? I want to do one, but have been calling around looking for a place to have it. Either they have no open slots between now and the end of the year, or they don't do that kind of thing, or they haven't called me back yet.

It's dead end city so far, and I haven't even gotten a group together, just trying to find a place to have it. Verrrry frustrating.

Funny girl, I replied to you.

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Scroll down until you are one past the previews of Lulu acknowledging the baby is Maxie's. The next one has three pictures of Emma, including her laughing and smiling in the middle. The picture to the right is Luke lying in a large wooden bad with just a blanket, and the person standing at the foot of the bed is Tracy dressed as what looks to be a repair man.

As for bake sales, mall food courts are often used up here. Or the lobbies of office towers, though not as popular. Contact your local Girl Scouts or church youth group leaders, they might have suggestions for you and will know the lay of the land.

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Just saw GH. JE truly does gah-gah over babies. It's so cute.

Tracy and Olivia were just the right amount of OTT with Olivia's vision. So cute, "I needs spanks... why would the guy need a girdle, he's as skinny as a rail", lol.

Next week we have LuNacy again. I can't wait.

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I wanted to see that too, nex!!!

Has anyone seen these pics before??? Found them last night... I know the 2nd one is from the same photoshoot that I have another photo from... I'd have to check my old computer for it though...


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So since LuNacy kissed are they trying to get back together? I've haven't watched/dvr'd the show since...well a long time. I have caught a little bit of it at times after work. But LuNacy are never on at that time.

ILTQ-- I replied. :)

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Yeah, I was hoping Lulu would hand over the baby. I don't know why they didn't because that was such a natural thing to do at the moment. It actually felt awkward that she didn't hold Georgie/Connie.

Funny, it looks that way, and both TG and JE have said TPTB have told them it's heading that way. Of course it's a matter of wait and see, but Tracy seems to be Luke's focus. I've been around the dial, and even the anti-LuNanacy hardliners who tried to spin the kiss from Luke's last visit as a 'goodbye', are silent on the whole "I need Spanks".

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No luke/tracy next week in any of the spoilers from spoiler sites with breakdowns.

luke is on monday with Jerry

then I don't think we see either one of them til October 7th week

they have three days they taped that are unaired so far. they only taped one day last week for like 5 scenes.

hopefully that will pick up next week

genie or sean K still haven't taped. genie since july. Odd but I'm sure she will be back. especially since now they are saying that Stefan is probably going to be revealed alive

BTW for what its worth, that Happy New Year guy said he heard of an upcoming Skye visit. Joy! LOL

Of all darn Qs (faux Q) we want to see, skye is not it

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I bring you some of the spoilers I've seen around the dial....

- Tracy finds Luke (happens today) and wants them to get out of there, but Luke tells her the cure is almost ready and while she's sneaking around the Cassidine complex, she learns that is the case.

- Luke is really happy to see Tracy and tells her how much he loves her and wishes he could give her everything she wanted

- Jerry only give Luke a bit of the cure, but Tracy puts a gun to Jerry and demands he give Luke the whole shot

I'm really looking forward the Action Mama, and Luke finally fessing up to how much he truly loves her (it's been obvious for months, now just say the damn words already). I haven't seen todays show yet, but I'm glad TG is back from vacation.

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Well, the internet has been mostly quiet about it I guess. I'll have to watch and then post my opinion. I'm just glad she is on at all, so I have a reason to NOT delete my recording.


PS Remos, I have been shut down on all avenues about a place to have my bake sale. I have a few lone places left to try.....I hate to give up, but it looks like if I'm going to have one, it will have to be after the first of the year.

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Here's the thing with going around the dial looking for LuNacy stuff: what I'm encountering is a bunch of LnL hardliners who are FINALLY coming to the same conclusion we LuNacy fans did almost a decade ago, and they are now being very bitter and resentful, even though it's been pretty clear for a very long time that Luke is not returning to Laura. So the reaction is two fold, either bitter and 'want someone else' because Tracy is the one pairing that had critics and viewers alike saying "Laura who?", or they have chosen to ignore it in the desire to pretend that if they don't acknowledge Luke's preference for Tracy, then it's not happening.

Either way, it's going to take some time for people to get talking about LuNacy and excited for what seems to be growing. TPTB promised TG/JE LuNacy, and we are starting to see that promise come to life.

And sorry about being shut down, ILTQ. That's frustrating. I hope something opens up for you.

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So nice to see Tracy calling the shots in today's show, and Luke being so worried about her sneaking around Cassidine Island. She didn't tell him how she found him, and I wonder if we will hear it. He also didn't question Olivia's vision or tell Tracy it was ridiculous to follow, saying instead "When I'm right, I'm right". I really love how these two take care of each other.

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