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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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I can just imagine the outrage when Tracy dares to sub for Luke and Laura as Lulu's parental presence. Better have plenty of aspirin on hand. At least I would if I still really posted anywhere, but since I don't.....Eh. They'll just have to get over it.

I hope this Friday isn't Tracy's only day on.

Meh... don't worry about it. Some people will never get with the program that Luke and Laura are a non-couple, even though it's been well over a decade. When people start with the presupposition that they are 'owed' an "L&L Endgame", we aren't deal with rational thought.

In the meantime, the rest of us that enjoy a good yarn for it's intrinsic value can appreciate the continuity that Lulu's stepmother, the one who's subbed for Luke countless times over the past decade, is going to be there. I hope we have a Tracy-holding-the-baby picture. Even though it's not Lulu's actual child, they don't know it and Tracy will love the baby as if she were.

Nice touch that it's Olivia's visions that finally spur Tracy into action. As much as Tracy loves and needs ELQ, she loves and needs her family more, and her family now is Luke, her boys, and Lulu, in that order.

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Thanks for the heads up, hooked.

Remos I'm not too concerned with what others will say about Tracy being at the christening in place of Lulu's mother and father.

Lulu needs a parental figure there, and her own aren't/can't be there. I don't see a thing wrong with it. Anyone who doesn't like it can take a walk. :)

As I said, I don't post anywhere but here anymore, and then only rarely that. Now, if I still posted at SOC, I'm sure the ridiculous things they'd say would give me a migraine, but since I don't....c'est la vie.

Actually, I realize Maxie and Spin are the God Parents for plot point reasons, but Tracy should have been that baby's God Mother.

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Nah... Tracy is the baby's third grandmother, for all intents and purposes. IF that child was a real Lante baby, she would have connections to every family in town, including the Qs through Tracy. It's pretty apparent that we are heading back to LuNacy, with (finger's crossed) hopefully more romance and couple build-up than they've received in a long time, which means the potential for Tracy to be there for Lulu as she looses yet another child. Lulu's abortion years ago solidified TraLu, and ER's Lulu needs some serious Tracy-time. Will we get it? Who knows. This team surprises me with the beats they hit and the beats they skip. The way they are setting up this story brings in a lot of the main families, years of friendships and more than a few shared pains. It will be interesting to watch as we go forward. IMO a lot more interesting than Sonny loosing his marbles for the thousandth time, and his sons sharing a lover.

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JE/TG tape tomorrow together!

courtesy of AddieCate

Here is the breakdowns for the robin story. Looks like Tracy is the one with Luke.

Robin/Jerry/Robert/Anna/Mac/Faison/Helena/Dr. O/Duke/Holly/Sean/Anna D/Luke/Tracy/Nikolas/Britt-

Jerry has been telling Robin all kinds of stuff. She doesn't know what's real and what's false. Robert wakes up and Anna and Mac rush to his side. He swears he saw Robin alive and was trying to save her when Dr. O injected him. Anna and Mac fill him in. They put all the pieces together including Luke being sick from Helena, Sean being sick from the Balkan, Dr. O working for Faison, and Faison pretending to be Duke. Someone gives Anna a tip. After watching the Nurse's Ball, Robin starts to believe some of what they're telling her. Dr. O appears with Britt's baby but doesn't tell Robin the truth about the baby. Jerry has Robin working the cure and she knows people she loves need the cure. Holly is still looking for the cure to save Luke and Sean and apparently so is offscreen Tiffany. Luke gets close to finding Robin but falls ill before he makes. Tracy takes off to help Luke on a tip from Olivia. He starts seeing dead people. Dr. O was involved with Helena and she helped Helena with a project. When the project became a problem and a mistake, Helena demanded Dr. O get rid of the problem but Dr. O couldn't do it and went behind Helena's back. Anna finds where they have Robin and so does Robert. Anna and Robert demand they return their daughter. Robin finally finds the right cure that'll save Luke and Sean. Holly, Sean, and Anna D make appearances. Nikolas is on the hunt for Britt's baby and instead finds out other secrets.


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Tracy and Luke in the medianet pics

Tracy incognito finding luke

looks like they are all on cassadine island and luke on his deathbed

Tons of Robin and baby Ben and Dr O and Jerry. robin knocks Dr O out.

ABC took them down already


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