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Illustrated Soap Ads - the good, the bad, and the oddities

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3 hours ago, 72Hearts said:

Wow! What a collection.  My favorite is Ryan's Hope Tempting Fate - good golly, who is the husband and who is the brother, and is either one the guy in the background?  lol.

Jill's husband Frank (Daniel Hugh Kelly) is in the background and the character who was as poorly conceived as he was named, Dakota Smith (Christopher Durham), is in the foreground.  I am amused by artist's choice to have Frank and Jill be barefoot, while Dakota is wearing shoes but is depicted as bare chested.  I don't think most accomplished sailors like Dakota would be wearing Reebok's on deck.

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I found one for the premiere of Texas


I think the drawing is more flattering than the photos, but I find the copy to be amusingly hyperbolic

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