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  1. Iva had great chemistry with teen Lily. That whole story with Josh Snyder was one of my favorite SL's. He looked like an adult to me back then. Today, he looks like a baby. OMG!
  2. Days of our Lives in the early 90s. They were too super couple oriented for me.
  3. I feel like it went off the rails in the mid 90s. Not all at once, it wasn't a swan dive into asphalt, but imo the show never hit another writing high again.
  4. Doug Cummings! I think he died via letter opener. Ahh, good times.
  5. Yeah, I was crushed when Julianne Moore left. At that time, I was like, "WHY?!" She would never get a better gig or character than Frannie, I thought. lol At the time, I was too young to appreciate that deep talent of some of these ATWT actors.
  6. Oh now, I think that would have worked out! Heather Locklear had a certain baddie glint in her eye, just like Larry Hagman.
  7. Speaking of Pam long? I have an of and on (friendly) argument with a friend whether she was the best GL writer? She certainly brought on lots of great characters but I don't think she was great at ensemble storytelling.
  8. I liked Kim Rhodes as Cindy but I'm glad she didn't get Carly. Maura West won ATWT 2 Emmys for Carly, if I'm remembering right.
  9. Great quality on that '85 vintage ATWT episode! Bob and Kim were my fantasy mom and dad.
  10. In case anyone is wondering Jamie was played by Jennilee Harrison (also known as Cindy Snow on Three's Company).
  11. Ha! Yes, Rodrigo is very handsome. I haven't seen him in anything prior, but he's good in Rubi. I do think I liked the old Maribel better, though.
  12. Thanks! Watching the first episode. Mori was more stunning but Camila may be a better actress. Still, originals usually are better like 99% of the time.
  13. I think I am the only one GL fan who thought Daniel Pilon was a pretty good Alan. He could twist his mouth cruelly, which I rather dug.
  14. What network is it on? I remember the old one. Fans will be merciless if the new actress is not on par with Barbara Mori.
  15. Wow! What a collection. My favorite is Ryan's Hope Tempting Fate - good golly, who is the husband and who is the brother, and is either one the guy in the background? lol.
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