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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

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I guess we're just waiting for Chuck Norris and the rest of the Delta Force to kill the Chinese scientists who created this virus and then release the antidote into the atmosphere.

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2 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Ron Johnson and Jim Inhofe are two of the most repulsive people in the Senate. Johnson recently made headlines about his callousness toward people dying. 


Shameful that Dianne Feinstein is there to give bipartisan cover. I know the left has tried, and failed, to dislodge her for years. I read that she wasn't actually in the briefing, so she may not be involved, I don't know.

I hope every single person who is guilty of this pays a steep price.  I'll wait for the investigations (or at least more info) to cast stones. If it is true though, I hope they go to jail, pay fines and are shunned by decent society (all very unlikely, I know).

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It is a strange legacy of Ebola that the countries that got hit the hardest will likely fare the best in case of coronavirus. It's interesting that Senegal is working on a faster test, hopefully the results will be more even more reliable because the last thing people need is a test that leaves unwieldy margins for error, no matter how fast it works.


Latin America, specifically a colossus like Mexico, being so cavalier with pandemic protocols is worrying. And Venezuela is already engaged in a life and death struggle with their healthcare systems and just basic attainment of food and medicine, so I hope by some miracle the people still left behind there can avert disaster.


It's strange that this article completely omits the Caribbean, which has been, for the most part, implementing strategies that are being cited as successful right now. Cuba, problematic politically though it may be, has some of the best trained doctors in the world (I know this from personal experience) has been deploying their doctors to some neighboring islands to assist healthcare systems. Jamaica (which has recently gotten plaudits from the W.H.O. for what they've been doing in relation to coronavirus) is one of those neighboring islands.


As much as I've been reading the papers, I'm surprised that we're not hearing much about Puerto Rico these days, other than the fact that they had some cases recently.

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On 3/17/2020 at 11:17 PM, All My Shadows said:

It really sucks! Today, talk began of our school year being over, and I was flooded with Remind app messages from my seniors who wanted to know if it was true. We haven't gotten there yet, but I fear it'll be soon. I do believe that no school in the country will officially "cancel" a graduation ceremony and just mail diplomas home. The backlash would be immense, and the parents wouldn't allow it. I'm the sponsor of the prom committee at my school, and I fully intend to give those kids a prom, be it in May or August or whenever.


I hope you guys can end up doing something for them, though it may be later on. Some of my co-workers had brought this up at work, and they were suggesting maybe some schools could do something for kids in the fall, if they were able to do so. 


24 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

I can imagine a mad dash for shape-ups and beard trims today.




I hope that a lot of people who will be getting their hair/nails done during these last couple of days will give their stylists/barbers/technicians nice tips. This is going to hit them hard like is hitting other people in other industries. I wonder if they will end up doing this in other states. I'm get my hair done often. I always tip my hair stylist, but I'm going to give her an even bigger tip than usual next week. So she can have at least a little more money in case NC decides to do something like this as well in the future.


Though, I don't know that they will go that far. (So far to my knowledge we've only had one confirmed case of the virus in our county and no one has died from it.) The mayor did issue a state of emergency here the other day, but he said that he wasn't shutting down businesses. And that one of the reasons he called the state of emergency is because some businesses/people can get some type of relief, if that is officially called. 


Also, some of the banks and financial institutions, where I live have now closed down the lobbies and will only do drive thru telling or talk with people on the phone. I wonder what other cities/states have banks where they are closing down lobbies. I could see things getting really backed up, especially if they do send out the stimulus checks, if these banks shut down for a while. 

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