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Last 'Classic' Soap Moments

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Every soap in television history has tons of classic moments over the years but since soaps are now a dying breed those moments are almost non-existent.


What current moments on your soaps (current as in the last 15-20 years) do you feel qualify as true classic soap moments?


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It's sad if you said 1996 and earlier, I would have at least 5 per show.  But right now, this is what I can think of from the last 15 to 20 years.


GH- Liz finding Carly in the panic room. I'm not even a big fan of the characters, but I remember it vividly, and it was a true cliffhanger.

Y&R- Jill and Katherine fighting in the attic.

GH- Luke finds Laura on the dock and tells her Lucky died in the fire.

AMC- Jesse and Angie reunite at the train station.

DAYS- Will has his first kiss with another man.


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B&B - Morgan kidnapping Steffy, Massimo revealed as Ridge's father, and Taylor's 2002 'death' were the last times I can ever recall being enthralled by B&B.


Home and Away - Sally Fletcher stabbed and left for dead at the end of the 2006 cliffhanger.


Y&R - Cassie's death, Tom and Sheila's reign of terror, and John's death are really the end of classic Y&R for me. Part of me wants to mention Dru, but that send-off was...awful.

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GH:   Stone dies, his supportive friends gather at Sonny's penthouse.

          BJ's death, Tony listens to her heart in Maxie's chest

OLTL:  Karen's testimony at Viki's trial.


ATWT: Lily finding out that Iva and not Lucinda was her mother.

ATWT: Connor taking Walsh Enterprises away from Lucinda.

ATWT: James returning from the dead…."Hello Barbara"

Edited  by Soapsuds


Royce and Neal revelation as Lucinda's siblings.

Douglas Cummings reveal.


GL:   Reva baptizes herself the "Slut of Springfield"


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Great idea for a thread. If were are talking 1996 and after....



Katherine and Jill's attic catfight

Veronica/Sarah tries to kill Nikki

Katherine is tempted to drink but throws the drink at the mirror

Chet falls to his death

Victor confronts Jack about the takeover ("I will crush you!")

Kay realizes Brock is alive

Brad shirtless in Italy (LOL... but, no, really)

Victor walks out on Nikki

Victoria finds Gary's collage of her

Ashley tells Jack they've been tricked by Victor

Billy and Mac are Prom King and Queen

Tricia shoots Ryan

Phyllis loses it on the witness stand

Victoria slaps Victor

Kevin tries to kill Colleen/burns Gina's 

Kevin is revealed to be Michael's brother

Victor confronts Albert

Cassie dies



Morgan fakes Steffy's death

Ridge busts through Morgan's walls

Sheila shoots Brooke and Taylor

Macy is tempted to drink

Brooke's rape

Brooke discovers Storm killed himself








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ATWT: "Hello, Barbara"

           Duncan goes to the police station after getting a call to come get "Mrs. McKechnie" but instead of finding Jessica, sees the long-dead Shannon.

           Lisa's engagement party, where John (on video) completely destroys Lisa.


B&B: Sheila's first appearance ...the best soap crossover ever


Dark Shadows: Victoria Winters is hung in 1795....then reappears in a seance in the present.

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Last Classic soap moments?? 15 years? Well I'll start with a few for sure: 




Jack and Carly's 2003 wedding

Rose's killer being Will

Jennifer/Dusty relationship




The Forrester/Spectra fashion in Portofino where Macy was revealed alive

Deacon and Macy's wedding turned WWE

Sheila's 2002 return

Storm's suicide and Katie getting his heart 

Steffy's motorcycle accident in 2013


Days(oh boy this is hard!):


Bo and Hope giving up JT but learning Zach is their real son

Both presumed dead Jack and Steve show up together at Frankie and Jennifer's wedding alive and well

Sami learns the truth about about Sydney and Grace

Caroline switched Chloe's paternity test(this was later retconned for no reason but I found it a great twist at the time). 




Reva pulls the plug on Richard

Springfield learns that Roger had died

Dinah impersonates Cassie

Billy and Vanessa get remarried(I never expected it all!) 



The Tuvia/Safra wars between Jabot and Newman ending up in catastrophe for Ashley

Kevin is Michael's brother 

Isabella shows up alive while Christine bathes

Michael and Lauren's wedding

Katherine's faux funeral which was really Marge's

Sharon burns down the Newman ranch(best moment for me on Y&R in the 2010's) 

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This is a bit tough, because I watched Days and Passions when most of these last classic moments took place, and have only seen clips of most of the Y&R/B&B ones, but if I had to choose based on 2000-onwards I'm gonna say.

Nikki and Diane's catfight at Jabot
Victoria slapping Victor
John Punching Victor
Katherine's meltdown over finding out she's Jill's "mother"(as loathed as all that was)
Nikki and Victor's 02 wedding
Kay and Jill's fire/hose fight
Sheila's 05 reign of terror(the catfight on the Yacht and the boat exploding)
Michael and Lauren's wedding(Last classic Y&R wedding)
Cassie's Death

Macy's "death"
Morgan's reign of terror
Stephanie's "that no halo!!" speech to Brooke, LOL
Sheila's 2002 reign of terror (Shooting Brooke and Taylor)
Brooke and Stephanie's slap fest 05

Greta's Coronation
Sami's Vegas non-Wedding
Salem Serial Killer (the earlier parts)
Sami exposing Kate on Lucas' Birthday
Kate exposing Sami at her wedding to Lucas
Sami and Carrie's cake fight (I"M GONNA KILL YOU!!!)

Prom Boat Disaster
Sheridan's "Death"
Ethan proposes to Theresa at Midnight Mass/Luis and Sheridan reunite at Christmas 2000
Ethan's Paternity exposed
Ivy crashing the double wedding
Theresa's "execution"
Eve's past coming out


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DAYS: Lucas busting in at the last minute to stop Sami from being put to death / Marlena singing Sami her childhood lullaby in her jail cell

Hope's scream when Lexie nods that Zack has died

Anna being revealed as having kidnapped Sydney


GH: Alexis' speech at Kristina's funeral

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