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  1. DeeeDee

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    The Nikki & Victoria scenes were SO bad.
  2. Amber's already a part of Devon's family.
  3. DeeeDee

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Y&R needs to stop wasting everyone's time and pair her with Nate.
  4. Amber should remain on B&B. Forever.
  5. DeeeDee

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Dru/Malcolm/Neil/Olivia were NEVER as popular as Maurice Bernard. They had major stories and fairly consistent writing under Bell & Alden but they never had the airtime or agency allowed MB (or many of their white peers on Y&R). YOU don't find Bryton attractive. That's fine. But Bryton convincingly sold his side of the Hevon pairing and has exhibited noticeable chemistry with several Y&R actresses in the past yet was forced to remained single as every one of his white peers including GREG RIKAART who played a SERIAL PEDOPHILE ARSONIST were allowed tons of love interests. And it's not just Bryton. Redaric & Lamon also had very few options during their time on Y&R and Brooks Darnell has been forced to harass Devon in scene after scene because the writers have no intention of pairing him with white woman. They wouldn't. Shemar has returned several times & the writers were content to keep him in TBSL (just as they did during his contract years).
  6. Because JY looks good for his age and because Fen & Kyle are involved with Lola. If Noah were making a more permanent return he'd be an ideal pairing for Ana but he's not, so.... And second that character has a ton of potential. If Y&R can waste a year trying to make Scotty Grainger work then they definitely can invest more effort in Chance.
  7. He'd make a solid Chance. Pair him with Ana & keep him FAR away from Victoria.
  8. DeeeDee

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Mason & Tyler weren't allowed to be sexy or leading men any more than Devon. They were tokens. Just like Devon.
  9. DeeeDee

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Lola is annoying but Kyle isn't any sort of prize,
  10. Also Victor & Sabrina and Victor & Ashley 2.0 which both involved bratty Newman kids and dead children.
  11. Y&R needs to hire him.
  12. DeeeDee

    B&B: Actor Leaving

    Killing Darla didn't help either.
  13. Don't forget Brad, John, Traci, Drucilla, Steve, Colleen, Victoria, Sharon, Cole, Michael, Olivia & Phyllis. But it didn't. Outside of one line about Victoria's eating habits he never really exhibited any abusive behavior until Mal decided to kill the character off.