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  1. Y&R supposedly reached out to Veronica Redd but she declined.
  2. Very classy move on everyone's part.
  3. Nathan Purdee was older, darker & they happened during a very chaotic time during Y&R's history.
  4. Alexia Robinson (Alex) was on contract as were Michelle Thomas & Siena Goines (the original & recast actresses who played Callie). Stephanie was intended to be a contract role but Vivica quickly became a film star as was Wanda Acuna (who was eventually replaced by a white actress). Vicki's original run ended in 98, she then returned & left (with Brooke Marie Bridges) in 2000, then returned again in 2002. Tonya was on contract until 2005 when the writers just let her fade away. There were a several Black actresses (both older & younger) who were recurring (including Candice Patton) but Y&R never bumped them to contract status.
  5. Amy did indeed perform with Danny & the gang but not until later during her run. Amy was in a relationship with Tyrone (they were intended to become a supercouple). Unfortunately Phil Lewis left the show (as did Jon St. Elwood). So Bill had Stephanie & Nathan slowly become involved as he turned his life around. Stephanie Williams was lovely. Unfortunately Y&R was never as invested in her relationship with Nathan as they were with her pairing with Tyrone (for a myriad of reasons). By the time Amy became involved with Nathan her father (Brock Peters) was being phased out (when Paul Andy Nathan & Amy went into Miami Vice mode) too. So Stephanie eventually left for greener pastures (working on other soaps with the occasional bit parts in film & television). She briefly returned after leaving (to visit Nathan) only to leave once again a few months before Liv & Dru arrived.
  6. Sounds vaguely similar to what an actress labeled "crazy" once said
  7. I still can't believe Kyle DUG UP A GRAVE.
  8. With Y&R's Nikki bias they were never going to make Abby a proper rival for Victoria which eliminates much of the character's potential.
  9. Pairing Mariah with Kyle (even if they have solid chemistry) is regressive. It's 2019. Y&R needs to give Mariah a real girlfriend.
  10. What will it take for this show to give CG a girlfriend (played by an actress who can actually act)?
  11. The destruction of Victor & Cricket's relationship is so sad.
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