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  1. Y&R: Old Articles

    Killing Rex off was a HUGE mistake.
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    The thing with Michael is the show did the work to make his semi-redemption somewhat believable. It took YEARS for other characters to tolerate him & even when they did eventually tolerate him it took even longer (and in some cases, very extreme circumstances) for them to begin trust him.
  3. Vet let go at Y&R

    The saddest thing is that Y&R had an ideal set up to keep Paul relevant (since they have no plans to revive the Williams family as a whole) by keeping him with Maggie (who was his best pairing since Cricket) along with Heather & a recently SORASed Ricky and Y&R ruined his kids with terrible recasts (Eden Riegel, Jennifer Landon) and/or awful stories (Ricky turning psycho) and they just let Tammy Lauren walk away.
  4. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    On a show where CANE exists Devon is fine.
  5. B&B Actor Back on Contract

    Rosie should join her cousins on Y&R
  6. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Devon has been turned into Gina.
  7. Major Y&R actress out!

    Last march of The Ents.
  8. OLTL Tribute Thread

    What was the point of getting rid of Joe Riley so abruptly?
  9. Thandie! Regina!

  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    She would make a great Lillie Belle Barber.
  11. Y&R Casting New Role

    Rey's ex-wife.
  12. Vet let go at Y&R

    People who have jobs Doug Davidson doesn't.
  13. Vet let go at Y&R

    If that's the case Bergman and Braeden should've been axed right along with Doug.