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  1. Last time a newbie impressed you?

    Cornelius Smith Jr, Shannon Kane, Scott Evans, Davetta Sherwood, JR Martinez, Adrianne Leon, Abhi Sinha, Mishael Morgan & John Driscoll.
  2. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Thad Luckinbill & William Fichtner star in the recently released 12 Strong with Chris Hemsworth, Trevante Rhodes, Michael Pena, Rob Riggle & Michael Shannon.
  3. Y&R Scott Seymour, Billy Miller, Burgess Jenkins & Jason Thompson (Billy) Susan Walters & Maura West (Diane) Kelly Kruger & Rachel Kimsey (Mackenzie) Brenda Epperson & Shari Shattuck (Ashley) Eden Riegel & Jennifer Landon (Heather) Michael Muhney & Justin Hartley (Adam) Sarah Aldrich & Amelia Heinle (Victoria) Tammin Sursok (Colleen) Brenda Dickson & Deborah Adair (Jill) Erica Hope (Nikki) Peter Bergman (Jack) Monica Potter & Heidi Mark (Sharon) Andrea Evans & Stacy Haiduk (Patty) Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) Debbi Morgan (Yolanda) Stephen Nichols (Tucker) David Lee Russek (Sean) Victoria Mallory (Leslie) David Hasselhoff (Snapper) Wings Hauser (Greg) Lynne Topping (Chris)
  4. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    On one side Hevon is surrounded by Mariah/Noah/Tessa and on the other? 24/7 CANE. They CANNOT win.
  5. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Qwhite a coincidence, wouldn't you say?
  6. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    In less than six months Dina has burned down a bar, stabbed a woman, kidnapped a child & murdered a man.
  7. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    The reality is that actors of color (particularly Black actors) are always gonna be marginalized in Daytime television. It doesn't matter whether they're played by Sterling K. Brown & Sophie Okonedo or Paul Taylor & Amelia Marshall. There's a reason why so many actors of color achieve considerable success AFTER they exit their respective soaps.
  8. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lawrence St. Victor is every bit as "boring" as Devon supposedly is.
  9. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    I love how Scott acts like he's a blue collar working stiff instead of the scion of a DOCTOR AND A DEPARTMENT STORE HEIRESS.
  10. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tessa must DIE.
  11. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Devon is a Chancellor and they won't even let him visit.
  12. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    JT, Billy & Cane as 'Bros' is TOTALLY unbelievable.