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  1. I felt the same way for years with Taylor and Brooke regarding Ridge. How could two women, as beautiful and smart as those two (one a psychiatrist and the other a chemist) allow themselves to be treated the way they were by Ridge, or any man?
  2. I could personally not see Thorsten Kaye's Ridge in the middle of the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle... or any of Ridge's early stories actually. He lacks the arrogance (for lack of a better word) that Ronn Moss brought to Ridge, which made his behaviour believable (but no less obnoxious).
  3. I'm sure Brad Bell thinks he's found a new version of Taylor/Ridge/Brooke with this, but boy is he wrong..... This crap is inferior in every way possible, and makes the T/R/B triangle look like Masterpiece Theatre.
  4. Not anymore.... (Just kidding. I've never been female. )
  5. Thank you. I was a bit afraid that the picture might be too racy, but I guess not, so..... (Oh, and I'm male)
  6. This scene comes to mind. After Stephanie's fake heart-attack has been exposed Brooke finally confronts Ridge about his indecisiveness and declares that she's through waiting around for him to make up his mind. It didn't last all that long of course, but it was so refreshing when it happened. I wish Hope and/or Steffy would take a cue from this..... and, unlike Brooke, stick to their decision.
  7. Amazing work! But I have one question. Shouldn't Josh Taylor's appearances as Roman Brady and Chris Kositchek be combined on the actor's list, thereby giving him 2813 episodes and a 12th place on that list?
  8. B&B: Sally Spectra (the original): Had both biological family (Macy, C.J) and a sort of surrogate family (Saul, Darla), but all of them left the show and at the end of her run Sally was left alone. Brooke: a character that has oddly gone full circle. She started out as part of a family, with her mother, two sisters, a brother, a grandmother and later her father on the show. A few years later they were all gone, and for a number of years she was alone. But then her family started coming back again, and even though some has left again, she now has both her sisters firmly in place on the show.
  9. Thomas I can agree with, but Sheila? How do you think that Sheila Carter's character was assassinated? How do you even perform character assassination on a psychopath?
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