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  1. Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    I think Katherine Kelly Lang and Justin Torkildsen looked a lot like mother and son when he was playing Rick on B&B. On the other side of the scale was Kyle Lowder, who was completely miscast in terms of appearance. He resembled neither KKL nor John McCook, his on-screen parents.
  2. Days actor exit!

    Really? It seems to me all they do is extend their bad storylines. Granted, they haven't had a good storyline to extend for years and years so maybe that's why Brad Bell has become a little confused and continously extends his bad ones.....
  3. LATEST RATINGS: July 30 - August 3, 2018

    Fixed! I think the days of rising ratings are over. It's a slow, but relentless slide towards ratings that are so low that the shows will be cancelled. They're all living on borrowed time, and the end is inevitable.
  4. INTERVIEW: GH's EP, Frank Valentini

    It's fascinating how he can talk so much and have absolutely nothing interesting or substantial to say. If he were to leave showbusiness he could have a promising career ahead as a politician.
  5. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    If Brad Bell thinks this Steffy/Liam/Hope crap is a new version of Taylor/Ridge/Brooke then he's delusional. Ridge may have been wishy-washy but he didn't bounce from Taylor to Brooke and back over the course of a few days, it took years. And while RM, KKL and HT may not have been master thespians they were practically Oscar-worthy compared to SC, JMW and AN.
  6. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    The writing was much better back then. I don't think anyone currently writing soaps have the talent to pull off something like that now.
  7. When real life gets in the way

    I recall a similar situation on B&B during the "Rick shot Grant and blocked it out while Ridge took the blame to protect him" story. KKL went on maternity leave and was absent during the scenes when the truth was revealed, and it was left to her replacement Sandra Ferguson to film those scenes, and at least to me that took away a lot of the emotional investment. She just wasn't Brooke.
  8. Most Vicious Fandom Wars

    No, because her character came between Jack and Carly, not because she had played a character named Carly.
  9. All Four Soaps Threaten Daytime Emmy Boycott

    I'm sure NATAS is quivering in their boots. "Oh no, the soaps are threatening to boycott. Whatever will we do?"
  10. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm surprised. Has Brad Bell actually realized we're living in the 21st century now? I'm not going to get my hopes up though that this signals a real change in his writing. I've been fooled before. Remember this scene? I was so proud and happy that Brooke finally stood up for herself and her dignity, but naturally it didn't last....
  11. Did the focus on appealing to housewives kill US Soaps?

    I find that odd, since Y&R was outranking all the other shows, and B&B, another show which had stayed relatively realistic in its stories, had risen to #2. So why would anyone think that going for the more crazy, outlandish plots was the way to go when the top two rated shows was different?
  12. Looks Like Crap

    Too many.....
  13. Ratings from the 80's

    Also interesting to see Capitol doing relatively well, and yet knowing that when these ratings were published the show had already been cancelled and would soon be replaced by B&B.
  14. Ratings from the 80's

    These must be from late December 1986, since Search for Tomorrow is still on and that show went off the air on December 26, 1986.