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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. The Bold and the Beautiful have, if my memory serves me, only had three "clear-cut" rapes during its history (Caroline, Jessica and Brooke). I wonder if that is the lowest amount for a show with a 30+ year history. But on the other hand the show has a very disturbing history with sexual assault of a more ambiguous nature, which many people probably would categorize as rape. Ridge/Caroline, Ridge/Brooke and Thomas/Caroline springs immediately to mind, but you could also add Eric/Brooke to that list after he had sex with a drunken Brooke which lead to the paternity issue with Bridget. Stories like that could be seen as more harmful than the more conventional (for lack of a better word) rape stories because they are more often swept under the rug and the perpetrator is more often a leading, romantic man on the show,
  2. Don't forget Laura, who was controversially raped by ex-fiance Bill while married to his brother Mickey. I think Julie has been raped too. And you could argue that Hope was raped as well when she had sex with Stefano and John while brainwashed into thinking she was Princess Gina.
  3. Which do you consider the worst? Lauralee or Brad?
  4. I disagree with that. The show may be a joke now, but the first 10 years was totally different. Back then it had great soapy storytelling and was just as good as any other soap.
  5. No disrespect to Kathryn/Kim or Marie/Susan, but while they both played important parts in ATWT history, neither of them were as iconic as Eileen/Lisa. She was the original daytime vixen, and the blueprint for all the memorable vixens that came after her, including Erica Kane.
  6. How about Vivian and Ivan on DAYS? I'm almost sure that Vivian never had any romantic feelings for Ivan at least. I can't vouch for Ivan 100% though.
  7. I looked at the list on page 1, and I might have missed them (it's a veeery long list now ) but I don't think I saw Katherine Kelly Lang or Timothy Patrick Murphy.
  8. ^^ Yes, really. I've seen similar things with other famous people when they've had unfortunate pictures taken and then being compared to all sorts of creatures, monsters, animals. So I just saw this as another one.
  9. When I wrote my original post I had no idea that Winsor had made racist remarks elsewhere. All I had to go on was the picture that was posted, and his tweet about being open to being sexually harrassed in exchange for a job. Had I known then about his other activities I would have looked differently upon the whole thing. As it was I didn't find anything racist about the picture. Without the context of his other remarks I interpreted it more in a political and sexist way (which of course is bad enough in itself). That's why I made the comparison to ridiculing Trump (or Hillary Clinton, or Paul Ryan, or Bernie Sanders or any other similar person) and that's why I felt that there was an overreaction. If we're open to ridiculing some people because we don't share their political views then we must accept that people ridicule the people whose political views we do share. And if we accept that men are ridiculed for their appearance then we must accept that women are fair game too. With that said, racism is not, and should never be, acceptable, and I would not have made my original post if I had interpreted the photo as that, and if I offended anyone I apologize. It was not my intention.
  10. I think Brooke could have filled Stephanie's place as the matriarch if Brad Bell had let her grow up and assume that position. (Or maybe it's KKL who doesn't want to let go of the romantic storylines for fear of being seen as old). Naturally she wouldn't have been able to replace Stephanie completely and she would have been a different type of matriarch, but I think it could have worked.
  11. Like I said, I'm not defending Winsor, and I haven't being following whatever else he has said or tweeted. It's just not that uncommon for people to criticize when politicians/actors/etc they like are being subjected to ridicule on social media, while having no problem with politicians/actors/etc they don't like being subjected to the same ridicule. That's all I meant to say. I'm certainly not defending anyone being racist, and that includes Winsor Harmon.
  12. I'm not defending Winsor or his tweet, but I think the reactions here would have been slightly different if it had been a picture mocking Donald Trump or anyone else people dislike.
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