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  1. I've been thinking about that too. It's not surprising though. It feels like B&B has always been looked down upon and been underrated. Of course it doesn't help that it is so dreadful at the moment. But back during the first decade or so it was actually a great soap. Back when Bill Bell was still involved.... It's easy to see that Brad Bell has not inherited his father's talent, and what little talent he had is evaporating rapidly in front of our eyes. It is a show which has had some incredible highs, but also some awful lows.
  2. I haven't seen enough to make a list of all-time best soaps, but if I were to pick the soaps that, in my mind, were the most important to the soap genre it would be (in alphabetical order): All My Children: Susan Lucci/Erica Kane! Enough said! She gave this show, and the soap genre, mainstream attention, and is probably the single most famous soap star. As the World Turns: The first half-hour show, #1 for 20 years, introduced the first super-couple (Penny & Jeff) and the original soap vixen (Lisa), the quintessential soap Days of Our Lives: Famous for its many super-couples, bucked the trend in the 90s when most shows lost viewers and soared in the ratings through its outlandish storylines, setting a new trend for soaps General Hospital: Luke & Laura, the most famous daytime couple ever! Changed daytime in the 80s with action-adventure and then reinvented itself again in the 90s to critical acclaim. Guiding Light: Started on radio in the 1930s and survived the transition to television to become the longest-running soap in history. Honorable mention: The Young and the Restless: The #1 daytime soap for over 30 years, longer than any other soap, but the competition is less fierce than it was during earlier decades.
  3. That's absolutely true. But then they should have called this list "Top 10 greatest soaps of the last 20/25 years" or something. Bingo!
  4. That shouldn't matter though. They should know enough to realize that ATWT should be on this list. It was the first half-hour soap; it had the first supercouple (before such a thing was even invented) in Penny & Jeff; it was a ratings champ for 20 years; and perhaps most importantly it had the first soap superstar in Eileen Fulton and introduced the original vixen in Lisa. She was the blueprint for all the memorable soap vixens we've had since then: Rachel (AW), Erica (AMC), Jill (Y&R), Dorian (OLTL), Brooke (B&B) etc I'm frankly amazed that TV LINE could leave it off the list. In my mind it should be #1, but at the very least top 3.
  5. This must be a joke, right? A top 10 list of the greatest soaps without ATWT?! What the hell have they've been smoking?
  6. Bill ranked above Brooke?! Are you kidding me? And there's no way Deacon, Maya or Amber should rank ahead of Taylor or Macy!
  7. I'm so thrilled that they put Laura at #1 and not Luke. This list was much better than the one for DAYS. I wonder if they will make similar lists for Y&R and B&B. (And in that case, will they even find 10 characters to put on the B&B list....)
  8. Are they kidding with this list? Ben & Ciara?? Seriously??!! SERIOUSLY??!!! Where's Hope, Tom, Julie, Kristen, Laura?
  9. Eileen Fulton did receive a nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category in 1988.
  10. Margo and Katie on ATWT didn't share any bedpartners, or am I forgetting someone?
  11. The Bold and the Beautiful have, if my memory serves me, only had three "clear-cut" rapes during its history (Caroline, Jessica and Brooke). I wonder if that is the lowest amount for a show with a 30+ year history. But on the other hand the show has a very disturbing history with sexual assault of a more ambiguous nature, which many people probably would categorize as rape. Ridge/Caroline, Ridge/Brooke and Thomas/Caroline springs immediately to mind, but you could also add Eric/Brooke to that list after he had sex with a drunken Brooke which lead to the paternity issue with Bridget. Stories like that could be seen as more harmful than the more conventional (for lack of a better word) rape stories because they are more often swept under the rug and the perpetrator is more often a leading, romantic man on the show,
  12. Don't forget Laura, who was controversially raped by ex-fiance Bill while married to his brother Mickey. I think Julie has been raped too. And you could argue that Hope was raped as well when she had sex with Stefano and John while brainwashed into thinking she was Princess Gina.
  13. Which do you consider the worst? Lauralee or Brad?
  14. I disagree with that. The show may be a joke now, but the first 10 years was totally different. Back then it had great soapy storytelling and was just as good as any other soap.
  15. No disrespect to Kathryn/Kim or Marie/Susan, but while they both played important parts in ATWT history, neither of them were as iconic as Eileen/Lisa. She was the original daytime vixen, and the blueprint for all the memorable vixens that came after her, including Erica Kane.
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