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  1. I think KKL's been able to sell most of the ridiculous stuff she's been asked to play over the years, but the scene where Brooke finds the letter of apology Stephanie wrote to her after she, however unwittingly, set up Brooke's rape, is a notable exception. She wails, flails her arms and ends up having a Scarlett O'Hara-moment where she declares that she will get through this and get her life back (or something similar). And although KKL is a perfectly fine soap-actress, Vivien Leigh she ain't....
  2. I felt the same way for years with Taylor and Brooke regarding Ridge. How could two women, as beautiful and smart as those two (one a psychiatrist and the other a chemist) allow themselves to be treated the way they were by Ridge, or any man?
  3. I could personally not see Thorsten Kaye's Ridge in the middle of the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle... or any of Ridge's early stories actually. He lacks the arrogance (for lack of a better word) that Ronn Moss brought to Ridge, which made his behaviour believable (but no less obnoxious).
  4. I'm sure Brad Bell thinks he's found a new version of Taylor/Ridge/Brooke with this, but boy is he wrong..... This crap is inferior in every way possible, and makes the T/R/B triangle look like Masterpiece Theatre.
  5. Not anymore.... (Just kidding. I've never been female. )
  6. Thank you. I was a bit afraid that the picture might be too racy, but I guess not, so..... (Oh, and I'm male)
  7. This scene comes to mind. After Stephanie's fake heart-attack has been exposed Brooke finally confronts Ridge about his indecisiveness and declares that she's through waiting around for him to make up his mind. It didn't last all that long of course, but it was so refreshing when it happened. I wish Hope and/or Steffy would take a cue from this..... and, unlike Brooke, stick to their decision.
  8. Amazing work! But I have one question. Shouldn't Josh Taylor's appearances as Roman Brady and Chris Kositchek be combined on the actor's list, thereby giving him 2813 episodes and a 12th place on that list?
  9. B&B: Sally Spectra (the original): Had both biological family (Macy, C.J) and a sort of surrogate family (Saul, Darla), but all of them left the show and at the end of her run Sally was left alone. Brooke: a character that has oddly gone full circle. She started out as part of a family, with her mother, two sisters, a brother, a grandmother and later her father on the show. A few years later they were all gone, and for a number of years she was alone. But then her family started coming back again, and even though some has left again, she now has both her sisters firmly in place on the show.
  10. Thomas I can agree with, but Sheila? How do you think that Sheila Carter's character was assassinated? How do you even perform character assassination on a psychopath?
  11. It's hard to imagine now that B&B, once upon a time, actually was a well-written and competently acted soap opera. I bet that Susan Flannery, if she's even watching, is breathing a huge sigh of relief that she got out in time. I wonder what John McCook and KKL, who have both been around since the beginning, are thinking. To have gone from what the show used to be to this....
  12. Hi! I was just wondering if you had seen the posts made by Manny in the ATWT thread with short recaps for episodes from 1956 and 1957 with episode numbers? It's on page 666 in that thread.
  13. Steffy/Liam/Hope is such an obvious attempt by Brad Bell to re-create the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle from the 1990s. But that story was written so much better, so Hunter, Ronn and KKL had much better material to work with.
  14. Brooke on B&B, starting with the affair with Deacon. I know that they had sizzling chemistry and many found them hot together, but it was completely out of character for the Brooke we had seen so far. And since that story she has really never been the same. Before that, despite what Stephanie said, Brooke had never been anywhere the slut Stephanie had accused her of being, but since then.... oh dear.....
  15. However, Will has suffered horrible injuries that require plastic surgery. And when the character returns to Salem he's played by Bryan Craig!
  16. I fail to see any bashing in this thread, unless you count the one Ron Carlivati and his partner is subjected to. Pointing out that some of the comments made towards them is pushing the envelope a bit is not what I would call bashing.
  17. You are imagining it. SF and KKL are very good friends in real life.
  18. I think calling Brooke a sex addict is going a little bit too far. She's made some (very) poor choices when it comes to men, but she's not a sex addict.
  19. That's unfair criticism. He made it clear that he had a prior engagement and had to leave because of that. It's not his fault the technical difficulties meant that the chat was prolonged.
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