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Days: December 2015 Discussion Thread

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Any airtime Eric has gotten was usually him hammered or wanting to drink. They've still done a [!@#$%^&*] job setting anything up but there's been clues since fall.


I'm still not sure how to feel regarding Belle. I like her here and there then I can't stand her. Cheap's right in that this is a domesticated Sami and I don't think that should be Belle. At least let us in that she wishes she didn't have a kid so young and she doesn't want to be tied down. I know that sounds awful but it would explain her cold, distant behavior. And they can go from there. But it's not working for me how it is now. And she has zero chemistry with JPL. He's growing on me as Philip but he still does some weird things I wish would stop. And he looks gaunt. He does look terrible and the haircut doesn't help. At all.


LOL at Joey all jealous at Ava and the Aussie nobody. Joey's probably going to be Ava's downfall with this crush of his. Loved Kayla, Steve, John and Marlena sharing scenes and talking about Ava. I also liked that they touched on Nicole and Ava's friendship.


I don't feel bad for Daniel. Bye. Cannot wait. I also thought Christian could have made a passable Mike if we had to be stuck with him for all these years. When he comforted Jennifer over Thomas I saw zero romantic chemistry, which never existed before either, but thought that should have been Mike. Anyway ....


I like that Abby knows Thomas is Chad's. Again, this brainwashing thing isn't the worst, though it's not exactly the best either, but everything's going so fast. It's like Hope, Chad and Abby are going through months of story in weeks.


Don't care about Theresa living some ridiculous movie of the week. I used to like the cocaine snorting bitch on wheels but not this one that they're trying too hard to 'redeem'. I'm all for giving her a story that develops her but it's kind of too late and Brady looks ridiculous screwing the woman who bashed his father's head in. Why do the writers insult our intelligence so much? Who has this agenda that they want Theresa to live out some Devil Wears Prada story and why do they want Theresa and Brady together so much? I don't get it.


The fashion show set was nice ... for DAYS. I wasn't really feeling the wardrobe on any of the cast, TBH.


Poor Paul reduced to basically a model extra who was given zero airtime with his family, who were ALL on today. Not even with newfound half-sister Belle. Brady's too far up Theresa's vagina to notice. IDK. It's a shame they clearly don't care to write for him. Are they ever going to?


Always fun seeing Anne.

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Belle's daughter walks in on her flirting with a new guy hours after learning about the divorce and storms off incredibly upset. Does Belle go after her to see if she's okay? Nope, instead she stays with Chad and goes to a hotel to have sex. WTF?!? What is wrong with her. Shawn needs to come back and get his child bc Belle currently isnt fit to be a mother. I need Marlena to see whats going on and intervene bc Belle's attiude and behavior stink and she is completely oblivious to how its affecting Claire



WTF is Jennifer doing on the road at 1AM? LOL. She literally came out of nowhere and had me laughing. I wonder who will be the one to hit Daniel and Brady....her or Eric. To me it looked like maybe Eric was driving eratically which caused her to swerve, possibly into Daniel

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Belle is coming off SO unsympathetic. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her when a: her husband is divorcing her because SHE cheated and b: she'd rather make googly eyes at Philip and Chad while not caring at all about what her kid is going through on THE DAY she finds out her parents are getting a divorce. I've never liked MM and the only improvement I see now is her hair (though the way its been styled for NYE is particularly awful). Belle doesn't have any chemistry with Philip or Chad 

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Drunk Eric has been my everything the few times we've seen him. LOL at Jennifer coming out of nowhere. At least a few of these characters (Jennifer, Nicole and Eric) may finally get some airtime. Interesting that Brady is involved too. A storyline that involves tons of people. Let's see what they do with it.


LOL at Kate all jealous as everyone makes out with their man. Maybe spend time with your son and your granddaughter instead of chasing tail.


Skeltor Philip. Lord. But JPL is believable as Philip, I'm just meh on him and probably always will be. Could have been worse.


LOL at Belle all thirsty for Chad.


I can't get over how much I'm loving Steve and Kayla.

The lack of Daniel is bizarre. Good but bizarre.


It's going to get even better next week. 

Yes. I just wish they would have shown Daniel and Nicole a few more times in the last three months, so I could give a damn about this accident.

Exactly. Eric, Daniel, Nicole and even Jennifer's lack of airtime has been obvious. They've thrown Nicole and Jennifer some bones here and there but they clearly had zero interest in Eric (which bothers me, still) and Daniel. Even though I haaaaaate Daniel. Haaaaaaate him. He still should have had at least a few more appearances. But oh well. BYE! :D

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