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Which soap character is played out and should be written out?

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Definitely Sonny, Luke, & Victor.

Daniel Jonas

Jennifer Horton

Cane Ashby

Lily Ashby

Liam Spencer

Victoria Newman (well the actress if anything)

Michael Baldwin

Kevin Fisher

Rafe Hernandez

Alexis Davis

Nik Cassadine

Olivia Falconeri

Dante Falconeri

Duke Lavery

Maxie Scorpio

KaKoochie Jerome

Michael Corinthos

Cujo Corinthos Jax


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SO at the top of my list......it's even because I have anything against Braeden, but seriously if all they have planned for the mustache is to come up with every destrucable plot imaginable to "protect" his family, then it's time for the Black Knight to run along........If only Braeden could decide to take a leaf out of Flannery's book and decide it's time to retire, then they can come up with an illness for Victor that will end with Aunt Jack weeping as he nuzzles the great one ala Brooke and Stephanie.

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