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January 14-18, 2013: DAYS Hits 2 Year High in Total Viewers


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Well what do we think on possible standings?

We know DAYS had about 2.8 million viewers. Do we think GH was below it or above it?

I'm going with....

Women 18-49

1. Y&R

2. GH

3. B&B


Total Viewers

1. Y&R

2. B&B

3. GH


Women 18-34

1. GH

2. Y&R


4. B&B

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Glad hundreds of thousands more viewers tuned in -- because of how well-written, quality, and addictive Days of Our Lives has become right now! And all this with the focus of the story on Will. The show wasn't afraid to take a risk on creating great soap drama with numerous family ties affected, vets galore, and a couple that happens to be gay front and center in the fallout. It paid off. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a run of ratings revival for the show.

I'm so proud to be a new fan!

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I think maybe at DAYS the addition of Lorriane Broderick as associate head writer has been great to help out Tomlin/Whitesell. Honestly Corday/NBC should promote LB to co-head writer of DAYS with the two. She is too much of an asset not to be given a bigger promotion. The thing is Tomlin/Whitsell did get high ratings back in 2009 with baby switch. MarDar tanked DAYS with the ratings. Honestly it seems like it has taken awhile but DAYS is really taking off plus they get a renewel until Sept 2014

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