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Which 20 episodes do you want on Guiding Light release?


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Lucille Wexler trying to kill Amanda's mother

The reveal that Carrie killed Diane and Joe

Roger's "death"

An episode where Rita and Alan began their affair.

Rita and the hall of mirrors.

Roger raping Holly.

Roger's return to Springfield via the wedding disaster

Alexandra's arrival in Springfield

Lujack's death

The blackout episodes

Holly walking in on Blake and Ross

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Phillip finding out his paternity

something of the Four Musketeers in NYC

Josh smashes his car after finding out Reva married HB

Bea rats out Nola to Kelly

Roger's first death

Nola and Vanessa's Scarlett O'Hara fight

Bert's speech to Josh

Morgan and Kelly's wedding

Maureen finding out about Ed's affair with Lillian

Alex finds out about Roger and Mindy

Quint and Silas being trapped

Quint and Nola's wedding

Billy and Vanessa's non-wedding, when she found out about his affair with Nadine

Bridget stops Dylan and Julie's wedding

Honestly, I would put a max of ONE Reva-centric eppy on this. ONE. And if you could get away with it, I'd put NONE.

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I would also pick whatever Reva/Josh wedding Ghost Sarah made an appearance at. That was very touching.

Great choices guys and gals...but BingCherry.....Brent Lawrence?....lol...Thats the Megan McTavish years...I thought that story was off the wall...lol...crazy [[email protected]#$%^&*]..lol

The story had some riveting moments, although it was very dark and twisted. Probably the strongest overall episodes of the story were when he was holding Lucy prisoner and having flashbacks to his childhood, but that's a little heavy for a DVD release.

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^^^^hell, yeah, I'd put some of Brent in there. S/He must have been in the episode where Cutter's killed. Oh, and (I think) Bridget's first Fourth of July Bauer Bash. She and Kat walked around acting all hot, and everyone pretty much ignored them. And when the truth about Peter came out. And when she found out Maureen had died---Nadine was keeping her up in the attic, and it was so sad she had no one to comfort her.

How could I forget---Beth Ehlers' first episode where Harley gives birth in the back of Frank's car after an accident with AM and Dinah.

Oh...and some Wendy Moniz's Dinah. Can't forget her.

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This is going to be MUCH MUCH more difficult than ATWT. Unlike that show which was fairly consistant in terms of families and characters, each era was almost like a new Guiding Light. You want them to represent each era, but which is most important? You need to showcase early 80s, late 80s, early mid and late 90s which were a goldmine for good material and then the last decade which was so polarizing. I actually do want a couple of the Peakpack episodes there as well. Whatever the case, I see this being disappointing just because GL had fans for so many different reasons and i'll be hard to please them.

In addition to a couple Peapack episodes (I just want to see how it holds up lol) I want to see the 90s, a decade I've never seen. I want to see that black family that included Amelia Marshall and Nia Long. Also need to see Bridget who looks like an amazing character.Then in the 80s I need Beverly McKinsey and I want as much Nola and Quint as possible.

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I'm nowhere near as big on GL as I am on ATWT, so my picks are very generic. Hall of mirrors, Slut of Springfield, Maureen's death, and the Irna special are my main must-haves.

BUT, if the full episode of when Roger fessed up to Peggy about being Blake's dad exists, then that NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED.

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I'm not sure it would be harder picking out GL episodes. Assuming they have episodes from the same time frame ('79-the end) you've got a fairly stable set of core families---the Bauers, Lewises, Spauldings and Coopers.

The way the dvds were divided, you'd have one of marriages, one secrets/scandals, villians/vixens and "through the years". They might have to tweak the last one as GL never really did anniversary shows and the only real "gimmicky" (or special/stand alone) I can think of are Ross' election nightmare, the blackout and the all male bachelor party for Ross (or was it Billy) where they ended up shooting hoops. Although GL always did something nice for Xmas---with the "Nick" character for several years----and the Bauer BBQ.

Ugh...God save us from a disc of five "Inside the Light" episodes. :puke:

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Instead of anniversary disc they could rename it a Celebration disc with Bauer BBQ's, a couple anniversity show (I know they did 15,000 episode special, the Irna special and I recall one in the early 90s). Throw in a Christmas episode and it would be easy to complete.

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The wedding where Ghost Sara showed up was 1999, that didn't tie into any major anniversary or anything.

One of my ideas for a disk is a "Death" disk...

It would have

Roger's cliff "death"

Lujack's Death

Bert's Death

Reva's Death driving over the bridge

Maureen's Death

Actually I think coming up with things for GL is harder than ATWT because of the fan base. You have people who love specific families, and people who are into different eras. If they put a lot of GL from the last 5 years or less, you may upset the long term viewer, but if you don't people who started watching at the end would be sort of confused.

Hamp's bachelor party was the all male episode. Ross had a bachelor party episode with most of the male cast there, but Josh was an obvious omission. This went over more than one episode (but there were females on that episode too.) There was an all female (except for Ed in the last scene) episode in 1995. They could do one with dream sequences or something and use a Nola fantasy episode, the Ross fantasy one, and the Alex (Bev) fantasy episode...

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I don't think the fan bases fragment any more for GL than ATWT. I'm sure ATWT has Howarth fans who aren't interested in this set just as much as (perhaps) Jammy, Otalia and Rassie fans who could potentially not be interested if their couple ain't included. (Although with the assumption Newcomb helps with input for the GL set like he did the ATWT, the Otalia inclusion is a given.)

The biggest difference is that GL doesn't really have a core of actors who appeared from '79 - '09 like ATWT did. The closest (portrayed by the same actors) are Ross and Reva.

I think a more pressing problem for GL (as well as older shows like EON or AW) is getting word out to the fan base. If you're not online I'm not sure you're going to know about it. A couple of ads in soap mags aren't going to cut it.

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All the good ones have been mentioned. Even though it was cheesy and had less than stellar reviews, I would include the primetime 40th anniversary episode from 1992. I'll add a few of my own from the last 12 years of the show...

Annie's breakdown on the witness stand at Reva's trial, June 1997

Matt & Vanessa reunite, July 1997

Reva & Cassie learn they're sisters, November 1997

Dolly's death, August 1998

Jenna's death, December 1998

Danny & Michelle's wedding in the Santos casa, February 1999

Reva being rescued / Edmund falls off a cliff in San Cristobel, Summer 1999 (if nothing else, for the beautiful location shots!)

Josh & Reva's wedding, May 1999 and June 2002

Phillip's Ex-Wives Club, October 2002 (India, Blake, Beth, Harley, Mindy, and Joan Collins' Alex!)

Reva on her talk show trying to get her stalker to reveal themself, February 2003 (the last good episode before the Weston/Conboy combo began and suddenly Reva became psychic and Alex turned out to be the stalker, ugh)

Honestly, there were so many ups and downs of GL in terms of quality, it's hard to pick out the best of the best. I seem to be very Reva-centric (duh!) but I'd also love to see special moments showcasing Harley, Blake, Wendy Moniz's Dinah, Cynthia Watros' Annie, Ross, Josh, Holly, and Jenna. I would pretty much stay away from the last 5 years of the show aside from the anniversary episode in January 2007 and the final episode (or maybe the recreation of Josh & Reva's Cross Creek wedding during the summer 2008).

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