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Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

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Ok - watching the Miami reunion and WHAT are these ladies saying??? Horrible idea with the Live thing... I can't hear what anyone is saying, they are trying to make it dramatic and juicy bc they know the ratings are horrible (Adriana!), and I can't understand their English anyway!

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I always knew that live idea was a bad idea. I haven't watched yet, but from what I hear when it got juicy he had to go to commercial. I also think the regular reunion format is better because it gives you time to delve into issues and get juicy moments and the best possible hour. I bet they could've merited a two hour reunion that people would watch if done correctly. Plus if it was filmed in Miami Elsa could've appeared. Bad move on Bravo's part.

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Wow...that was a hot mess...these women had a year of pent up aggression towards each other already and then having to watch the show on top of that...It was obvious some were merely screaming and yelling to help with ratings..It was painfully clear they knew their show had been a dud and weren't happy about it.

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I do wonder how things would've turned out with a full 10-12 episode season and promoted the right way. It's a shame because they got backlash from NYC fans and then it was rushed and cut in half according to Cristy which didn't help. I think they had potential and the reunion showed that it's definitely worth another shot. Things set up nicely towards another season.

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Orange County

Is Fernanda officially a housewife now? She was featured alot in the last episode and had her own story. Maybe that was to test her or slowly introduce her? I hope she's added to the opening in the next show.

Tamra: "What better way to support your hot lesbian friend, then to get naked with her?" :lol: Tamra was SOOOOO bitchy to her later though when Fernanda tried to express that she was hurt by Tamra not showing up to her party.

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Well there's been murmurings that Fernanda got cut for being boring, but I swear they feature her still as though she is a housewife. Even when Vicki and Tams were on WWHL they both talked about her as a new Housewife, I guess we'll see in the coming weeks.

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^Fernanda is still a graphic in the Housewives commercials for the website and other promo items (know what I'm talking about?). It's so weird - I don't think at this point they'll add her anymore... I feel like they would have by now. I also think as they were shooting that the other ladies assumed she is a new housewife too, or else they wouldn't mention her in the list of girls that will be coming to their parties (i.e. Alexis in the car last episode).

I was on Fernanda's side during the Tamra thing, and I felt like she caved to Tamra was too quickly and easily. Maybe that's why at the end of the day, they edited her out from being a housewife bc she is boring and too nice?

I'm liking Peggy a bit better now... I really like her husband (minor crush haha).

My attitude towards Gretchen has completely changed this season. I used to be one of her supporters since Season 4, but now she's annoying, a bitch, and arrogant. Not enjoying her this season.

Overall though, OC just isn't bringing it like it needs to. I don't know what it is - the first episode was good - but nothing really steamy or crazy since. The ratings are consistent with that too - they keep dropping.

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^^That SUCKS! I really wanted a second season for DC! This is just putting another nail in Miami's coffin then. Their live reunion show had the lowest ratings for the entire season.


Loved the premiere! Most of all, I love Alex's new backbone! Loved how she caught Jill Zarin in multiple lies and laid it out in front of everyone. Jill has NOT changed - and I loved seeing her squirm.

Not really feeling Cindy though - she reminds me of Tammy from OC. She doesn't seem to fit in with the crowd - she's more rock and less glam.

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New York S4 Premiere Ratings:

Real Housewives of NYC (BRAVO, 10pm)

- 1.965 million viewers

- 1.5/2 HH

- 1.0/3 A18-49


Not too bad - on par with the OC's premiere ratings and much higher than Miami of course. OC keeps dropping each week though, hopefully NYC doesn't.

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Well honestly OC is almost a chore to get through this season and I'm not even one that needs constant drama to be entertained, these ladies just aren't interesting anymore to me...The show has just gone through so many incarnations and most of the ladies I liked in previous seasons are gone...I miss Jeana, Lauri, and Lynn. I would trade out Alexis, Peggy, and Gretchen for them any day of the week..

NYC premiere

Well I think it's safe to say I miss Bethenny...Nice to see Alex continue on with her backbone, but it's not a NYC Housewife episode without Bethenny's snark..I'm not a big fan of her solo show, but I really do think she works best with an ensemble cast...

I thought Jill was changing?

Cindy, yet another housewife who's not a housewife at all. Cool.

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I just saw NY and screw the rumors that this season would be boring bc the episode was FANTASTIC. Loved it.

LMAO at Jill saying she's changed all the while calling Alex a bitch and trashing Ramona behind her back to her little friends at the end. She's so phony.

I like the Cindy girl. I wasnt sure of her from her photos but I like her energy and what she has to offer.

Alex did come across conceited and full of herself talking about her good looks, now that she's a model. I found that funny bc I always thought she was the least atractive woman on the show. With that said, I LOVE her new attitude. She says it like she means it and I like how she isnt letting Jill get away with any of her crap. The new Alex rocks.

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LMAO at Jill saying she's changed all the while calling Alex a bitch and trashing Ramona behind her back to her little friends at the end. She's so phony.

What's with the "Being at a wedding with people who are so ABOVE her?" or something along those lines. WHAT. A. COW.

That being said, I can't hate Jill.

And I prefer the oldAlex. The new one is fake and her attitude towards Jill isn't justified, IMO. Yes, Jill talked smack about her, but NO MORE than Ramona ever did.

Kelly: ^_^

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Well reading the blogs, it seems after the reunion last season Jill continued to bash and bash Alex and their encounter on the first episode was the first time they had been around each other since the reunion.

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