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PSNS: Casting News!

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From CTS

Soap Opera Weekly & Soap Opera Digest all but reveal that Passions' mystery woman in red is being played by Sharon Wyatt (ex-Tiffany, General Hospital). This would pair her up with former GH co-star John Reilly (Alistar; ex-Sean, GH). Look for the mystery woman to be revealed online at the Passions website on December 29th and for the on-air reveal to be on December 30th.

Passions has recast the roles of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (last played by Jesse Metcalfe in mid-2004) and Fox Crane (currently played by the exiting Justin Hartley) but the show has not released the names of the new actors yet.

Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, Passions) is reportedly back to work on January 23rd. This would mean he'll be back onscreen sometime in February 2006. -NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I only Molly Stanton as a bad girl or zombie or whatever. I think if they ever bring Charity back it needs to be a good actress because when the last one played nice she was duller then dish water.

As for recasting Miguel, great and it would be better without Charity because then they could have their triangle with Fox and Kay. However, bringing Charity back gives them a quad.

The new Fox won't hold up to Justin Hartley. He owned that role in my eyes and fit it so pefectly. it sucks that the last few months his material sucked. The new Fox will probably be more suited for Kay since that is Passions' new pimo couple. I really don't like them too much I always wanted Therox. Never gonna get it now and I wouldn't want it with a new actor.

I love Wyatt and her with Reilly will be great. I remember then when I used to watch GH. They gad good chemistry. I wonder if the role is short term or contract. Now I hope they kinda don't kill Alistair since this woman clearly scares the hell out of him and I want to see that dynamic. But I want my Theresa to rule the Cranes. Grrr choices choices :lol: .

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