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From digital spy

EastEnders' to broadcast in HD

BBC soap EastEnders will broadcast in high definition for the first time in the autumn, it has been announced.

The Walford serial's switch to HD ties in with the BBC's plans to simulcast "the majority" of BBC One programming before the end of the year.

Other programmes scheduled to make the transition include Holby City, Waterloo Road and Casualty.

Last year, former executive producer Diederick Santer revealed that some parts of the Albert Square set didn't "pass muster" in the high quality filming format.

He said: "Until we've either completely refurbed the exterior set or moved the programme somewhere else and built it from scratch, then we're not going to be going HD."

Preparations are currently afoot at the soap's home at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Herts, ahead of its move to HD production within the next few months.

In September, EastEnders revamped its title sequence, replacing the old blue, green and grey map with a three-dimensional version, for HD broadcast.

Hollyoaks became the first of the Big Four UK soaps to air in HD in June 2008.

On Monday, Coronation Street makes it debut on ITV HD with its stripped week of 9pm editions featuring Tony Gordon's prison break and factory siege. ITV recently unveiled new-look titles ahead of its first transmission.

Similar plans for Emmerdale have yet to be announced by the commercial broadcaster.

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Wow, finally. I know they've been wanting to broadcast in HD for a while, but there's always been some problems with the sets (which have needed to be revamped for HD). Glad to hear it's happening soon.

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I would guess they will gradually start to refurbish some of the sets for the HD transition over the summer, and by the autumn, there will be almost little set work left.

However, there could always be an explosion in there...

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I want HD 'Dales! :(

It was announced in 2008 that Emmerdale (or Emmerfail :P ) would be moving to a new studio by 2011 and would be broadcasting in HD by sometime in 2011.


ITV Productions invests£500k in Emmerdale HD upgrade

21 February, 2008 | By Will Strauss

ITV Productions has taken a giant step towards going HD and tapeless with Emmerdale after splashing half a million pounds on new studio cameras and lenses.

Eight Ikegami HDK-79EXIII HD cameras with Canon HD lenses have been purchased and, working along a timeline that will run parallel to Coronation Street’s transition to HD, the production of the Yorkshire soap will be completely overhauled. All shooting and post will be done in HD, using a tapeless workflow, by 2011.

However, this article says that Emmerdale's transition would run parallel to Coronation Street's, which isn't true, since Corrie is going HD soon, and we still have no official word on Emmerdale's timeline. So, this deal could have fallen through over the past two years...

As the Digital Spy article said, "Similar plans for Emmerdale have yet to be announced by the commercial broadcaster."

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Viewership for EastEnders for weekd ending on 16th May:

1. Monday: 8.86

2. Thursday: 8.47

3. Friday: 8.47

4. Wednesday: 7.69

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Pretty good episode tonight.

Ben standing up to his father was pretty solid.

Teen stuff - zzzzzzz

Lucas may become an interesting villian.

Next Week is Santer`s final bowout before a new era begins for EE.

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Next Week is Santer`s final bowout before a new era begins for EE.

Not really, most of Santer's stories don't end until August/September, and he'll share the EP credit with Kirkwood for two weeks.

We probably won't notice any major changes on the show until August or September.

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I'm glad Ben told Phil off and Ian told Phil what a bad father he is today. I think Charlie Jones did some of his best work today.

The teen crap was in preparation for next week, and is as lame as ever. Ugh at Billie zapping Whitney of all her personality.

I did like evil Lucy and her telling Billie about Leon/Whitney though, and her rude attitude towards Adam. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm telling you, they need to develop Lucy more and make her more central to major storylines. Especially with Stacey gone, Lucy needs to fill that void.

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I go back and forth on Lucy but I thought she was fun today. I also loved her 80s-inspired outfit, that big belt and all.

What fun to see Phil trashed as the worthless father he is. It's like Santa is dropping by Eastenders just for me :) I know it won't last but this has been a long time coming. He has destroyed his son. That scene where Ben panicked and began turning into a real monster once he knew Phil might hear him was brilliant, and Charlie Jones was very good. And Ian, who is so often written as being inferior to Phil, got to really show Phil just how he has screwed up. That last scene was so, so good.

"This isn't all my fault."

"Actually, it is."

I liked Shirley's side of the Minty convo but that ogre going on about Sam yet again, no thanks.

In Adam's first months on the show he genuinely cared for Libby but now he just seems to sneer at her and say insulting, sexist comments. I have never liked this character but I don't know if they had to make him so totally scummy on his way out.

The Lucas stuff didn't work for me, nor did Libby in hysterics. Lucas is better at menace than he is at the tantrums.

Someone said that his "Where are you?" reminded them of British cuisine queen Delia Smith:

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