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B&B: Week of July 07, 2008

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Wedding ... ZZZzzzz!!!

I thought the baby's reaction (forgive me for not knowing who's child Rick was holding) after Bridget announced that Katie was marrying her and Nick was cute. The little tot is a natural. I say he deserves that Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Baby Actor (or actress, again, I don't know who that child is). Bwahaha!!!

Uh, the wedding ... it was, um, beautiful.

I just don't care what Katie is going to say come Monday. Suspense be dipped!

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Brandon Beemer looks hot and he has chemistry with JG, who btw was super sexy at the pool party. Let's just hope they don't waste Owen in a stupid storyline that will last two months, have him date every female character for another two months and then leave. He should stay around for a long time.

I enjoy the Logan girls a lot :) I loved them in the eighties as well, but this time they are played by much stronger actresses and the characters are better defined.

What this show needs now:

* a gay assistant for Donna, one who will be helping her with her constant troubles

* bring Shemar Moore as Marcus's father, a real bad boy, just released from prison / he could be paired with FeFe

* one or two more younger actors. Ridge, Thorne and Nick cannot carry the show as leading men on their own. C.J. Garrison, Dr. Mark and a young designer who wants to make it into the Forrester family could be exactly what these B&B ladies need.

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I agree with every word you say here. Shemar wouldn't do it...but I think you're on the right track. The character should be hot, tight, Deacon-ish. I 100% agree with CJ and Mark...that serves a number of purposes, including rebuilding the spectra clan.

You both think Brandon is hot? They sure lingered on almost every part of his body :)


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