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Loving/The City Discussion Thread


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When I first read about working title: LOV<3NYC (that thing in the middle's supposed to be a heart) starring Morgan Fairchild in SOW, I was like, "WHAAAA????" It seemed like such a drastic and incredibly bold yet terribly intriguing idea. Such potential. To this day, I'm so so sorry that it didn't work out. If GL is still on the air, a show like The City deserves to be too. It appealed to that *certain demographic*, and though there were many days where it felt like nothing really happened, The City did "nothing really happened" a lot better (and prettier) than GL does it every day.

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Oh, how this makes me long for the good ol' days of AMC. The humor, the humor. And I loved the Beauty Shot of the Horse! LOL! I don't remember reading about that storyline.

The Loving ad was interesting, if short. I love to watch old TV ads. The ABC news brief was quite interesting as well.

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An Italian viewer has uploaded Susan Walters edits from the Zona Beecham storyline. The clips appear to start in December 1985 with a confrontation between Linc and Lorna after Rebeka reveals Linc is still married to Zona. The clips end in March 1986 as Lorna departs Keith and Dolly's wedding reception to be imprisoned for Zona's murder.

Of course, they're in Italian. Still, it's an interesting glimpse into the show.

Here's a link to the first of the clips.


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I love whenever we get a random reference to Tracy Quartermaine being married to a mob leader like we got on GH yesterday. With that and people name droping Jacob a few times last year on AMC the City lives! (well sort of)

Word! I love when there are small CITY references.

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I love references to things that happened on The City. I still hold out hope that Carla Soleito will surface on GH to torture Tracy with some secret from her City past... The City was so great because it was a soap where Loving characters (Tess, Buck, Jacob, Steffi, Ally, Danny, etc.) mingled with AMC characters (Angie, Frankie, Jackson Montgomery), and a GH character (Tracy). It was a great intermingling of soaps! I wish it had been allowed to continue longer!

I posted this on a "Favorite dialogue" thread, and thought it would be appreciated by City Fans everywhere!

This is a DELICIOUS exchange between Tracy Q and Sydney Chase which was basically their "changing of the guard" as Morgan Fairchild was leaving "The City" and Tracy Q was landing as the main diva.

Tracy enters

Sydney: Don't be shy, come right in.

Tracy: Sweet of you to ask.

Sydney (to Maria the maid): Maria that's okay, I can handle this. Buh Bye.

Tracy: Oh, I don't think I like being referred to as "this" or being "handled" for that matter--

Sydney: Tracy what can I do for you.

Tracy: Well to begin with, you can be courteous enough to return my phone calls.

Sydney: Look, I've been very busy, I'm leaving for London.

Tracy: So I've heard.

Sydney: And, I was just walking out the door, so if we could make this brief.

Tracy: I was going to ask you for a small favor but now that I see the way you treat your friends, I'm not sure that I want to.

Sydney: Please! Just being seated together at the same table at a couple of charity dinners hardly makes us bosom buddies.

Tracy: My, aren't we forgetful. You are conveniently forgetting the Stockwell deal... that cute little chain of television stations...?

Sydney: Oh I remember it quite well. That little chain of television stations Jared and I bought, only to discover we were subject to an FCC investigation.

Tracy (laughs): Oh I was shocked.

Sydney: You were also sleeping with one of the commissioners.

Tracy: A consolation prize, to say the least. But that was in the past... we've won some, we've lost some.

Sydney: And that's about all we have in common, Tracy.

Tracy: Not quite. As I mentioned on the phone, when I was in Switzerland, I ran into... a close pal of ours. Malcolm Christopher.

Sydney: Oh yes, how is dear old Malcolm.

Tracy: As big a lech as ever.

Sydney: That always was Malcolm's weakness.

Tracy: Well he's got another one now. He drinks now, too. And double scotches tend to loosen lips.

Sydney: Well Tracy, I'm sure a combination of your charms, and a little booze would make Malcolm sing arias.

Tracy: Hm, thank you. He told me a very good story.

Sydney: You know I'd really love to hear it, but I'm gonna miss my plane.

Tracy: No I think you'll want to take the time to hear this one, it's a really interesting one. In fact, it's a page-turner... if you know what I mean. It's about gold. Hidden. In this building. Now in your possession, I believe. So Syd... did you report your little stash to the IRS? (Sydney hesitates, Tracy throws her head back and laughs) HhhaaaA! Naughty, naughty!

Sydney: So Tracy, what is this, are you trying to blackmail me?

Tracy: Oh, perish the thought.

Sydney: Good. What would you call it, then.

Tracy: I'd call it... an advance.

Sydney: On what.

Tracy: ... Why... on our friendship, of course.


Sydney: So friend, what's the deal?

Tracy: Umm... I have a bit of a cash flow problem, at the moment.

Sydney: Really...

Tracy: Some accounts were mis-managed, some stocks I can't get my hands on...

Sydney: ... and your family cut you off without the proverbial nickel.

Tracy: I beg your pardon.

Sydney: Well, you've done such a wonderful job of researching my life, I thought I'd... return the favor.

Tracy: Good job. Touche, Sydney.

Sydney: So it's true.

Tracy: It's a temporary situation.

Sydney: Mm, "temporarily disinherited"... funny, now I don't think I've ever heard that one before!

Tracy: It demands a temporary solution.

Sydney: Oh good, so what are we talking here, a... loan?

Tracy: No, I was thinking more in terms of a gift.

Sydney: Dream on...

Tracy: Sydney you're rolling in gold. You can afford to make a charitable donation.

Sydney: And I make a charitable donation every year... to the hundred neediest cases... so why don't you apply to them.

Tracy: I HAVE DANCED WITH YOU ENOUGH. Do I get what I want, or do I spread the word about your gold in so many places, it'll make your empire go up like a cheap rocket?!

Sydney: And if I don't?

Tracy: Sydney, I never bluff when I'm holding the cards! This is a full house!

Sydney (laughs): You know, you are a truly miserable person.

Tracy: (smiles) I would say it takes one to know one... but cliches are so boring, like those chairs over there. Did you actually shoot those leopards or did you just order the hit?

Sydney: Oh don't be silly honey, I bought them at auction. Leopards are an endangered species, just like you.

Tracy: Isn't this fun? Too bad you have to catch a plane. Should we wrap it up? Do I get what I want, or do I go to the IRS?

Sydney: And then what?

Tracy: You never hear from me again. Scout's honor.

Sydney: Right. I tell you what, Tracy, it wouldn't have been any fun at all if I didn't make you dance for it a little bit, but... um, I'm not going to give you money. I'm going to give you something better.

(Cut. Tracy's holding the deed to the building.)

Tracy: What would I want with this dump?

Sydney: Landmark dump, please.

Tracy: Is that what the rats call it? No thank you.

Sydney: Well Tracy, that's my final offer. 51% of 212 Greene St, take it or leave it.

Tracy: I'm leaving it. Let's try door #1, Syd, the one with the gold behind it?

Sydney: The building's worth far more than any cash I could give you at the moment.

Tracy: Oh. A little cash flow problem of your own right now? No sale.

Sydney: Well you know Tracy, my darling husband, rest his soul, gutted my business, so I need the gold to revitalize the business, sort of slowly. As you so graciously pointed out, we can't have too many people asking too many questions, now can we.

Tracy: (reexamining the deed to the building) Alright so what am I supposed to do with it?

Sydney: I don't care. Sell it, burn it, wear it, for all I care. Here you go darling, here are the keys. Write if you get work.

Tracy: How do I know that this is not a phony? (holding up the deed)

Sydney: Oh. You see that name at the top?

Tracy: (examining) Jocelyn Brown?

Sydney: Right. She's one of my attorneys. Talk to her, she lives on the 5th floor.

Tracy: How do I know that SHE'S not a phony?

Sydney: Check with F. Lee Bailey, honey. Goodbye, Tracy.

Tracy: Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Sydney: Mmmm. Give my love to the tenants.

Tracy: What tenants?

Sydney: (smiles) Goodbye, Tracy. And good luck.

Of course the trick was, Tracy also inherited a million dollars in back taxes that were attached to the building.

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I liked it when Syddy asked Jack if he was still with "What's-her-name". Hearing Erica Kane referred to as "What's-Her-Name" was definitely new and unexpected. Michael Logan did a cover article on Morgan back then, he seemed pretty convinced that there was a new diva in town, that Morgan rolled into ABC Daytime and got the Lucci treatment (if not better) right off the bat.

I'm surprised that we haven't seen Amy Van Horne on another soap, just as I was wondering where the hell Lisa LoCicero was until I was surprised to see her on GH. They both are perfect GH mob material.

Did you pull out your tapes for that? :-P All this CITY talk made me put a tape on.

That scene's on YouTube, the sound's pretty poor though. I have some eps on tape, I gotta figure this YouTube thing out. :P I have a scene where Uncle Gino meets Tracy and calls her "Ms. Quarterhorse". :lol:

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