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  1. If I'm being honest, it feels like none of Harrower's stories go anywhere. It's a lot of setting things up, starting to build them, only to have them abruptly change direction or resolve themselves in an unnatural way that screams of interference from above or a last minute actor departure (in Mary Frann's case). In fact, the only story Harrower has written that has had a natural beginning, middle, and end was Laura's meltdown, and technically, that was an Ann Marcus story that Harrower inherited. Julie's story has technically resolved as well but it sorta just... Ended with a thu
  2. December '79 time! I'm super glad they didn't make Alex into Cathy's birth father because OMG THE SLEAZE. Cathy the 17-year-old runaway has dinner with Alex for some reason, and tells him afterwards she'd LOVE to spend the night curled up in his arms, because he makes her feel warm and safe. **if you feel the urge to hurl, it just gets worse from here, so you might as well hold off til' the end of the paragraph** Alex responds by kissing her, and trying to take her top off. Cathy, still a virgin, doesn't want to, and tells Alex to back off. Alex
  3. Yeah, that's fair. I think the only reason I connected to that era was because I was just at that right age for it, and it sucked me in, so it has that nostalgic quality to it that I remember fondly. But, ultimately, it did more damage to the show, and indeed, the entire soap genre, than anything before or since. I will argue to the death that it, not OJ, has caused the terminal decline in quality and viewership we see today. Compare that to the 80s? I can feel the warmth and emotion radiate from the screen in those episodes, as hokey as I find the stories. When I watch the 90s? I laugh at the
  4. We've been going through his run on the show in the DAYS BTS thread, and...yeah, it seems he's still alive, and with plenty of potential. A brilliant troublemaker in that age bracket that could've acted as a corporate raider type for the new century once AW ended, but...another opportunity squandered. And hell, just refer to him as Stephen, and you're fine!
  5. Thanks, @Khan! Means a lot to hear you say that! It's been a LOT of fun writing them out, and learning more about this lost time for the show. I'm hoping to keep going through to the end of '83, since I think we all pretty much know what happened past then. But we'll see. I sense that there were so many factors challenging DAYS' success at that time, and it would've been really difficult to maintain the tone that Bell and PFS had set up without a very solid changing of the guard to maintain the momentum. Unfortunately, I feel PFS burnt out before she was able to do this, and Corday's desi
  6. Killing David remains the biggest WTF of all time to me. There was a golden opportunity in that moment to either bring Gregg Marx back or hire a new David for the Eli story, as well as reintroduce Anne Milbauer (personally, I'd try to recast her with Hillary B Smith), make her Susan Martin's daughter, and have her get involved with David. A golden opportunity to have a short visit from Denise Alexander presents itself there, and immediately folks have a much stronger connection to that entire wing of the family. Instead they just...have him fall off a motorcycle offscreen? For rea
  7. Honestly, watching the 11/18 episode (thanks for the recommendation @DynamiteKiddo), and I'm impressed! It feels like Ron's starting to find a bit of a groove without Corday breathing down his neck. Does anyone know who wrote that particular script? If it hadn't been for the whole angle of Gwen trying to sleep with Chad, I would have argued that the most logical person for Gwen to be would be André's daughter, come to seek revenge against the woman who killed her daddy. But...unless they're undoing the blood relation again? I dunno. I just would rather not have it be yet another se
  8. This is so amazing as well. THANK YOU!
  9. Thanks for that @ChickenNuggetz92, and definitely let us know when it's back up and running/new access codes and all that. Appreciating all the work you've put into this project, especially with the corporations so desperate to keep everything hidden as of late!
  10. Only via summaries. No one has posted any episodes past between 1966 and 1976 that I've seen anywhere, unfortunately. I would be incredibly interested to see how that would've played out. Is there any information on who she would be drawn to in this storyline? I find it fascinating because Harrower seems intent on doing things differently and really pushing the psychosexual narrative back into the show, but she just...doesn't have the finesse of Bell or PFS, and a lot of it steps WAY over the line in many cases to me in a way that reads as cynical. I find early D
  11. DAYS needs to bring on Melissa for sure. Recast Nathan and give him a personality this time. Noelle would add something certainly. I'd be tempted to bring Carrie and Austin back with Noah in tow, but they have to give Austin more to do than be dumb this time. He's an accomplished musician. Run with that. Hook him up with Eve and cause a rift there with Carrie while Austin brings music back into her life. Johnny DiMera I would only bring back if Sami was there again full time.
  12. That's what I always thought, though it appears she simply left for New York at the time, and then wasn't heard from for awhile, which, I believe, is the time period Elizabeth Harrower seems to be trying to fill in (or retcon) . Because having three doomed relationships and a suicide attempt in the span of 18 months isn't enough to drive you to a convent apparently. So she had to make the time leading up to it even worse!
  13. I will concede that what saved DAYS for me, even in the TomSell era, was the day-to-day writing, which was often ELECTRIC thanks to the talents of the Cullitons and Melissa Salmons. What episodes I have seen recently have been entertaining, again for similar reasons, and the acting has stayed strong throughout, absolutely. I think the long-term storytelling is what is really letting this show down. I wish they would ease up on the looney tune stuff and not tell their stories from such an oddly regressive point of view, because it really lets down the awesome cast and writing staff they ha
  14. Yeah, that's....that's basically the way it's been for awhile now. I tuned out about two years ago, but still follow the goings-on via online and...yeah, that's pretty much it. You're probably better off reading up on the Bell/Pat Falken Smith era than watching what's going on now, tbh. ETA: God, I sound so cynical. If you're getting something out of it, I have watched a couple episodes here and there and enjoyed it, but nothing grabs me the way it used to, put it that way.
  15. Yeah, but TomSell were also almost comical in their stubborn refusal to introduce extant legacy children, with the exception of Theresa. They would almost exclusively introduce all new characters and shove them down folks' throats (Melissa Archer's Serena, who everyone screamed should've been Sarah, the entire Ozark yokel family), or retcon their new creations into being the sons and daughters of established characters (Beige Paige, Paul). Xander was just yet another, seemingly more blatant middle finger to the fans in that regard.
  16. Do you know if they ever explain when the events Harrower has inserted into Marie's backstory are pre-or -post 1965? Because it's not really clear, and it seems like a major shift in personality for Marie from what she was when the show went on the air. I absolutely love Lanna Saunders, myself, but this story already seems a little bit "WTF?" to me. ETA: From what Tune In Tomorrow tells me, she had an affair just before joining the convent? So basically, filling in the gap between when she left town in '68 and returned a nun in the 70s? Interesting. TBH, I'm a little less bothered
  17. Honestly @Paul Raven , I find Julie's motivations incredibly frustrating and out of character. While I'm not yet at the point where Doug would marry Lee, I find Julie's insecurity really bizarre, though I suppose in a time of trauma, you could be very vulnerable to a trusted family member's manipulation. And it seems from what few episodes we have to work from, that EH's day-to-day writing was fairly strong, so maybe the motivations just don't hold up as well without the actual episodes to delve into? Let's see how things develop from here, as we're now around halfway through Harrower's r
  18. Which I also think explains a lot of viewers' trying to connect Kate Roberts to Kate Winograd. They want it to make sense to the history they saw and maintain that goodwill toward the show and its writers, even if the writers aren't extending them the same courtesy in return. These shows grossly overestimated the lengths they could abuse the audience's trust. But I can't say I'm totally shocked. They had reason to believe, this being an example, that the viewers would follow regardless.
  19. I gotta thank everyone for all their contributions in this thread. They're adding SO MUCH for me. I've been loving learning about the show's history and seeing the bits and pieces I'm too young to remember watching on TV. What a treat to even see the bits and bobs we are able to! Tying Vivian to Laura's return was a stroke of genius, but I agree that Bill really should've been more heavily featured during this time to really play the emotional beats of it all properly. As it stood, it seemed like he was barely present for the story at all! Shall I get started on
  20. Yeah, I'm actually impressed by it. I'll say one thing for Harrower's DAYS, she certainly took the trouble to SHOW, not tell the action, and it was a better show for it. I think the influence of Y&R and GH around this time meant DAYS really had to step up their game in terms of visual effects, and in some ways, action in their stories to keep up, despite their stories remaining FAR less action-based, and far more dialogue-heavy than what GH would do. Thank you @jam6242 for posting the clip! LOL @Franko, yeah, Laura's reactions are so incongruous, it reads almost li
  21. Yep. I think it's been set to private, or at least is hidden. I do have a copy on my hard drive so I'll be using that to fill in some of the June recap. The episode seems more intense and thoughtful than the mess that was May, but the story itself still seems ridiculous. It seems obvious EH was trying to give her daughter some meaty material to play, but it comes off so incredibly corny and excessive. I was gonna say it contrasted glaringly to the rest of the show, but, other than David and Trish's story, the rest of the stories on the show are a little off-the-wall a
  22. Yeah, Linda is absolutely legendary from everything I've been reading. I really need someone to drop more 70s DAYS episodes, because she seems to be one of the few characters Ann Marcus actually improved during her run. An absolute delight. Stephen Schnetzer must have had issues in chem tests on DAYS. I see him more having flirtations with women on the show that never go anywhere than anything. After the initial fraud story, it's like he was held in limbo for another ten months while they figured out what to do with him, and then decided to do nothing? Bizarre. Can't wa
  23. So, I was rewatching some episodes from January 1993 a few weeks ago, and saw a scene from just before Kate was introduced where Alice saw Austin at the hospital and commented, I think to Maggie, that Austin reminded her so distinctly of someone from the past. Not a week later, Kate arrives. Now, this was the tail end of Sheri Anderson being co-HW with JER, so I have a strong suspicion that the plan was to have Kate be Dr. Kate, but by that point, JER was solo HW and couldn't be bothered to check the history, and mangled the back story almost instantly. I could see Bi
  24. Laemmle will be bonkers, from what I remember reading before. I do feel like the show might have needed to shift gears, admittedly, but that was way too much change way too fast. It's a wonder DAYS survived it. Ann Marcus was liked on LOL, but I do wonder if she kept the pacing she had at DAYS. I'm sure more conservative audience at CBS would not have taken as kindly to Marcus' LOL if the pacing were anything like it was at DAYS. But, then again, would it even matter, considering there were only about 5 people left watching by the end. LOL (the other way) @Titus Androni
  25. I, quite honestly, spent a lot of time on Google, @JAS0N47's site, and SoapCentral trying to piece together who a lot of these people were, and image searching the actors' names (when I could find them) to put faces to names so I could have sense into a lot of this. It's hard when there are only a handful of episodes that have been made available over the last few years, and even moreso when DAYS has made it a habit to forget the show was even on before 1983. The only way they reference the 70s at ALL now is to talk about how Addie died, and that Maggie drinks. Pretty astounding considering it
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