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  1. I don't think so. Lucas debuted mid-April 1993 and Sheri left a week later, so that one would be all on JER. And yes, one thing I will say about Sheri, much as her style never really suited me, was that she KNOWS her history. It's the one thing I have IMMEDIATELY noticed the difference with since she left as consultant under Ron.
  2. You'd think so, but no, that was all Sheri. JER didn't join as co-HW until the tail end of that story.
  3. This is just too sad. I really enjoyed what I saw of her work. She will be missed.
  4. Natalie in the well Marlena in the pit comes to mind...
  5. Well, I hope they enjoy the 1.9s they'll be getting by next Christmas, because that's exactly where this is going.
  6. I just clued in that they spoke to Dumb Dena and I am going to sh*t. WHO the hell thinks this woman is fit to run a writing room?? She tanks every show she works at! Sure the ratings go up the first few months, but... I am at a loss for words. The stank in the food chain at Sony and CBS is putrid. What the HELL are they thinking???
  7. EPISODE 178 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco At Sheryl's apartment, she and Jerome sit on the sofa, watching Nicole's TV special intensely. JEROME: You know, I like Nicole's style. Sheryl struggles to shift her attention to Jerome, and half-responds, still focused on the show. SHERYL: Yeah...she's...she's getting a lot out of Nick, but...I just get this weird feeling. Like... JEROME: Like...she knows something? Sheryl turns to look at Jerome, nodding.
  8. You and me both, believe me. I just know the people we're now stuck with in the writing game. And honestly, they're among the least offensive of a bad lot. At least Whitesell knows how to structure a story effectively. Something that's sorely lacking at Y&R right now.
  9. I mean...at least Meg Bennett has history with the show, but Guza would kill everyone over the age of 50 except Victor who'd become 10x more obnoxious and somehow be viewed as the town hero all the while. Hard no. Much as I know a lot of people weren't thrilled with them, I wouldn't mind TomSell giving it a go. As much as their DAYS went off the rails after their heavy hitters left, and they had a tendency to add bizarre new characters (the Ozark chucklehead crew), their first year at DAYS at least had some thought and planning put into it, and had more actual romantic/sexual dramatic ele
  10. TWIST: It's Kim's alter, Lacey, pretending to be Kim in a Kate mask!!! SOAPY GOODNESS!!1
  11. Too interesting, so they definitely won't go that way. If it involves any remote character work, Ron won't do it. As @te.said, what do you want? Ron's blood? If you make him think for more than two seconds about his story, he'll pop a blood vessel.
  12. well, it has been about eight weeks since anyone's been buried alive on this show, they're overdue.
  13. Oh good, we're on the same page. I have to admit, I haven't tuned in once since the TJ, and nothing I've read or seen so far gives me any interest in tuning in. It all just feels like a bunch of wacky plot points strung together without any emotional impact whatsoever. I haven't heard a single positive thing about any of the stories, and the most emotion I can muster about this whole Steveno thing is an extended eyeroll. Speaking of eyes, did Steve get a second bionic one or is this one glass? To even give Rolf a bloody motive to brainwash Steve into thinking he's Stefano is too
  14. Why am I singing this to myself to the tune of the 5th Dimension song?
  15. Yeah, I thought when watching the story initially that Keesha was at least mixed, but I think they just gave her some...fairly heavy bronzer. In retrospect, it's cringeworthy, but I didn't even think twice about it at the time. It was only when I saw her on an old SFT episode that I realized how light her skin really is.
  16. They need to go back to, and stick with, him being Forrest Alamain by blood and leave it. Vivian had a DNA test done, and if anyone's gonna f*** with a DNA test, it's gonna be Vivian, and she didn't. So any retcons after that are dumb, IMO. Though I do think your idea would be cool, my first thought is "oh god, how does that make it weird", but then remembered Kristen was adopted, so...
  17. ...and EJ before that. ...and Tony/Andre/whoever before that. ...and hell, Lawrence before that. Different family, but he was definitely created with the knowledge that the old villains wouldn't be around forever and they were planning ahead. considering I'm getting more depth and character complexity out of She-ra, maybe they want to adjust their expectations of the 12-17 audience a touch.
  18. It's so jarring seeing B&B down at #11. It's almost as though CBS viewers forgot to turn their boxes on or something? Bizarre!
  19. Thing is, I think she is capable of putting out some very good soap opera when she wants to (see SB and GL). But when she's at her worst, watch out!
  20. Once again, gotta thank you @VanessaReardon for these ratings. It's so fascinating to watch how things would change week to week. Your work is definitely not going unappreciated.
  21. I'm known to engage in some mild hyperbole from time to time.
  22. Yeah, I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than sit through another show being gutted by that woman. May she never darken the hallway of another soap opera.
  23. So they say. I'd be interested in someone trying to work out some other way to achieve similar savings and not cause such upheaval in the production, as well as burning out the actors. Even taking more frequent shooting breaks surely would achieve similar savings without causing a situation as ridiculous as the one with Brandon Barash, where his death was shot before his first scene even aired. It's at that point where it stops being a measure to ensure the show's survival and becomes a liability to it.
  24. Sets? You talk like they use more than one.
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