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  1. Yeah, it's definitely evolved over time. CBS was more conservative, slow-moving, family-centred, but there's that Bell vs. P&G divide that largely split the lineup down the middle in terms of subject matter. ABC has always moved faster, been more liberal, lighter, with grittier subject matter, definitely defined by Agnes Nixon's style. GH managed to keep pace, despite rarely sharing writers or producers with the Nixon shows. NBC was a mish-mash, since their 60s and 70s soaps were successful thanks to both Bell and Nixon's styles, and sort of defined by more daring adult dr
  2. Awesome! I saw your post about this in the Classic Y&R FB group and (haphazardly) uploaded a few episodes, but I can't seem to access the page anymore. I'll try again via the link here. Hopefully it works!
  3. You gotta love how, even back then, the mainstream press could so easily, so concisely, so quickly, get so much information completely WRONG.
  4. Reading through DAYS early history (thanks to the brilliant @JAS0N47 , of course), and in my reading of the monthly summaries, I'm increasingly finding Dr. Greg Peters to be a sanctimonious ass and it's getting on my nerves. Having never seen him on the show in any episodes that have popped up online, I'm curious to know what others' opinions of his character were, watching day-to-day. They also glaze over a (to me, understandable) overprotectiveness Susan Martin had over her daughter, Anne, but only refer to it in reference to the litany of complaints Greg had about Susan. Was this reall
  5. With DAYS, that point came surprisingly late: the past year things have gone so off the rails, particularly with the death-means-nothing vaccine, and the stupidity with Steveno and turning Julie into Miss MAGA. The show has been crazy before, but always seemed to hold a sense of reverence for their history, at least enough so not to completely stomp on it. They moved forward instead of constantly messing with the past. I honestly don't know if there is a moment I could really pinpoint as "the last straw" for me, but there were a number of WTFs in 2019 that finally killed it for me. GH, ho
  6. You also gotta love how, despite having almost 10x as many daily viewers at the time, DAYS "outdoor" sets in 1975 could amount to little more than a poorly-disguised curtain of trees and a baby picnic table, yet the story was far more compelling. A lesson could be learned by the writers of today watching this (but won't be).
  7. In fairness, Ron's quite happy to block anyone whose nose is anything less than a deep brown after interacting with him on Twitter, so I guess folks wanna stay suckholing.
  8. I vaguely remember hearing that too, but I had tuned out by the time Bo died, so...
  9. Exactly. I don't understand how taking more frequent breaks to keep them around the 3 month mark is less cost-effective than getting themselves 8-9 months ahead by doing the same thing.
  10. Realistically, I know that. But creatively/ratings-wise, it would be necessary to turn the ship around at this rate. And yeah, Sheri was the only thing reigning him in, it's plain as day. Quan had good ideas, like I'm fairly certain it was his idea to bring on Eli and Valerie during his last stint, but of course, Dena doesn't know how to execute anything, and I think he's too green to really know how to execute his ideas effectively, either. He would need someone like Sheri or Lorraine Broderick to help him steer the ship. But even if they were to drop the axe on Ron tomorrow, it still wo
  11. Girl, Hitohah outta here.
  12. I'll tell you exactly why, from someone who also recently tuned out after watching pretty much daily for the past 9 years: There is no time taken to build anything. This show is so invested in getting to the next plot point, they skip the fallout from everything that's just happened to rush to the next big plot point. Instead of investing in characters and relationships to flesh out where the stories are now and how it all matters, it's all just bombarding you with flashbacks and expository dialogue to explain the convoluted scheme that lead to the latest unexplained "shocking" reveal. Th
  13. Ron needs to be gone, and they need to scrap the next however many months he's written and reshoot it, expense be damned, otherwise this renewal will be their last.
  14. I do wish there would be more widespread reporting of online viewership, because with Nielsen only reporting traditional TV ratings, it's like driving with one eye covered. We have no real idea what shows young people are watching, because everyone's moved to streaming services, and none of them are reporting their viewership, which I find bizarre. I assume the networks have SOME idea how many viewers are watching online, but apparently that isn't factoring into their business decisions, and thus the stories are catering only the remaining TV viewers, who are apparently largely 65+ and pe
  15. It did. I think losing James Scott, Camilla Banus, Eileen Davidson, and Ali Sweeney all in very short order really caused massive problems for the momentum for TomSell. I feel they had so many plans tied to those five characters, that to lose them one by one, they didn't know what direction to go in from there. Their antipathy toward the men of Salem didn't help. Drake Hogestyn was barely on the entire time, and when he was, he was a crusty husk of his former self. You really could sense a loathing of the character of John during that period. Jennifer was, I think, the only character of t
  16. +1 to this entire post, honestly. I will say that my predictions for the coming decade are relatively bleak. I'm anticipating DAYS won't be on TV five years from now. We'll see how the app series pan out. They very likely are using the app to acclimate viewers to watching episodes via the app in preparation to move online. If they do, they'll need to shrink the cast down significantly, and episode lengths as well. I have a feeling that the wave of annoying conservatism we see on the shows with regard to subject matter will only get worse. Recent exchanges I've had with folks on certa
  17. Higher clearances for the same ratings, I'd venture.
  18. I only have one thing to say: The time jump has been an absolute disaster. WOW.
  19. +1 Do I think there are better writers out there? Yes. But of the people who we're liable to get who could potentially write the show in a manner that's familiar with characterization I could engage with, Sally isn't a bad choice. Now, I will also say that I would feel a lot better if she were paired with someone who could inject some pizzazz into her stories, as I do agree she can get a little bit blah, but I don't think she's completely lacking in talent, either. Considering the talent pool that's left, I could think of a lot of people who would be far worse than Sally. I also can'
  20. Probably Rolf either microchipped him or did some kinda MK Ultra type [!@#$%^&*].
  21. I've been saying this for awhile. I honestly think the main reason B&B has been sustaining/gaining in the ratings is less to do with their storytelling (because we all know how consistent THAT is) and more to do with the fact it's aired in relatively bite-sized chunks so it's easier to get sucked in than an hour-long show (I also think this is why no soap that's debuted as an hour has ever been truly successful in the ratings). GH honestly needs to do a big blowout story where someone who has hated the mob for the past few decades (I always figured Monica would be the best person to h
  22. I would also lay that at the feet of the direction. More than once in the past couple years I've noticed directors on this show play things in a rather bizarre manner. See Justin's reaction to Adrienne's death for an example.
  23. Actually, Sally was the last time I watched Y&R regularly. I really liked where she was going with it, and then it started to feel like she wasn't being given room to move the stories forward...and then she was gone. I literally got through one episode of Mal's run as HW before losing interest. Was Sally perfect? No. Way too much time with Victoria and Billy in the Jabot lab/broom closet. But it was way better than whatever's come after.
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