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  1. It wasn't a random pizza delivery. It was a cancelled hit by Victor. But you would focus on minutia.
  2. Talk about soaps in the off-topic thread, and talk about pizza in the soap threads. Make it make sense, lady. DAYS has really mastered the art of telling the story instead of showing it, haven't they? SMH
  3. You just posted these same links 2 hours ago! I'm done being nice about this. You spam threads with endless links no one cares about, irrelevant walls of text longer than the Canadian border, random search strings, pointless anecdotes that add nothing to any conversation, post incorrect info on the daily, and bump years-dead topics to reply to what someone said in 2005, and then have the audacity to wonder why you're the only person who people are being short with! It's unbelievable! Nobody is coming here to give you the attention you so obviously are desperate to receive. If you wan
  4. Donna, there are transatlantic flights shorter than that post. Could you please, for the umpteenth time, not copy and paste huge walls of text into threads??? Nobody is going to read that. We've tried being nice, but I think everyone is well and truly fed up. Stop apologizing if you're not going to stop this nonsense.
  5. I think what gets me most about this whole scene is how well it depicts the insidiousness and the persistent violence that all-too-often plays out with rapists. That he continues to torment his victim in a power game to force her to pay attention to him, and for him to be revered by everyone around him while she suffers in silence. It's so real, so vicious, and so...common. The fact that this was all tossed aside for some "great love" makes it all the more offensive to know what comes after, and how sad it is that a story that was so powerful be turned into something so ugly.
  6. You realize this doesn't show us anything, right? This just takes you to Amazon Music's main page. It doesn't show a specific song, nor your list of recent purchases. Posting it in (as of now) 4 different threads is spam, and I will be reporting this.
  7. A - That's not how any of this works. B - This is a thread about episode counts, so posting a link to Amazon Music is completely irrelevant. Your spamming of this forum is doing my head in. Stop it already, PLEASE. If you can't stick to the topic in the thread, don't post.
  8. I don't know, I don't find them to be the ones who are tiresome, personally.
  9. It says in the article that they intended to run it until Christmas and extended it to Easter. Read carefully.
  10. Except it didn't, really. They'd been consistently #5 ever since Carly was buried alive. The story wasn't necessary, it didn't affect anything long term, and it ended up running too long and negatively impacting their ratings for the first part 96.
  11. So corday gave an interview on Aussie TV... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7565391/Days-Lives-producer-Ken-Corday-says-Marlenas-demonic-possession-favourite-storyline.html This is why this man should retire. FFS.
  12. EPISODE 176 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Hope walks into Club TBD in a nice gown. Dressed up for dinner, she steps inside, looking for Aiden. Aiden, sitting at the table he'd chosen for them both, notices Hope walk in and stands up, smiling. AIDEN: Hope! Hope smiles and walks over to the table. Aiden seems pleasantly surprised to see Hope in such formal attire. HOPE: Aiden. AIDEN: You look...amazing. HOPE: Thank you. Aiden stares a moment before snapping bac
  13. The only person who seemed to understand the constraints of the production model was the person who created it. Tomlin's run as HW, for all its problems, understood what kind of story would work within the constraints of the model and wrote to it. Even the initial run of the model, when DH was writing under Tomlin, managed to make it work, and they were initially rewarded in the ratings for it, much like Tomlin's first year or so as HW. Sure, the wheels eventually fell off the wagon both times, but there was absolutely a sense that they knew what they could and couldn't do that has re
  14. It's rubbed me entirely the wrong way as well, but I tend to very rarely run my mouth here, I save it for Twitter, largely. But I have finally had it. I get that they wanted to have that moment where someone important to the audience would have that awkward conversation with their family etc. But Julie was way OTT and the entirely wrong character to take in this direction. It's stupid.
  15. The writing of Julie, along with the ridiculous writing for Lani and Eli in this story has been egregious, and a prime example of exactly why you need non-white faces in your writing rooms. Julie has been written as a cartoon character shlubby suburbanite Trumpette under Ron, and it's offensive. Particularly when contrasting to Julie in the 80s-90s, who grew into a sophisticated club owner and businesswoman. Now, granted, what I saw of her mostly was her 1990-92 run, so I'm mostly going off that, but I adored her during that run, and what I've seen from before then is more or less in line with
  16. What was it? I've given up on this show for the foreseeable future, but I just wanna know the loophole they're using that they'll forget about in three months.
  17. Haha, I only make that crack as I work for Ikea and I have definitely recognized pieces in more than one set. Besides, consider DAYS' budget nowadays, that one check could probably singlehandedly bankrupt the entire production!
  18. I'm guessing because of the delay between the release of the ratings and their press time, the October issue was likely for the week before Loving's premiere? it's either that or they just forgot them that month LOL
  19. I dunno, there's only so many ways to arrange Ikea furniture No shade intended, I promise.
  20. Apologies if this has been answered before, but I genuinely forget. Did Phelice Sampler quit DAYS or was she fired? I suspect the latter because of the rumours she was hell to work with on set, but honestly, as much as her murder would make sense after this scene, I see so much more potential for her character. Her trying to exact revenge against Alex, and a long-term triangle between her, Tony and Anna would've been great to watch. It also doesn't help that Renee's murder kicked off one of the dumbest serial killer storylines of all time and introduced the magical DiMera mask that alters
  21. I just find Laura Wright's Carly very shrill, whereas I could actually feel something for SJB underneath the layers of nasty. Jason still needs to face consequences tho. I'll never be able to get behind a hitman who doesn't know what a smile is being the hero of the bloody show.
  22. Only if we recast Snarly back to SJB and either finally give Jason his memories back or have him actually face consequences.
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