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  1. *sigh* they never learn. Glad to hear the show is picked up, but that gap desperately needs closing.
  2. Well aware, unfortunately. I tried getting the app when I was in the Netherlands last month and unsurprisingly got the same result. It just seems so much more glaring when you're in Canada because we're next door neighbours and are basically seen as a common market with the US (often at the expense of our own content), yet are constantly treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchildren with regards to any bonus material, specials, etc.
  3. I'm so pleased she's still working. Thanks for sharing that info, @Khan
  4. +1 You could always tell a Melissa Salmons script, and her leaving has really been felt. The level of dialogue has really dropped with her gone. Did she retire or is she working elsewhere atm?
  5. Let me guess, you're a fellow Canadian. The age-old border problem I thought would be resolved by now, but, of course, persists.
  6. I find this interesting since she's listed as being a story editor for Peyton Place, so it's obvious she did indeed have experience in writing soaps. I suspect she would've benefitted from a co-head writer of more experience, considering I believe Michelle Poteet Lisanti and Gary Tomlin were both relatively fresh writers themselves at the time.
  7. Yeah, considering that history, I'd much rather he be named Mickey than anything else.
  8. Wouldn't that be great? If only I could trust that another writer wouldn't swoop in and undo THAT "final final ending" a year later. I still find it so hard to believe that the same man who write GL in 1991-92 wrote such garbage at DAYS. Now, granted, I see traces of his style in 1992 GL (Eleni's incapability to just spit out the fact she saw a sex worker in Frank's bed in Paris is classic JER nonsense IMO), and acknowledge that his tendencies were tempered by his co-writers. But the fact you can immediately pinpoint when he took over as HW by the severe dumbing down of the dialogue withi
  9. It's almost impossible to say, in retrospect. Watching this episode, the stories seem to be...okay, though not especially exciting. The big drama being Julie being shot at Doug's Club, and her friends and family being torn about whether it was a good idea for her to be there with Doug or not, and whether that put her at risk (wasn't this the riverboat club on the river or something? My memory for those details is a bit patchy), and the fire at Anderson that's suspicious and setting the business up to be ripe to be sold off for parts to Kellam Chandler & Co., who is also running for office
  10. Jet lag is apparently hitting me way harder than expected. If I appear at all dozy in my posts, this is why.

  11. Apologies if it's been shared already, but found a treat on the Internet Archive yesterday: A rare episode from the Nina Laemmle period. Looks like Sony isn't pulling episodes from Internet Archive (so far), but I'll remove the direct link, it's the 8/12/80 episode I find it interesting how, despite folks' complaints about the excess of new faces introduced at this point, the focus is very clearly on the vets here. Any regular viewers from that era know whether this episode is an anomaly, or if Laemmle's changes at the show were more of a simple refocusing of the show around a slimm
  12. I mean, I guess it's just not my cup of tea. I find myself rolling my eyes a lot at a good chunk of 80s DAYS, though I genuinely understand its appeal, and love the warmth and heart the show had during that period. But I will agree with you that there is a lot of that warmth that's been missing from the show since the JER era and that has been rarely seen since. The only fitting end to Stefano would've been by the monster of his own creation. IMO, Kristen or André, killing him in a highly personal way as their final act of madness, would've really put a nice bow on the whole DiMera ordea
  13. Except realistic, adult writing which they've managed to avoid like oil to water for the better part of 40 years. LAWL YOU GUYS GET IT?? RON REPSECTED HISTORY BY MAKING LANI AND KRISTEN NUNS LIKE MARIE LOLOL SOAPY GOODNESS. Shoot me now.
  14. EPISODE 177 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco At Club TBD, Hope and Aiden's date has taken a sudden wrong turn, when Aiden snapped at Hope. Hope is tense after Aiden's sudden outburst. Aiden immediately realizes his reaction to Hope's question was extreme and looks around at the turned heads in his direction. He looks down sheepishly and relaxes, before apologizing. AIDEN: I'm sorry, Hope. I...I didn't mean to snap, I just... HOPE: No, no. I get it. I shouldn't have pushed you. I'm sorry.
  15. And even then, they STILL lost more than half of their lead-in's audience. That's a HUGE drop, no surprise that they were being dropped like flies from affiliates the time, sadly.
  16. These ideas might actually get me watching GH again. So naturally they would do the exact opposite of what you just suggested.
  17. Friend of mine and I have been talking about casting (largely for the DAYS fanfic, in my case, AW in his). Specifically casting actors for the legacy characters that have been long-missing from their respective shows, or who have been grossly miscast in recent attempts. So, having said this, if you had the choice to cast some legacy characters in 2019, or recast some that haven't worked on any show (past or present, since we've been talking AW and all), who would you go with? And hell, what direction would you take them if you did! An example I've been conemplating: Micha
  18. Fingers crossed! I think I may be projecting based on family members' health trajectories. I do hope he's well!
  19. The GH vets met up with Stuart Damon recently, and the picture shows him having lost a LOT of weight. Knowing how much he'd put on over the years, that rapid loss concerns me.
  20. I guess in case the food at McDonalds just isn't greasy enough for you.
  21. If she were sorry, she'd have cut the crap out weeks ago. Apologies mean squat without action to back em up.
  22. The rambling! The raving! The walls of unformatted word salad! Coming this fall! IT NEVER ENDS
  23. I think that's twofold. Partly the lousy quality of the shows post-OJ/JER, and part the fact there's no actually DECENT way to aggregate how many people are watching now on all media. Do I think soaps are being widely viewed today? Not for a minute, but I suspect things are somewhat less dire than we are led to believe, there's just no way to measure it.
  24. Seeing the old ladies whinging about the Daytime Emmys not being on TV yet again makes me want to launch my phone across the room. 

    1. ~bl~


      Were the complaints about it not being on tv or about how the Livestream doesn't work properly again. 


      If someone was complaining about the issues with the Livestream I would get it, as it had major problems in 2019. They used some service, which went down in the  broadcast on both Facebook and YouTube. Two or three of the awards weren't seen as we got a please stand by message. Eventually they posted the missing part on Youtube, but I don't think they did a short version (right away), just had it in the long whole show video, which was annoying as it didn't have time stamps as to when what awards were given. 


      That said I think the later years on TV weren't good, but they need to do a better job if the streaming stops working. They have yet to figure out the red carpet properly, as ideally they should have someone who knows people from all genres involved, but doesn't have a very obvious show bias (without balancing them out in some fashion.) 

    2. beebs


      Yeah, it was just griping that they want it on prime time on one of the big three networks, as though it's still 1998. I get the nostalgia factor but like... With four shows, it's not like its all that exciting anymore. 


      And yeah, the live streaming isn't all that good. I just get the results after the show has aired. Award shows are generally tedious to me nowadays anyway. I just wish these folks would stop living in the past. 

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I was talking about people who want the awards to be back on TV.  The complaining has been happening every single year since the Daytime Emmys were moved online. The irony is that these same people complain online.

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