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  1. Fingers crossed! I think I may be projecting based on family members' health trajectories. I do hope he's well!
  2. The GH vets met up with Stuart Damon recently, and the picture shows him having lost a LOT of weight. Knowing how much he'd put on over the years, that rapid loss concerns me.
  3. I guess in case the food at McDonalds just isn't greasy enough for you.
  4. If she were sorry, she'd have cut the crap out weeks ago. Apologies mean squat without action to back em up.
  5. The rambling! The raving! The walls of unformatted word salad! Coming this fall! IT NEVER ENDS
  6. I think that's twofold. Partly the lousy quality of the shows post-OJ/JER, and part the fact there's no actually DECENT way to aggregate how many people are watching now on all media. Do I think soaps are being widely viewed today? Not for a minute, but I suspect things are somewhat less dire than we are led to believe, there's just no way to measure it.
  7. Seeing the old ladies whinging about the Daytime Emmys not being on TV yet again makes me want to launch my phone across the room. 

    1. ~bl~


      Were the complaints about it not being on tv or about how the Livestream doesn't work properly again. 


      If someone was complaining about the issues with the Livestream I would get it, as it had major problems in 2019. They used some service, which went down in the  broadcast on both Facebook and YouTube. Two or three of the awards weren't seen as we got a please stand by message. Eventually they posted the missing part on Youtube, but I don't think they did a short version (right away), just had it in the long whole show video, which was annoying as it didn't have time stamps as to when what awards were given. 


      That said I think the later years on TV weren't good, but they need to do a better job if the streaming stops working. They have yet to figure out the red carpet properly, as ideally they should have someone who knows people from all genres involved, but doesn't have a very obvious show bias (without balancing them out in some fashion.) 

    2. beebs


      Yeah, it was just griping that they want it on prime time on one of the big three networks, as though it's still 1998. I get the nostalgia factor but like... With four shows, it's not like its all that exciting anymore. 


      And yeah, the live streaming isn't all that good. I just get the results after the show has aired. Award shows are generally tedious to me nowadays anyway. I just wish these folks would stop living in the past. 

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I was talking about people who want the awards to be back on TV.  The complaining has been happening every single year since the Daytime Emmys were moved online. The irony is that these same people complain online.

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  8. I'll believe it when I see it.
  9. She's having a laugh at our expense at this rate. Isn't she? Like... This is an elaborate joke. Right? This can't be real.
  10. Oh good, she found the AMC thread again.
  11. Thank God. I just got into London tonight and was dreading trying come or go after Halloween (I'm heading to Rotterdam between the 2nd and 7th, then back to London). Already witnessed a fight between two old men over Brexit today, and I was dreading the border delays and seeing the infuriated Leavers trying to go back to their new homes in Spain and wondering why they're no longer entitled to live there.
  12. Yeah, Sunset Beach never was ahead of AW, not even for a single week. Jason47's weekly ratings database confirms this.
  13. I found one on Twitter at least. Heh heh heh. LOL Even Drake Hogestyn is stunned at how bad she is
  14. Probably using it interchangeably with "tentpole" character, which, in the case of Ric, makes somewhat more sense, but even then, I don't necessarily think TPTB at GH see Ric that way.
  15. Ooo yeah! Maybe Chez Rouge or they're redesigning Doug's Place to look a little more traditional now that Chloe's gone?
  16. On the verge of some big life changes, starting tomorrow. Stressed, and hoping things will work out for the best. 

    Wish me luck!

  17. Another young adult brought in to hastily summon a departing character off? I confess, I had tuned out of DAYS between 1999-2009, so that entire decade is a bit of a blur to me!
  18. And promptly ignored it by returning to the exact same behaviours. I'm done trying to have sense into you. If you can't figure out why people haven't been welcoming at this rate, then you're beyond help, because we have done NOTHING but explain it to you. Over and over again. Take some responsibility for your own actions.
  19. And she wonders why she's being "chewed out". @Donna B If you can't figure out at this point why people are "chewing you out more than neccessary", then maybe consider taking on board the reasons we have told you why we're annoyed with you, instead of thumbing your nose at us, and immediately repeating the same behaviours that caused us to "chew you out" to begin with. Grow up.
  20. Not to mention, the Brady family wasn't created as a result of the hour-long expansion in '75, but from her return to the show in 1982. Also, congratulations on being the first person to say something other than Donna in this thread in the last 42 posts. When we talk about "spam", Donna, THIS is what we mean. Discussion means actually engaging with others.
  21. Learn to accept criticism graciously, instead of consistently getting defensive every time someone calls you out. It astounds me someone comes into a community, angers a good chunk of the active members, then gets angry that people aren't nice to them.
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