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  1. It’s true. But even CBS has stepped up with diversity in primetime (a lot of its recent sitcoms have had black leads like The Neighborhood with Cedric the Entertainer and Happy Together with Damon Wayans, Jr. Plus, God Friended Me with Brandon Michael Hall has been a sleeper hit for them). It’s just curious that Y&R of all shows is well-positioned to take advantage of this. And yet they... don’t. I’m sure Angie McD would tout the Rosaleses, but we all know that’s different. (We see you, daytime.)
  2. Saw this tweet and thought it might make for a good post, especially with the heaviness of recent days. There were a lot of great primetime answers to this, but who can we think of for daytime? A lot of the more well-known m/f friendships evolved from hookups or romances (Cass/Felicia on AW, Michael/Phyllis & Paul/Lauren on Y&R, Carly/Jason on GH, Margo/Hal on ATWT, Nora/Hank on OLTL). Just immediately off the top of my head: Greg/Angie and Jesse/Jenny on AMC (although I haven’t seen all the NYC episodes for the latter). 1980s AMC viewers correct me if I’m wrong.
  3. Kristoff with the cop uniform and the crew cut 😍 Kristoff and Lisa Bonet Kristoff interviewing SWV on Soul Train!
  4. And it’s literally counter to where 90 percent of the (non-soap) industry is going. A good portion of the hot shows on TV (Killing Eve, The Good Place, Atlanta, Pose, Homecoming, This Is Us, etc.) have POCs in prominent roles. Daytime has such an inferiority complex toward primetime, except, conveniently in 2019, for the featuring of non-whites. What’s sort of ironic is that, although they were never written that well under her pen, LML initially seemed to value (or at least relatively feature) the Winters family. (Although now that I’m thinking about it, that might have been during that transitional period when Smith and Alden were still on staff.) And then the faucet of white ABC castoffs flipped on.
  5. Yep. Winters Wednesday. From Ingo Rademacher:
  6. ^That VR interview is a must-read. More from EB:
  7. Wow. He really wasn’t filming if his last episode was so early.
  8. I definitely think it was a factor. Still, there’d been deafening buzz re: Ledger’s “Oscar-worthy” performance while the film was *still shooting.* He probably would have still gotten the Oscar as a “make-up” award for Brokeback had he lived.
  9. Co-sign. I just don’t have the bandwidth to get upset about that. He was totally naive to think that wouldn’t have been a self-inflicted wound in this climate especially, though. (Not that it would have gone over well before, but still.) Speaking only personally, I appreciate the brutal honesty.
  10. That Robert Adamson post was the most affecting so far, and from someone I probably least expected.
  11. It’s a really lovely tribute. Just bringing over her IG post. Bryton has also posted to his IG:
  12. The plot twists in this saga...now Fairfax is insinuating that the mayor of Richmond (Levar Stoney) is behind the smears. The conclusion: no one is emerging from this ordeal unsullied.
  13. I know Angelica McDaniel was flaunting a 46-page long story doc on her Instagram stories the other day, so they’ve been charting out the future path of the show. I wonder how flexible they’ll be.
  14. Haha. I remember when “sucka” was used in common parlance. Loved the Boyz II Men “Motownphilly” dance-off. 1992 was an absolute banner year for the show for many reasons. KSJ may not have had Shemar’s voluptuousness, but he was beautiful. It’s sad that somehow over the years he was thought to be beige and boring. He aged remarkably well, even by “black don’t crack” standards.
  15. I think they’d have to be dumb to not realize the cultural impact this story has had. But they’ve proven to be less than smart in the past and present so... Lily should come back, and they can send Charlie/Mattie off to college and/or work elsewhere, at least until CK looks old enough to be mother to grown adults or Y&R gets cancelled, whatever happens first.
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