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  1. Struff outlasted Ivo and will be easy pickings for Federer in all likelihood, especially given that long match. Their AO match was close but Fed still got it in straights.
  2. I’m assuming he means four Round of 16 wins.
  3. Lord, what is GT/Phyllis wearing? Is that supposed to be a joke?
  4. Makarova 🤦‍♂️ Makarova took the scenic route from 5-1 up in the third set to win 7-5. Wozniacki is the fifth Top 8 seed out. Serena and Madison on a collision course.
  5. Serena didn’t come to play today, hunty. She is dialed in and steamrolling like we haven’t seen since AO 2017.
  6. ESPN is showing everything but actual matches. I saw many people jawing on Twitter about the intense final game between Radwanska and Safarova. Could you watch it on the linear channel? Nope. But you could watch Federer gutting some journeyman on Centre Court. I get it. Tennis only has four or five stars. But they aren’t really helping expose people to other interesting players. I guess that’s not their job; their job is to make money for advertisers through general-audience eyeballs, and if that’s Federer all day, then so be it. Apparently the bug infestation is back:
  7. Karlovic has only beaten Fed once in 15 tries, so I’m not banking on that one. Great serve, but it can go off and advantage Federer in any rally. Still, if he can hold serve, he can at least push Roger to a few TBs.
  8. Speaking of Jack Sock, are Sloane and Jozy Altidore still together? Wonder how Jozy feels about Sloane playing with her ex: Anyway, Jozy all day every day.
  9. Isn’t it almost always boring, especially in the early rounds? There have been a few good upsets, but most of them have been due to uninspired play from the favorites.
  10. A lot of players would kill to have a M1000 title and then make it to the semis of the Tour Finals, even with more consistent play throughout the year. Not saying he’s this amazing singles player or that he should have won ATP Player of the Year, but those are real achievements, even if it was a fluke. Same for Grigor, who had a great second half of 2017 if only for Cincinnati and winning the Tour Finals. Other players could have stepped up and didn’t.
  11. Just that Jack had gotten too “relaxed” after his banner season. I just took it as a euphemism. I do think Jack is having some mental health stuff happening. Knowlesy doesn’t really age, does he? Maybe it’s something in that Bahamas water.
  12. The Isner quote at the end of this is 😱. Didn’t realize Jack was working with Daddy Knowles.
  13. ^That commentator has some lung power, wow. I have... conflicted feelings about the UK, as my personal and professional lives are so connected to it. So a part of me wanted them to lose. But I do like how diverse their team is now. It was Colombians that got nervous. I felt those misses from a mile away. The key seems to be just pick your spots and really go for it.
  14. Ain’t that the truth: re: not knowing these celebs. Even in my limited interactions with celebs, I learned things that were completely at odds with pervasive public opinion (both good and bad).
  15. Yikes at Brenda’s hair and makeup in that scene. Was Jill supposed to be recovering from illness there? Maybe it’s just the video transfer, but Marla looks flawless.
  16. England finally wins a penalty shootout at the World Cup.
  17. Diatchenko’s screaming is awful (reminds me of Muguruza’s roar), but... she’s cute!
  18. Wow at Linette/Putintseva. Who’s going to blink first in this match? Surely, it’s going to be suspended soon. Could be the WTA’s answer to Isner/Mahut. Edit: Putintseva won 10-8. Sharapova OUT!!
  19. What an equalizer in stoppage time for Colombia!
  20. Looks like everyone’s points from last year’s Wimbledon just came off, which would explain the surges for first-round losers Sock, Coric, Cecchinato, and Gojowczyk.
  21. This is beyond the pale. I wonder if he’s having some personal problems or mental health issues.
  22. Novak fan here. It’s probably one of the few matches in which he had the majority of tennis fans beyond Serbs and #nolefam on his side. But then again, you never know. Apparently, Sock skipped press, so I’m assuming he’ll face a fine:
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