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  1. I wonder if they are blowing their budget on this, and in a few weeks, we’ll be back to endless boring little scenes in the Kiriakis mansion or some character’s dank, claustrophobic apartment. Ron has had peaks like this before during his tenure. Within a couple weeks, we just fall back to the mundane and wonder what happened.
  2. Well, Pablo’s performance tonight is nothing to phone home about.
  3. I could have sworn you liked him at one point. When did the shift happen?
  4. That’s actually sort of genius. Duell would be great as Wyatt. I like Darin’s brotherly rapport with SC...that’s pretty much the only thing I like about his portrayal. Let him go and find a sitcom pilot somewhere.
  5. He just seems like a sweet, pure, innocent, spiritual soul. With anyone else it would be nauseating, but it’s endearing.
  6. So many. Paulo Benedeti as Jesse Blue on GL. Ken Kenitzer as Kevin Buchanan on OLTL. Carolyn Neff as Raquel on AMC. I thought Rebecca Budig was totally of that ilk initially on as Michelle on GL, but she improved a lot, peaking early on as Greenlee on AMC before regressing a bit.
  7. ESPN must be pissed with the Puig retirement in New Haven and the lackluster, blink-and-you-missed-it Medvedev/Taro Daniel SF in Winston-Salem. There goes a night of programming. I suppose the Stevie Johnson/PCB match in W-S could still be good???
  8. I always wonder about these untrained non-actors who are plucked out of obscurity or from other fields and have this obscene level of success the first time out (like Henry or JHud). By now, JHud has done Broadway, but her acting has always been underwhelming, to say the least. Do they really humble themselves and get the training they need, even while remaining in demand? Sure, some people have natural talent or charisma, and some performers or on-screen hosts have skills that can translate to acting. But Golding’s next role seems super heavy.
  9. Puig just retired in tears from her New Haven SF with CSN. Too bad. Seemed like it was her best collection of matches since Rio. It’s a CSN/Sabalenka final.
  10. I might have to go for a grounds pass.
  11. Will be interesting. And Sharapova is playing Patty Schnyder in R1. How’s that for a throwback? They haven’t played in a DECADE, but they usually had tight matches years ago in spite of the lopsided h2h in Maria’s favor (7-1).
  12. Oh snap. I noticed a lot of R1 matches between compatriots, but this is one of the more interesting.
  13. Well, they might have selected a more flattering photo of Lando.
  14. I didn’t lol. I may go back on a day off and get a grounds pass, so who knows?
  15. It’s funny: someone like Henry Golding can get plucked off a small travel show and become the male lead in three Hollywood films within a year. I haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians, so I can’t tell if he’s any good or not, but it happens all over.
  16. Totally. Summer is insufferable, but she got in some digs that landed. And GT showed that she doesn’t have to inhale the entire set to be effective. Too bad you have to sit through weeks of flat, boring scenes to get one good one. It’s not worth it. I hate anything to do with Matt Reardon, but I did love Dinah and Vanessa going at it.
  17. The Summer/Phyllis fight was actually decently written and acted. Janice Ferri Esser, right?
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