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  1. Too much Martsolf, and it’s been that way for a while now. He needs to be cycled in and out. I’m surprised how little JJ we see. Is Casey Moss doing other stuff? I feel like I see Eli more than him doing cop stuff and behaving like a eunuch.
  2. I’ve been watching more as well, and the lack of Oscar has helped, but that’s not reflected in the ratings. They are truly awful right now. Perhaps last week’s figures were an anomaly. I will say Kristina Wagner’s voice is annoying af. She’s always sounded like a munchkin, but I don’t remember it being as affected as it is now, at least not when I watched in the ‘90s.
  3. Why would he give it a rest when he keeps winning? Who cares what a bunch of folks on social media think? He has enough fans. You don’t need to be the most popular player in the world. Anywho, he’s now 25-22 against Roger and 27-25 against Rafa, the “GOATs.”
  4. He’s moving on alright. Right into the final! I’m so happy he pulled that out that I don’t much care what happens tomorrow.
  5. Nole! Digging deep after some hideous tennis.
  6. Oy. I have enjoyed the Corrie two-handers in the past (the Tracy/Deirdre one especially), but this is all sounding a bit late-stage GL.
  7. I’ve noticed that I’m seeing ignored users again as well. I just can’t be arsed to get angry at Megyn while Andrew Lack walks around unscathed scandal after scandal. Nothing irks me more than mediocre dudes failing upward in corporate environments (the story of the West) while stupid celebrities take all the heat.
  8. Wow at GH crashing and burning in all demos. Yikes.
  9. Megyn was absolutely wrong, but it wasn’t even a conversation worth having in this day and age. These morning shows just rehash the same old silly “debates.” They are just as creatively bankrupt and desperate to fill screen time as the soaps. These shows have become soooo bloated.
  10. The Victoria stuff is such a waste. I know they could never replicate the brutality and horror of the BLL story due to the content restrictions of daytime broadcast TV, but the actual “story” itself was so compressed while the aftermath has been so protracted (MONTHS!!) yet content-free and emotionally flat. And for all of the years we were force-fed Amelia Heinle as the show’s primary heroine, they chose *these* past few months to sideline her while giving Sharon Case and Gina Tognoni the lead female roles in the storyline? (The less said about the Victor/Nick stuff the better.) Sharon and Phyllis are the ones who were suffering the mental repercussions of the cover-up, mostly because they felt that the Philly/Shick quad was their money story while not understanding how to play Victoria as anything other than an appendage to a man. Nonsensical. How about a woman trying to rebuild her life and confidence after suffering abuse? Not sexy enough? They’ve literally twisted themselves into pretzels to make this story about everyone *but* Victoria. Did they just all of a sudden realize AH isn’t that dynamic to watch? We saw much more Mariah even before they resumed the “romance” with Tessa.
  11. Seeing two black gay men propose to each other on a major primetime drama is undeniably powerful. But... meh.
  12. Borna’s court coverage tho.
  13. With the World Series over, ratings increased this week to a 1.8. Many old school fans I’m sure tuned in to see how the new series would handle a Halloween episode.
  14. The actress playing Kerry reminds me a touch of Pearl Mackie from Doctor Who.
  15. Wow. I wonder if he’s going to play London. I doubt it if this is as serious as it sounds. And... Crazy stat: they are such veterans of the tour, but Roger and Fabio have only played three times, the last time four years ago in Davis Cup. Fabio hasn’t won a set in those three meetings and only pushed one to a TB. What’s crazy is that Fabio is also injured (ankle) so there’s a possibility that Roger might sail through to the QF without playing a match. (Correction: Roger would face a LL if Fognini withdraws.) Unbelievable year for Novak:
  16. He was screwing Lee Daniels? I don’t follow Empire gossip, but I always figured LD was into white dudes. But Jamal should be an interesting character, and he’s just... not. And you’re right. He never has been, even when he was addicted to drugs. But I suppose the show isn’t only dropping the ball with him. Only Taraji can really transcend bad writing. I suspect the show will eventually become too expensive for Fox, but it’s still the network’s top rated show.
  17. I thought the Abbott scenes were well done as well, and I liked Ashley’s departure. Again, the flashbacks could have been more effective with more expressive actors. And we all know this show will never take big climaxes into directions that might sustain interest over time. The “Where do the Abbotts go from here?” isn’t enticing enough for me to keep watching. Even these past few days, the rest of the show has been absolutely snoozeworthy. I don’t give a fig about Devon and the Ashbys rallying around Lily in prison or the dragging out of the JT aftermath and the blackmail plot.
  18. All the Abbott dudes are assholes. Every last one of them. I know they didn’t have many dudes who were movers and shakers (at this time 12-18 months ago, almost every guy aside from Devon was “finding himself”), but they’ve waaaay overcorrected.
  19. Well, that brought back memories of the Sloane/Halep French Open final.
  20. Heard this on the recent Kpop episode of The NY Times Popcast podcast. So good. The rest of the album is wonderful as well.
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