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  1. Not that she’s the person, but where’s Judy Blye Wilson these days?
  2. Y&R has been mismanaged for so long that they didn’t have any viable leading men. They are very desperate.
  3. Wasn’t Morrow threatening to leave, and they bent over backwards to keep him?
  4. I saw this over at the PTV boards. It was in response to CK’s IG announcement.
  5. CBS must be thinking, “This is the last thing we need right now.”
  6. I also question the idea of an EP/HW. Maybe it’s a cost-cutting measure?
  7. Yeah. He doesn’t clearly have all of the facts completely correct about the show and its history, but he’s legit, of course. Not that he’s saying anything that most people weren’t already assuming.
  8. Certainly, you’re probably right. Of all the characters on the show, the Winters-Ashbys feel most “expendable” in terms of how they are treated. And you can’t seem to have more than 1-2 black men on contract at a time without one suffering, and they seem to be betting the farm on Nate (at the moment, at least). Even with all of this, you have to think Peter Bergman must feel at least somewhat vulnerable. He does have a son on canvas, which helps, but his story options feel increasingly limited.
  9. They really shouldn’t have anyone playing in these conditions. It’s a danger to fans, officials, ballkids, and the athletes.
  10. I dunno. I liked the contrast and friction of CK’s siddity, Valley Girl Lily opposite VR’s Dru. The problem with SORAS is that we don’t get to see a child raised in real time. The show has had zero interest in developing Devon as a character, and they essentially didn’t know what to do with Neil so they gave him an addiction and then a trip to the dark side. They had 10 years to integrate them into the rest of Genoa City and decided to keep them mostly in their own little ghetto, even though Devon was Katherine’s grandson. Yet they are immediately integrating the Latinx family with the Newmans. I’m still curious if the plans to phase out the Winters-Ashbys will stick if Griffith takes over.
  11. I can only glance at matches online today, but Tsitsipas looks like he’s struggling in the heat. I get that the USO has a bias towards American players, but Sock/Basilashvili is not a nighttime stadium-court match. It just isn’t.
  12. I remember those scenes. Totally horrifying. I didn’t grow up watching Steve and Audrey on GH, but I can imagine how unsettling that must have been for longtime fans to see.
  13. I wish I could find the gif of her dabbing with the camera circling her in slow motion...
  14. Haha! Oh this match is going to be FIRE 🔥
  15. Well, Nishioka is not even close to challenging a somewhat off Federer tonight. Had three chances to break but produced some mind-boggling errors. So sad to see what’s happened to him since that ACL injury.
  16. It’s been consistently bad for a few years now.
  17. She’s at #47 now. She was #9 as recently as January!
  18. Hey, when people here talk mess about Chandler, you ignore it and keep it moving. As well you should. It is what it is.
  19. Novak Djokovic is a warrior. He looked like death in that heat, constantly doubling over as if he were about to puke, and for him to recover and come back with such vigor is impressive. And look at Monica Puig serving a double bagel to Voegele. Is every Japanese male player on today? Sugita lost to Gasquet earlier. Nishioka is playing Fed under the lights, Kei’s playing Marterer, and Taro Daniel’s playing De Minaur.
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