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  1. I love RHONY, but all these women need AA, and it’s not fun to watch. Dorinda is a sadist when she’s drunk.
  2. From Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. C’mon the BTS goss would be amazing. Kevin’s all in on the gay web series these days. Aging Fire Island queens—the story writes itself.
  4. I don’t believe he has either, but he’d be great in a series like that.
  5. I would love to see CLB, Tuc Watkins, Kevin Spirtas, Murray Bartlett, Paul Anthony Stewart, Michael Corbett, and Gregg Marx do a drama about gay men of a certain age.
  6. Was Daran Little U.S.-based when he was consulting on AMC and Y&R?
  7. I think CLB’s hair might look better totally white and not the weird honey color. Just let him go full Michael McDonald.
  8. I can’t imagine how tedious it must be to act on these sh!tty soaps under the current grueling circumstances. But some of these actors (who’ve returned to their soaps for a check and relative security—Stafford, Massey, the list goes on) could TRY to GAF. It just makes me appreciate the Laura Wrights and Maura Wests of the genre who give it their all (not always to great effect but still) and must be exhausted at the end of the day.
  9. Oh god, Passions. So brazenly offensive. Where would audiences even start to complain, if they were so inclined? I do take your point about people not caring: the remaining audience certainly isn’t that interested in social justice. Hence why the little controversy over racism in daytime hasn’t seemed to effect even the most superficial of changes, aside from reminding B&B to get “That Black Storyline on and pumping.” But in a world where daytime mattered culturally in 2020, there’d have been outrage.
  10. Good idea but way too many people. Has Marty West participated in any of these before?
  11. Can you imagine that Brent/Marion story flying today? It would be considered so transphobic, even though the character wasn’t technically trans.
  12. It’s better than never, but it’s disheartening that some of these changes are only happening when these industries and institutions are really starting to lose power in the digital universe.
  13. Between late ‘93 up through ‘96, I was torn between GL and GH, but my allegiance was leaning strongly toward Port Charles for the reasons you mentioned. Nadine was a favorite, and I stopped watching almost entirely when they killed her off like that. As much as Maureen’s death crushed me, at least there was huge fallout and amazing acting from a talented cast, but Nadine’s death felt almost trivialized. The town didn’t even know she was dead for months. And of course, they brought on Michael Dietz, whose Alan-Michael was unacceptable. I knew Frank Beaty was a HUGE talent, but I just wasn’t invested anymore. At least not until Annie went off her rocker and dragged me back into the fold.
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