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  1. I know I would have freaked out had I grown up with GH. It’s disturbing enough to watch a demented man attack two defenseless old people without me having any deep emotional attachment of a longtime viewer.
  2. And speaking of disturbing scenes... Ryan Chamberlain brutally beating GH’s elderly patriarch and matriarch, Steve and Audrey Hardy.
  3. Yeah, all Mackie McDonald has to do is make Delpo move. Delpo is having trouble retrieving tonight. Hard to watch him like this. He should retire from the match, skip Acapulco, and just get ready for a defense of his Indian Wells title.
  4. Soaps have gone too often to this well, even if we know how unfortunately too common sexual violence against women can be. But these stories have so often created powerful scenes. I loved Dano and Coppola together, and the last few seconds of this clip are imprinted on my mind forever.
  5. Yeah, I thought about that too. How much longer does the show have? I suppose Fox might be willing to ride the show out if they can keep costs down and ratings don’t completely crater, but Terrence and Taraji are only going to get pricier as the show goes on, especially if Taraji’s film career continues to flourish. (She’s approaching 50, but look at Viola.) And Disney is going to own the show soon.
  6. Certainly no one can claim that Marty didn’t have a voice in that story. I had just forgotten how much of that scene was from Powell’s POV.
  7. Just need a thirtysomething black actor who can sing R&B, dance, and is gay or is comfortable playing gay. Anyone but Todrick Hall.
  8. Yeah, I figured he wouldn’t easily give up on that character given Jamal’s personal importance to him.
  9. Not to trigger anyone with these depictions of sexual assault, but there was Marty’s rape, which 26 years later is still unsettling and maybe a touch overproduced (even if it’s effective at conveying Marty’s drunken disorientation and dissociation). But it’s mostly about Powell’s manpain. Still that story touched everyone in Llanview for years, even if Marty ultimately became defined by it.
  10. I watched the scenes of Eden’s rape on Santa Barbara, which was also very disturbing, but it was done in this amped-up, exploitative (very Chuck Pratt) set-piece way, whereas the violence here is more unsettling through not being seen. What really bothered me about Eden’s rape (other than the disgusting revelation that the gynecologist who examined her was the perpetrator) was that it seemed to have no big impact on characters beyond Cruz. I kept wondering, where are Eden’s siblings throughout this story? Where’s her mother? Where’s their angst and struggle? I always most appreciated soaps that showed how traumas rippled out to affect a community.
  11. Chicago ain’t playin’ this week.
  12. I just want a Noah’s Arc-like show again. And not these Signal23 YouTube series that hire Thugbait rejects.
  13. You know, I dislike Jamal as well. They’ve played him as so humorless, and his relationships are eyeroll-worthy. But I just wanted them to fix the character, not get rid of him. Granted, the rest of the show ain’t exactly on point.
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