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  1. She was sooo cruel and sadistic, and even though as @All My Shadows says, the series was kinda cartoony, she had an edge that felt very real. Lynch played her well, and to her credit she was often very funny, at least when I watched regularly in the early seasons. For all its inclusiveness, which was unquestionably groundbreaking, the show just became unwatchable and actually kinda boring.
  2. He is! Of course Greg and Christian are both friends with Christopher Rice.
  3. God, Sue deserved that and so much more. Great scene.
  4. This guy seems like a disaster. He reportedly beat his wife for hours and strangled her until she lost consciousness temporarily. Then, after his wife escaped their home, he had a standoff with the cops.
  5. I wonder. If actors are being forced to stand eight feet apart, there’s no way two people can waltz and quickstep with body contact safely under the new production guidelines. I don’t think a new season can happen this year. That said, I wonder if they’ll have a new judging panel as well. Of the three, I suspect Carrie Ann would be the one they’d most likely keep, being the youngest and a woman of color. But they may start from scratch. It’s still a valuable series for promoting all the Disney stuff.
  6. Speaking of tricks to game the system:
  7. That’s so sad. Saw this in the replies. They did share a bond and have been through so many tragedies.
  8. Look at CLB’s full-on grey hair and beard in the intro/outro. He’s letting it all hang out in quarantine.
  9. I saw the ads during today’s Y&R for this week’s B&B “classics.” I thought maybe they’d have time to add in a line, “And next week, ALL-NEW EPISODES RETURN!” But no such thing. They are going to have a hard time getting back viewers without heavy promotion. It’ll be interesting for sure.
  10. And it feels like that “one thread” becomes more trivial with each passing season. Are they really spending this much time dissecting nonsense? I suppose those “threads“ are just fronts for deeper conflicts, but they never really get to the heart of it, and it’s rinse-wash-repeat.
  11. I feel like streaming has done a lot of good here to carry the flag of the above shows and push things forward, with series like Sense8, High Fidelity (with Zoe Kravitz as a sexually fluid lead), Special, Dear White People, Transparent, Orange is the New Black, and dozens of series that most of us may not know but are waiting for discovery. The ability to narrowcast programming, without pressure to please a broadcast-size audience, has been sooo beneficial. Network TV isn’t even close to doing a good enough job, primetime or daytime. (The CW had been making some strides in recent years.) Cable at least has dramas like Pose, but they could be doing more, beyond the Ryan Murphy stuff and Killing Eve, etc. I’m curious about the sexually fluid idea for soaps. It would definitely open up the number of available partners a character could have (the advice to be “not too specific,” so that any character could be anyone’s brother or sister or lover). But a lot of us mention that the secret between Kyle and Theo on Y&R should have been that they were lovers, instead of the banal stupidity about drugs and girls that it ultimately became. Would the blue hairs in the audience have accepted Kyle with Summer and Lola with the knowledge that he banged/got banged by a dude? No. 1, the writers don’t have the luxury of setting that story up properly (patience just isn’t a thing that soaps value these days), and No. 2, they’ve struggled so hard for years to find a youngish male lead who clicked with the audience, which Michael Mealor has done, and they don’t want to “taint” him with risky storytelling. Especially when they felt they ticked that box with Mariah, which they’ll pat themselves on the back for but won’t really invest in. (I know they also did it with Adam, but his sex with Rafe was a homophobic attempt to show how much of a sociopath he was, which only made his “rescue” by Sharon’s love more appealing.) I think soaps feel much more comfortable creating fluid female characters, and we have all of two of them on daytime (Kristina on GH and Mariah). Soaps have always also done LGBT stories with characters under 40. The few major exceptions have been psychos (Nora’s serial killer husband on OLTL and the dude Lucinda was dating who was creeping on Luke on ATWT). I sort of get it, because they’re using LGBT stories to pull in younger viewers, but it feels like a missed opportunity. There’s so much richness in the lives of older characters.
  12. I know GH has had a few in recent years, including Kristina (fluid), Lucas/Brad (gay), and Terry (trans), but I don’t think any of them, aside from maybe Kristina, drive consistent story. I hadn’t seen Terry a while in my casual viewing. I’m not sure about Lexi’s status, but most of them are recurring, which doesn’t say a lot about GH’s commitment. In the UK, Hollyoaks seemed almost half LGBTQ, but I don’t really check in much on it anymore.
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