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  1. OK I’m gonna be gross: Holy fùck: Prakash Amritraj is hot. In that skintight polo talking to Belinda Bencic. *fans self* His smile, those arms. He’s the new bae. 😍 EDIT: And then I see this. It’s too much. Meanwhile...
  2. Hey @DramatistDreamer: I can’t load those clips for some reason. Not sure if I’m the only one since I use the mobile site.
  3. I’ve seen a lot of people compare this to a Coen Brothers movie with incompetent criminals bungling a crime. It really does feel like something a Steve Buscemi character would concoct.
  4. Holy sh!t! Before it gets taken down, Ryan Harrison just retweeted a Jussie Smollett news report with the comment, “Donald Young can relate.”
  5. How many Wyatt/Sally sexytime afterglow scenes do we need? We get it. They bone.
  6. I wonder if they’d go there. Clearly, recasts in primetime happen, but they’re still relatively rare, especially for someone who had a role as prominent as Jussie’s. At the same time, I’d think Jamal would be a pivotal character for Lee Daniels to keep as an out black gay man. It’s important representation on a show watched by millions of black folks. Damn, Jussie. What a mess.
  7. He was 77 and had cystic carcinoma, a rare cancer that affected his tongue.
  8. My favorite Jussie role was in The Skinny, directed by Patrik-Ian Polk (Noah’s Arc). A delightful little film.
  9. Looks like Pliskova got a taste of her own medicine from her match against Serena in Melbourne.
  10. Sometimes I have to remind myself: I don’t know celebrities as well as I think I do. Hell, I don’t know people in my actual life as well as I think I do, much less celebrities whom I’ve never met and only know through “reputation” or people who are acquainted with him in the industry or interviews or social media posts. It can be humbling.
  11. The Nigerian brothers said he was responsible for it.
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