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  1. Venus fought valiantly but falls to Bertens. Only Halep and Pliskova remain of the top 10 seeds.
  2. A young Doris Kearns Goodwin interviews Lemay, Rauch, Susan Sullivan, and George Reinholt on Boston radio in 1972. Lemay discussing John Updike’s novel The Centaur on CBS radio back in 1964 when he worked in publishing.
  3. Venus is going to have to score another come-from-behind victory. She’s done it many times before in recent years. Monfils sends Querrey packing. Does the Wakanda sign again in celebration. Love that.
  4. Right, and with Marland gone, there aren’t a lot of big-name people to offer personal tributes.
  5. I think 10 years ago, his passing would be a bigger deal, but with the waning of soaps, these writers recede further into the past. I know it’s Fourth of July week, and people are on vacations, but that usually never stops news from spreading. It’s just sad that, as longtime soap viewers age and pass on, these pioneers become more obscure and probably will be forgotten.
  6. And Madison Keys is out. That half of the draw just opened up for Serena if she can seize the opportunity. Zverev better thank the universe for his good fortune because if his match was scheduled earlier he’d likely be out as well.
  7. Wow, Hollyoaks is such exploitative trash lol. I’m glad I gave that show a miss. But I digress...
  8. I’m actually surprised I’m not reading more on social media (Twitter) about his passing. A search only brings up a few tributes.
  9. He’s better than Jordan in every way. Hotter, more natural, more charismatic, connected to the canvas, etc. Probably won’t make a damn difference. Sheesh. Well, when the British soaps take big swings, they really commit. Can you imagine if Cole and Victoria had really been siblings and had a kid? Or if Victor and Jack were made brothers, with the implications for Billy and Victoria’s kids?
  10. Wow, he died over a month ago. With Nixon and Labine gone, we have lost the masters of the form.
  11. Everyone was screaming at him, “Why are you standing so far behind the baseline?” It just allowed Taylor to take total command of the match. The good thing is that someone can actually tell him what he was doing wrong so that he can make adjustments. Well, one hopes he makes the adjustments.
  12. Muguruza out to Van Uytvanck. Wow. She’s going to lose a lot of points. The upsets continue. Meanwhile, Sascha Zverev has played like garbage today. Down 2 sets to 1 to Taylor Fritz. Play being suspended for the day is the best thing that could have happened to Sascha.
  13. Interesting from this reporter.
  14. Konta and her robotic game are out. Knocked out of 32 seeds by Serena, Cibulkova channels her anger into her play. They say Konta will fall into the 40s in the rankings.
  15. Cilic is out. Federer’s path to the final even clearer.
  16. I’ve never enjoyed the incest innuendo plots on soaps. I think on Hollyoaks in the U.K. they actually had a character discover (to her horror) her parents were brother and sister (I didn’t watch to see if they undid it).
  17. Isner lucked out with the rain delay and night of rest. Who didn’t benefit? Marin Cilic, it seems.
  18. Yikes. Wouldn’t that make Shauna and Charlie cousins?
  19. Can you imagine Djokovic or Serena saying something like this? The vitriol they’d face? Oh and this:
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