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  1. Interesting revelation after her loss to Svitolina today, which knocked her out of contention to defend her WTF title: There’s no fuss. I thought the video was funny. They had tense, competitive matches this year, they’re both in great form right now, and I’m looking forward to their rematch.
  2. What Medvedev said after the USO:
  3. Interesting that Michael/Lauren are even mentioned. Didn’t some people speculate that Devon’s sister Ana might come back?
  4. He’s playing Zoe’s dad, and it’s a series regular role debuting November 30. (Brady’s daughter is already playing Emma’s friend.)
  5. Tsitsipas plays Medvedev in Basel, which should be... fun, given their not-so-pleasant history:
  6. Wow, Li Na is quite an Actress... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1570994943000881&id=263023153880183&_rdr
  7. When was Jack in Vietnam? I thought the actors playing the Abbotts in flashback were awfully wooden. Nate continues to be insufferable.
  8. Last night’s episode received a 1.7 demo rating, expectedly down from last week’s 2.4. It was up against Game 1 of the Red Sox/Dodgers World Series, which won the night with a 3.4.
  9. Eric Braeden today: Also EB today, doing his TGVN version of Cher’s “BITCH You’re nothing” tweet:
  10. Has Darlene cried in every episode so far? I love Juliette Lewis. Her role here reminds me of her old dippy, boho ‘90s persona.
  11. More on Max Ehrich’s “stalker” from Max himself.
  12. Never have I more wanted to be a pair of overalls...there’s a Scott Clifton-quality to him facially.
  13. Oh ok. Still very strange it wasn’t onscreen.
  14. Wait, has Neil still not seen Lily in prison? He was on today. Is there some BTS drama between KSJ and CK we don’t know about lol? Also, a major corporation doesn’t have a cross shredder? They are like $20 at Staples.
  15. Bill was just shot *this year,* and they are already playing another medical emergency for him.
  16. Yeah, NBC knew what they were getting with Megyn, and she’s doing what they hired her for: gin up petty controversies for clicks. I can imagine they had buyer’s remorse after the poor initial ratings (not sure where they stand now), but damn it, they are going to get their money’s worth. She has zero chemistry with any of her colleagues.
  17. One of the problems with DAYS and its guarantees is that it really doesn’t give the show enough opportunities to play the family relationships enough to make scenes like today really hit home. Everyone gets stuck in their little corners with their romantic partners for months on end.
  18. I thought it was going to be worse than what it was in that video. She just sounds dumb.
  19. Another day, another Kei match going three sets when he should have easily closed it out in two. He routed Frances in that decider, but he had served for it previously. This is interesting given Tiafoe’s strong first half of 2018:
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