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  1. I think Nate and Abby on Y&R fit the bill too. They had thrown the previous Nate at everybody, figured out he wasn’t working, then proceeded to just toss Sean Dominic’s Nate at Abby, a pairing that never had any drive, momentum, story potential, or even chemistry or other entertainment value. Abby’s pairing with Chance felt a lot more intentional, and I have no idea what they plan to do with Nate, a waste of a character. But actually most of Abby’s pairings have felt arbitrary, aside from the ones where she was in some kind of triangle (like Stitch and Scott). Again, why is she on the show?
  2. This is Elyse’s husband by the way. No wonder Ramona was so touchy-feely.
  3. Dorinda keeps on referring to Elyse’s history with men, as if she has some scandals. I read that her first husband (and father of her 26-year-old daughter) was a Wall Street mogul who was convicted of insider trading and later acted as an informant to the FBI before they divorced. Then she dated a hedge fund manager and decided to buy an apartment with him. (I’m seeing she said it was a gift from him.) They split before the deal closed. He died in a skiing accident, and his name was still on the apartment, leading to his kids to try to force her out of the property. She launched a suit against his estate, which was dismissed, but she’s still living in that apartment.
  4. The Harding Lemay WLS interview where he spoke about his intention to make the character of Michael Randolph gay on Another World and how it was nixed (likely by P&G). He mentioned just how scared producers/networks were to do anything because of how they underestimated what audiences would accept. Irna Phillips had warned him that Southern audiences would be horrified by a black character and a white character having lunch, and he went ahead and wrote a scene like that, which aired without incident. Just reminded me of how many good, boundary-pushing stories we may have missed out on unnecessarily. (That’s not to say audiences haven’t flipped out about IR or gay relationships, à la Neil/Victoria on Y&R.) https://www.welovesoaps.net/2009/07/harding-lemay-interview-part-one.html?m=1
  5. From Charlotte, North Carolina
  6. The Davis girls are such snoozes. If they want to prop Sam, they could easily create a stronger bond (or romantic rivalry) with her gay brother. But I suppose Molly and Kristina also exist to prop Alexis, who feels like a lost character.
  7. I don’t know if Ryan Carnes isn’t available to do more on GH, but if he is, what a fúcking waste of a beautiful and talented man. I come back to an idea posed by another poster: that after discovering Brad’s betrayal, Lucas would have had a wild drunken hookup with Brando. To include the ladies: some of the Kendall/Greenlee frenemy stuff on AMC in the ‘00s definitely could have veered into the sexual territory without anyone batting an eye. Bianca/Babe was also a missed opportunity. I know that they pretended to be a couple at one point.
  8. Women’s seedings are based on rankings but the committee can intervene (like when Serena got a seeding after having fallen out of the top 100 due to her maternity break).
  9. Oh god yes. Neither has *ever* had as much chemistry with a female love interest as they do with each other. In a more inclusive environment, TPTB would zero in on that and say, “There! That’s where the magic is. Let’s pursue that.” In the same way other savvy writers/execs have changed course when they realized two actors were sparking. What’s sad is that, even as pop culture has grown more accepting of LGBT representation, the only place we often see stories like these told is... well... porn. And that’s sad. I’d love to see more imaginative queer storytelling in a mainstream context.
  10. Back watching one of the Y&R re-airs, I thought there was weird sexual tension between Roscoe Born and Christian LeBlanc in their initial meeting scene as Tom/Michael. RB’s staring CLB down seemed more like eye-f***** than an intimidation tactic. Oh and I once thought OLTL was playing up some kind of repressed longing between Jennifer Bransford’s Georgie and Sandra P. Grant’s Rachel.
  11. I would live for a soap opera with two warring business tycoons who fall in love.
  12. Luann’s confessionals with that photo of her in the background are hilarious.
  13. We’ve all heard about same-sex romances that were proposed or rumored and nixed/never came to fruition (Olivia/Holly on GL, Rex/Seth on OLTL). And there’s an interesting chat in the ATWT Cancelled Soaps thread about how many of Doug Marland’s male characters felt like repressed gay men. We all know daytime has been afraid to go there for most of its history, but which soap characters do you feel were written as crypto-gay/bi/lesbian? And which same-sex actors do you feel shared sexual chemistry enough for you to say, “Hmmm, wouldn’t it be interesting if they went there?” Certainly, Will/E.J. and Will/Chad (back in the Casey Deidrick days) on DAYS had their share of supporters due to chemistry between the actors.
  14. The response to the Harper’s letter:
  15. The problem with BH is that they’re almost all unlikable, so it’s hard to pick sides. Aaron’s intentions are good, and he’s not like a Joe Gorga or a Slade or a Peter just trying to get screen time IMO. But he is overbearing and yes, a mansplainer. Denise clearly indicates she wants him to back off. Still, Erika and Teddi are insufferable. It’s funny that Bravo tried to make Erika look badass in the promos by making it appear as if she’d said, “Come see about me, I don’t GAF” to Aaron’s face. She’s definitely a confessional sniper.
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