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  1. Dreadful. It’s lacking in grand drama but doesn’t do character moments like this well either. Worst of both worlds.
  2. I had the sliiiightest expectation for her to mention skin tone when she listed how she herself benefits from privilege. But I guess that would have been a third rail.
  3. Another long-running (and super popular) series ending...
  4. Dominic always looks so pleased to open up his food.
  5. She’s stunning but tacky as hell. It’s unbelievable.
  6. From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  7. That’s part of his sports psychology treatment.
  8. I just find it jarring. Shelby Rogers also messes with me, so I had to turn off her match with Petra. Serena’s “C’mons” don’t bug me.
  9. The screaming is bugging me too. But admittedly Kvitova’s pterodactyl screech bothers me as well, and she seems otherwise lovely.
  10. I think if he were playing a more dialed-in PCB, Denis would be down two sets to none. Pablo’s better than this. All this “replay the point” nonsense when there’s a bad call. Just use Hawkeye, folks.
  11. He’s so not ready, even though I see progress. He can be a great shotmaker but then it’s just stupidity. PCB has missed some opportunities. Still I’d take Denis for the title over Zverev. Because you could laugh off a Shapo title. Zverev actually has a resume, even though he’s been one of the luckiest sons of bitches to hold a racquet.
  12. With all the chart-topping success of BTS this summer, I’m surprised this thread has gone fallow. But here’s something for your cookie jar. You like that for your cookie jar?
  13. Just as a tangent: I’m curious why Margaret Colin and Stockard Channing haven’t played sisters yet. He really does.
  14. Don’t know if this was posted here, but here’s Justin Deas’s 1994 interview with Michael Logan in TV Guide:
  15. Naomi is fascinating. Sometimes she goes into that little girl mode but other times she’s INCREDIBLY poised and well-spoken and thoughtful. Like it’s a sharpness that is rare.
  16. Interesting. The Academy has announced diversity/inclusion standards to be eligible for Best Picture, effective 2024 (so films released in 2023 must meet these standards):
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