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  1. 64-year-old Joan Crawford infamously stepping in for her 28-year-old daughter on The Secret Storm in 1968 (only audio exists):
  2. Roseanne as Jennifer Smith on GH in 1994: Sally Struthers in the same role eight years later: Carol Burnett as Langley’s daughter Verla Grubbs on AMC in 1983 (she reprised the role a couple times over the years):
  3. Jung had only played two main tour matches prior to this tournament.
  4. Wow at Jason Jung beating Frances.
  5. This is interesting: lots of love for Black Panther for Best Picture and all 20 anonymous voters said they’d cast ballots for Rami Malek for Best Actor.
  6. I had my own skepticism about the story, but my own counter-narrative was exactly that, why would he lie so extravagantly about something that could so easily be falsified with camera footage? Of course, I don’t know what’s going on in Jussie’s head, and people act foolishly all of the time. And, yes, if these media outlets got it wrong (as they often do), they need their own reckoning.
  7. Statement from Fox about the rumor Smollett was being written off the show:
  8. We’ll see what conclusions the CPD ultimately comes to:
  9. So many people stood up for him. Basically all of Hollywood, politicians and activists, Ellen Page, his cast, his family. I just hope he has answers.
  10. The full report from Chicago’s ABC affiliate:
  11. This must be the first YOY improvement for Y&R in viewers and demos (except, notably, W25-54) in AGES. I can only imagine the increase for next week (for the sad KSJ news).
  12. Ha. Ben got dragged around the block for that. No Steffi, KOURNIKOVA.
  13. I was wondering if there’s a foot fetishist in B&B’s directing crew. Must be. Made me think of the early Big Brother days when the camera would focus on feet as contestants were having sexytime.
  14. I was a big fan of Ryan’s first solo record when I was in college, but shortly thereafter, all these stories came out about how much of a toxic megalomaniac he was (and his substance abuse issues), going back to when he was in the band Whiskeytown in the ‘90s. I was actually somewhat surprised Mandy Moore hooked up with him at the time, as she seemed savvier than that. At a concert, when some heckler started calling out Bryan Adams songs, Ryan stopped playing and went on such an unhinged, endless rant that attendees left in droves. He’s a big presence in Meet Me in the Bathroom, and he seemed like this charismatic self-promoter who’d leave a path of destruction in his wake. A lot of it dealing with drugs.
  15. I tune into B&B for the first time in weeks, and all I see are scenes that begin with shots of bare feet that pan up to Wyatt and Sally canoodling. A half-hour test pattern would be more compelling than this.
  16. I know. It’s certainly more than just his French charm. Davis Cup groups. If top players actually participated, Group B would be the group of death.
  17. He looks far less tanorexic than he did on B&B. The mustache is AWFUL, though. And you know GH is bad at lighting men of a certain age.
  18. I find Lola annoying, but far less annoying than Summer (even if Summer is more straightforward in her desires).
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