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  1. LOL I’d never seen this before.
  2. Grain of salt but wouldn’t be the most shocking development.
  3. Carrie Ann will cry at the drop of a hat. I used to watch DWTS, and I’d roll my eyes at how teary she’d get over some random routine.
  4. Julie’s message on The Talk just aired. It was from the set of BB and was directed at her co-hosts. Nothing controversial IMO. Notably, she told guest co-host Carrie Ann Inaba, “You look pretty good in that chair, my Asian sister.”
  5. I love that guy. He has a beautiful smile.
  6. I didn’t interpret that article to mean that her desire to “clear her husband’s name” would be part of her taped message, just that it was her “reason” for leaving. That would be insane for CBS to allow her to diminish victims on-air in such a brazen way. Stranger things have happened, I guess.
  7. Just random: Mikey Day, Melissa Villaseñor, and Alex Moffat were all promoted ahead of this upcoming season. http://www.vulture.com/2018/09/snl-season-44-day-villaseor-and-moffat-get-promotions.html
  8. I was wrong about the difference in skin tone between VA and the new Jordan. She reminds me of someone.
  9. ^Tea. I wonder if Angelica McDaniel is long for this world at CBS after being so vehement in her support of Les Moonves. Who knows? Being so aligned with the previous regime could put a target on her back, but it depends on the new management.
  10. I dunno. Admittedly I loved to hate her in the past, but if she retired, I certainly wouldn’t miss her at this point. The serve seemed improved in Stuttgart, but she’s been a mess for most of this year. Many of her wins in 2018 have been against intimidated opponents, but if you played Maria with any real belief, you could steamroll her.
  11. The one person I’m curious about is Amelia Heinle. She went from absolutely suffocating the show for a decade-plus to almost disappearing from the canvas for the better part of this year once the JT story ended. (Sharon has a faaaar more prominent role in the aftermath story.) Has she fallen out of favor with the highers-up, replaced by Gina Tognoni? Is she just being rested for a while only to be foisted on Nate or Rey or Billy on the rebound? Or is she finally being phased out?
  12. That Dark Horse set is tacky as hell, but it does remind me of the garish offices of a few start-ups I worked at in the early 2000s. If that’s what they’re going for... The acting has been awful so far today, particularly from Ordway, Vilasuso, and Morrow. Not that surprising from them, but they are a little more monotonous than usual.
  13. Jo-Wilfred Tsonga returns from injury on Tuesday in Metz against Gojowczyk.
  14. Those ratings for Y&R are just abysmal. Is that a typo or is that really a six-year viewership low?
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