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  1. It’s funny, though: I was seeing some Novak fans presenting some conspiracy theories that weren’t that far off from that. It’s embarrassing to see people behave this way, but you see a lot of crazy stuff on the Interwebs.
  2. Exactly. Every fanbase has crazy bullies (Federer, Nadal, and Serena all have plenty of unhinged stans), and the Internet has made it easier to harass people. Yeah, that was a disappointing effort from Felix. The good thing is he’s only 20 and already making the second week of a Slam, so he has lots of room to grow from this. But when you’re supporting an athlete, you really want to see them fight. WTF happened to Berrettini’s serve?
  3. Saw this news was also posted in the KL thread.
  4. You might remember his World Cup performance for France a couple years back when they won...
  5. From... you guessed it... Brazil
  6. This Shapo/Goffin match is just a long, nasty grind. What a terrible TB from Denis.
  7. Denis Shapovalov must be thinking, “Keep my name out of your mouth.” They keep on showing him hitting Arnaud Gabas in the eye. John McEnroe just dragged up an old grudge against Bjorn Borg for no reason on ESPN just now.
  8. Yikes at Petra’s DF on her 4th match point in that tiebreak.
  9. He’s such an @sshole. He also punches down (not in terms of achievements but in terms of profile). Why go after PCB of all people? As if on cue...
  10. I hope this is an eye-opening moment for Novak. I’ve always loved his play and loved how he shook up the Fedal bromance, but this day was coming sooner or later. He’s always been angry and, again, reckless on court, and had a lot of close calls. (I don’t want to hear sh!t about this from Nick Kyrgios—talk about kettle/pot.) For all the great tennis he’s produced this year, it’s been a sort of annus horribilus for him. Like almost every mistake you can make, he’s made in the past few months. I’m curious how this will all shake out. USTA says that Novak will lose all ranking points earned at the U.S. Open and will be fined all his prize money earned here in addition to the other penalties. (EDIT: I’m unclear if that means he’ll lose his 2019 points as well?)
  11. I don’t necessarily believe this but... Also... @Soapsuds this is indeed very entitled. Touché.
  12. Novak should have gotten a warning for whacking the ball previously. They might have avoided all of this. The problem with tennis is that the rules are applied so inconsistently.
  13. I don’t think he’s more entitled than any other top player, but he keeps handing ammo to all his haters this year. He was unlucky today, but he keeps being reckless with his choices.
  14. Novak has come close to injuring linespeople before, and he hasn’t learned. I agree with James Blake here. It’s stunning, though. Wow. Most shocking turn of events here since the Serena/Naomi final.
  15. Oh Novak. Just made a rough year worse with inexcusable (and entirely preventable) behavior...
  16. Yeah, he just was the full package as a soap Everyman. Wholesome but not bland or weak, witty, lots of chemistry with partners, handsome in an accessible way. Sort of a Middle America archetype that would have been well-suited for a Bauer. Or another role. He would have been young for Rick, but I think he would have fit the MOL mold while executing on a higher level. (It wouldn’t have been a *totally* new direction in terms of look or type.) But, in any case, GL (or any soap) would have been lucky to have his presence onscreen.
  17. Paul Michael Valley could have made a solid Rick IMO.
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