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  1. It’s just funny that other soaps were so precious about same-sex and interracial kisses while Reilly was over there chopping off penises. Like, what crazy ideas might Reilly have had that wouldn’t have passed muster?
  2. I didn’t watch Passions much after the first couple of years, but some of these stories just boggle my mind. If he were writing some gonzo John Waters surrealist, absurdist comedy, that would be one thing. Was he just so under the radar or so revered for his ‘90s ratings successes that he had carte blanche?
  3. Look who’s about to get those coins.
  4. +1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Nikki goes down for killing JT as well or something. But I think they are looking to lean down the show, especially with a tough renewal coming.
  5. Some of that leads me to believe that a lot of this is much bigger than any particular EP and is driven by Sony and/or CBS. (Plus, Mal trained under JFP, right?)
  6. One small positive as I take a peek into this show: Josh Morrow looks better than he has in years all cleaned up.
  7. Earthquakes. Wildfires. Mudslides. So many natural disasters could hit L.A...
  8. This dude Cole from So You Think You Can Dance was quite hot. A very sexy Cha Cha set to Moloko’s “Sing It Back,” plus a few photos:
  9. Of course, we’re not privy to what’s happening backstage at The Talk, but my guess is that if Julie left, it would be her choice.
  10. Yeah, after watching that clip, I don’t see Julie returning any time soon.
  11. Will Julie come back at all? I wonder. Her co-hosts have changed their tunes since the first set of allegations. No sweeping this under the rug this time.
  12. I had a very vivid dream last night that Bill Spencer brutally murdered Wyatt to keep him quiet about something. That didn’t really happen, did it? 😲😜 Might actually make a decent story, and it’s not like Wyatt is doing anything these days.
  13. And I think about their young son. What a role model for a father.
  14. . From Jon Wertheim’s post-USO roundup http://amp.si.com/tennis/2018/09/09/us-open-parting-thoughts-serena-williams-naomi-osaka?__twitter_impression=true
  15. Novak wins! Ties Sampras with 14 Slams and passes Federer for No. 1 all-time in prize money (dubious stat given inflation, but still). Moves to No. 3 in the world with nothing to defend for the remainder of the year and very little to defend until next spring (Rome SF) into early summer.
  16. A female character opening the door to her unannounced rival strolling in without permission
  17. Wait, they’ve gotten rid of Victor’s office?
  18. Ratings were huge as expected. It tied Federer/Djokovic’s epic 2015 USO final and only the Venus/Serena match (from the same 2015 tournament, during Serena’s quest for the CYGS) rated higher.
  19. I just hope Naomi disables comments on her IG for a while like Ariana Grande has done after Mac Miller’s death. Too many sick and desperate “keyboard warriors” acting out per usual.
  20. These guys are good follows too.
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