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  1. @DRW50, your John Mulaney fandom is so funny to me. If there was one person I thought you would stan for, he just wouldn’t be the first to come to mind. (I think he’s very funny too, and SNL elevates whenever he hosts.)
  2. OMG at this typo from José. 😂
  3. Sir Ian got in trouble for saying on a recent podcast that Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey might not have committed abuses had they been publicly open about their sexuality. He’s now issuing an apology. Clip from the podcast:
  4. SNL skewered the Jussie saga in a Shark Tank: Legal Edition parody last night (with Chris Redd as Jussie):
  5. Wow at Wang Yafan coming back from a set and break down against Kenin to win her first WTA tour title in Acapulco. She really gets some pop on her shots.
  6. Oh funny. I went to school with the writer of that article many, many moons ago. This has been making the rounds today:
  7. He can still get it after all these years. Hot and *that voice.*
  8. It’s not often that I root for John Isner.
  9. I wonder if the full electronic line calling they use at the NextGen finals in Milan will ever be fully used at tour-level tournaments across the board. I’ve read that it’s likely a lot cheaper than employing several linespeople. Certainly, it would help avoid these shocking calls.
  10. Ugh. That’s infuriating. That’s not the first time he’s let a dubious call slide when he’s had challenges left.
  11. Not sure if there’s an MJ thread but...
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